Battle Frenzy
136 Chapter 136 – Singing of Conquering
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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136 Chapter 136 – Singing of Conquering

Chapter 136 – Singing of Conquering

His palm rested gently against Laura’s fair neck.

Time seemed to instantly stop,

Even the soul bear had stopped moving.

Darwin Potter sighed softly. She still lost… they weren’t even of the same level. The difference was just too great.

Regardless of whether it were those in the OP viewing gallery or those watching the video feed, all of them were silent. Laura’s consummate technique that had shook the OP system with its might was broken so easily. This verified the most basic principle; it didn’t matter how strong a technique was if it didn’t hit the target.

After a few seconds fervent roars and cheers erupted from those within the cannon fodder division. All-Mouthy King cannot be stopped!

Sharmie sighed gently. She didn’t feel particularly happy, but instead felt a sense of pressure. The stronger his opponent the stronger he appeared. That kind of swaying movement hadn’t ever been seen before. It was like the steps of a silent ghost, a nightmare for close combat.

All of a sudden she felt like making a call on the skylink.

Wang Zhong took a deep breath. He’d finally been able to sum up that movement. Last year he’d suffered through all kinds of defeats, but in fact he had been able to use the experience to verify quite a number of matters. He had in fact used that movement before, just… the result wasn’t sufficient enough. People had still beaten him up badly. But it was a different story now. With a strong body and vigorous soul power along with more experience, his power had grown since the previous year. He’d seemingly undergone a transformation since his freshman years.

Those swaying movements weren’t anything like a ghost or specter’s movements, but was instead Clown Steps. They were the same kind of actions Simba used to tease him in the past. Erratic center of gravity and swaying with the wind. Wang Zhong couldn’t display it the same way as Simba, but he’d still extracted quite a bit of its essence to use in this set of motions.

There were two issues with Bear Rules The World. The first was the area of effect. Laura couldn’t be too close to the summoning point or it would have a negative impact on her. The second was the requirement of triangulating the opponent’s position. While the soul bear’s descent was still very fast, it still wasn’t instantaneous and required time. Triangulation was still a must.

That was just enough for Wang Zhong to mislead her.

Laura had made a mistake. She shouldn’t have placed all her apples in one basket. During a fight that kind of act which relied completely on luck and staked everything was equivalent to giving up her life.

A captain should maintain their calm at all time.

His skylink suddenly rang… unexpectedly it was Sharmie, she…

In the next second Wang Zhong dashed out to join the cheering crowd as he answered his skylink. “Hello, who is this? Ah, Sharmie, is there something you need?”

When she heard the clamoring and cheers of ‘All-Mouthy King’ sent over her skylink, Sharmie replied, “Nothing, just thinking about you. We’ll chat next time,” and then hung up the call.

Wang Zhong was dumbfounded and the members of the Flame Artillery Squadron were all stupefied.

“What are you all looking at? If you continue looking like that I’ll dig your eyes out!”

Everyone immediately pointed their eyes toward their noses, noses toward their mouths.

Different from the other places, Copperfield Academy was a sea of dejected souls. Laura had lost matches before, but that was before comprehending that consummate skill and her personal improvements. Never would they have imagined she would lose now. Furthermore, she had lost in such a peak condition.

Without a doubt, after this fight All-Mouthy King would climb to new heights.

His invincible path still continued.

Who, who could stop that mysterious man!

After defeating Laura, All-Mouthy King became completely famous. The various great academies were all trying to find their own ‘All-Mouthy King’. After all, who could possibly reject the possibility of one being hidden within their academy?

In this short period of time there were quite a few who proclaimed themselves as being All-Mouthy King. yet, they were all hung up and beaten in the end. Where was the genuine All-Mouthy King?

The hearts of a few clans were also stirred. Regardless of whether or not All-Mouthy King were a student or where he was, so long as he was unaffiliated this became their opportunity.

One’s identity in the OP was an absolute secret. This was a decision made by the power structure of the current Freedom Federation. It was a kind of equality. Any one person or clan would find it difficult to break this.

But all of this usually revolved around secrets and benefits. All-Mouthy King was but a simple person and seemingly didn’t have any clan standing behind him. There were already some powers beginning to stir. If they wanted to get their hands on him then it was easy for them to find out who he was.

Nothing absolute existed in this world. If one had a rival then one could extinguish them beforehand. Lacking influence, he was perfect for them to try and entice with their full force. This was the way to live in this new era.

Wang Zhong felt a slight headache from all the noise coming from the outside world. He was powerless, however, and could only continue his routine and attend his classes up until the second group training sessions started.

After experiencing the first round of this selection process and going through the shock brought on by Sharmie’s visit, Scarlet and the rest obviously felt the pressure. The CHF didn’t seem as beautiful as they imagined. With their strength they were but newbies among heroes.

Grace was naturally very clear of this situation. If not, she wouldn’t have returned. Originally the second group training session should have started long ago, yet a small dispute arose when she left the city to prepare for it. This then required her to personally go and settle it. Such a problem occurred frequently in the Federation. Usually, people within the Federation wouldn’t dare touch the stuff of the Five Great Families rashly. When Grace stepped forward, however, even the other side wouldn’t dare get overly excessive.

Looking at the people gathering, a sliver of recollection appeared on Grace’s face. The Markis and Markos brothers stood behind Grace as was usual.

“The second phase is also the final phase that I’ve prepared for everyone. Your training location will be the Disorderly Burial Lake Region,” Grace said before pausing. She watched the group of people before her and, as expected, the majority of them had shocked expressions on their faces.

The Disorderly Burial Lake Region was their training locatio. In fact, a few people had already guessed this like Scarlet and Reeves. What no one thought was that this would be the last phase of their group training.

“Teacher Grace, did you just say the group training ends after this second phase?” asked Scarlet. She felt it was a bit too fast. Although the group training had been tough, they could still feel the increase in strength as well as the growth in cohesion within the group. This kind of group training was obviously very effective.

“The captain has duties at the front line and can’t always be staying here. Masters are responsible for teaching the basics; training depends on the individual,” said Markis. To be frank he didn’t feel like this group of people were worth Grace wasting her time. At least, this went for the majority of them.

Grace waved a hand to show she didn’t plan to further explain. There was no need to give such details to these little guys and show them the tangled up, complicated situation going on at the front lines. Originally there should have been a third phase and even a cushion for training in the middle. But now they can only make do and move on.

“You guys have probably heard about the Disorderly Burial Lake Region. It is classified as a C Grade restricted region by the Federation. A naturally pit lake is located at its center and the region is separated into three layers. Other than the center there is also the middle region and outer region.

“The rules are simple. I placed a few tokens in the center region for you guys. Those who bring them back are qualified to pass this phase.”

The faces of quite a few of the students turned slightly pale. This included Reeves. It was still fine if they were to hunt and kill mutated lifeforms within a restricted region. Although he’d guessed correctly that they going to the Disorderly Burial Lake Region, he’d assumed they were to just kill a few monsters around the edges to test their coordination and survival capabilities as a group.

But to directly head toward the center of the Disorderly Burial Lake Region? That was the most dangerous location within this entire C Grade restricted region…
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    《Battle Frenzy》