Battle Frenzy
135 Chapter 135 – Ghost Steps VS Explosive Flame Bear
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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135 Chapter 135 – Ghost Steps VS Explosive Flame Bear

Chapter 135 – Ghost Steps VS Explosive Flame Bear

The Juan and Kostan brothers were also present at the fight. As experts in heavy soldier defence, they had suffered great losses beneath this combat technique. Having experienced it first hand, their words had a lot of weight when it came to discussions about it. All-Mouthy King’s finishing strike on Kostan was also on a level higher than the Oscillating Fist and was more difficult to defend against… because it seemed as though the second wave of force generated ignored all defences and damaged the target internally.

The second wave of force from Oscillating Fist could be defended against. Heavy soldiers with experience could definitely block it, but not completely nullify it.

Even Kostan couldn’t ‘negate’ the effects like All-Mouthy King. Blocking and negating were two totally different concepts.

This detail was sufficient to make everyone in the elite division tremble with fear.

“How did you do it?” The moment she said those words Laura felt dumb. How could she just ask others about their secrets like that?

“Against such high-frequency soul power attacks, one can in fact use a reverse-frequency soul power defence to nullify it. This fits with Karma’s ‘Ripple Conforming Neutralization Principle’,” Wang Zhong replied.

The entire audience was still deathly silent. Karma’s Ripple Conforming Neutralization Principle… was this a soul power requirement catered towards rune forging? Did it actually have such a use in combat?

Most had a dumbfounded expression on their faces. Laura, on the other hand, knew about this. Not only did she understand it, she was very clear on its details. This was something she would have to practice in order to advance to the next level and would require a higher level in her understanding of soul power.

Yet the person before her had unexpectedly achieved that level already.

With a deep breath, she started to cause the temperature around them to rise. While that was theoretically true, a problem still remained: how long would he be able to defend against her attacks with such a pitiful amount of soul power??

It was obvious that All-Mouthy King’s theory did nothing to suppress Laura. As an expert, she would always ensure that control over the flow of the battle was always in her hands.

The elites present clearly felt the strength of Laura’s mentality.


Blazing Oscillating Fist!

Laura had launched her attack. A third of her punches she sent out were now Blazing Oscillating Fists. This kind of terrifying close combat strength intimidated countless people. The imminent flames carried intense burning attributes. Perhaps the lethality wasn’t as strong as it looked, but it could indeed scatter the opponent’s concentration.

When humans were under pain, their mind would always become a mess.

Bang… Bang, bang, bang, bang…

Over fifty punches were sent out in an instant and yet All-Mouthy King was able to dodge them all by a hair’s breadth. As the two grew closer, Laura could see faint burn marks on his skin. Against the terrifying pressure of his fists, All-Mouthy King’s tiny bit of soul power was obviously unable to guard his entire body. He could only block off injuries, but not slightly burned skin.

The more fists that were launched, the great the suppression. Due to her launching Oscillating Fists consecutively, her energy consumption escalated to immense levels. Yet, what was most frightening was how unperturbed All-Mouthy King was. With his gaze held firm, the memories of his past came flooding back.

Pain… there was nothing more painful than his illness during his adolescent years. As he thought about that pain, Wang Zhong grew distracted. The pain he currently felt…was nothing compared to the past.

Laura lost focus for a slight second, and that was enough for Wang Zhong to launch a counterattack towards her chest. Laura was shocked. All-Mouthy King’s Doubled Force was lethal and she didn’t possess a defence strong enough to ward it off.

She promptly created distance between them. Sweat was already covering her body.

Wang Zhong didn’t pursue her. If that punch had hit, he would not have continued fighting. After all, this was not a battle to the death and he refused to cross the line and kill another.

Laura’s breathing became more laboured. She understood that her opponent had showed her mercy. This can’t continue, she thought. She needed to bring out more power.

“Be careful! I’ll summon my soul beast anytime from now on!” Laura roared in a deep voice. Her warning was to return a favor for his mercy. She had been tempted to use it, but had not throughout the match. Now she was going full out. She didn’t want her opponent to be distracted when she did so, but she was going to use it.

Regardless of what kind of defenses her opponent had, they definitely wouldn’t be able to resist the strike when her soul beast appeared.

The goddess was angry!

Due to the slight ease in tension, Laura had been able to recover to around 70-80%. With her strong recovery capabilities, she was able to gain back her stamina and launched her attacks once again. This time she was determined to finish him off. Laura deciding to summon her soul bear wasn’t someone people in the Federation academies wanted to face.

Wang Zhong welcomed Laura’s charge. Instead of retreating, he dashed forward instead.?

Was he courting his own death?

Laura had a strange look in her eyes, before unleashing her next technique.

Varied Frequency Steps!

Laura suddenly made a change in her movement. Her pace rhythm was instantly broken, making others unable to keep up with her movements.

Close-ranged pace suppression was an even higher level combat technique. It was much harder to execute than Oscillating Fist. Only when combined together would it become a true killing move.

But then, All-Mouthy King’s actions became incredibly strange. His body seemed to sway around, as though he were unstable and couldn’t stand properly…

The two continuously changed positions. Laura intended to use the Varied Frequency Steps with her Oscillating Fist to carry out her suppression. This gave her a surefire chance to summon her soul bear. However, All-Mouthy King’s strange swaying confused her sense of bearing. She was unable to determine his next location.

His entire being was in disorder. Laura didn’t know this, but those watching felt even weirder than her. All-Mouthy King’s swaying gave off an impression that his center of gravity had become unstable. Watching it for too long could cause a headache.

A few elites frowned, their faces filled with serious intent. This… was a new movement style!

Varied Frequency Steps was already exceptionally frightening, but that was just a simple change in speed. All-Mouthy King was able to continuously change his center of gravity. How could a person change their center of gravity at will?

As much as Laura wanted to attack, she couldn’t. Her intuition told her that if she were to strike, she would simply hit nothing but air. All that awaited her then was a lethal strike from All-Mouthy King.

This sense of danger was very frightening. Seconds passed and all Laura could do was to continue retreating. As she was forced back, beads of sweat started to drip down her forehead.

There were already 30 thousand people watching within the OP. The number on their skylinks exceeded 70 thousand. Everyone stared dumbfoundedly at the scene before them. Laura had the ‘Bear Rules The World’ move and yet was forced to retreat by this swaying, shaking All-Mouthy King.

Over five thousand Copperfield Academy students were speechless. The majority of them didn’t understand what was happening. Why didn’t she execute her technique?

What was Laura afraid of?

Laura’s fists were clenched tight. She was following her opponent’s rhythm in order to make a judgement. She had to make a decision, but as she continued to observe him she unexpectedly began to grow dizzy.

This can’t continue! If this continues, I’ll be done for! Laura forced herself to calm down. She viciously bit her tongue and the pain cleared her head. As she retreated, she suddenly lunged toward All-Mouthy King!

Catch him off guard!

Bear Rules The World!

The space around them instantly fluctuated as terrifying energy suppressed the entire arena. A roar that seemed to come from deep within the abyss suddenly sounded out throughout the arena.



The Flame Explosive Bear instantaneously appeared. This might was indeed from ‘Bear Rules The world’. In an instant, however, Laura turned cold. Her move had struck air. The core might of the soul bear’s arrival was condensed in a radius of 3 meters. During that instantaneous action of hers, she had made a mistake. She’d released it on the left but All-Mouthy King had appeared in on the right in a flash…

That terrifying might smashed the space apart…

Lucky for her, the Explosive Flame Bear’s reaction was exceptionally keen. It could feel its master’s helplessness and panic. In what seemed like an instant, it lunged at Wang Zhong. It carried with it the power of surging flames as two gigantic bear paws tried to tear Laura’s opponent to shreds.

Laura launched her attack at the same time. She used the most straightforward move and dashed toward All-Mouthy King, unleashing Oscillating Fist. I want to see how you’ll defend against this!

But All-Mouthy King’s body once more shifted in a flash. That swaying movement was akin to a demon disappearing and appearing.


Laura and her soul bear almost collided into each other. Luckily the soul bear was spiritually connected to her and was able to forcefully control itself before the collision. However, the entire situation was a complete mess. In that moment, All-Mouthy King appeared behind her.
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    《Battle Frenzy》