Battle Frenzy
144 Chapter 144 – Brink of Crisis
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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144 Chapter 144 – Brink of Crisis

Chapter 144 – Brink of Crisis

Emily nodded. Wang Zhong’s successful attack had given her a lot of confidence. Her rune daggers rippled as red-hot flames covered them. She immediately dashed forward with Wang Zhong’s rune arrows accompanying her.

Zeng, zeng, zeng…

Every single one of Wang Zhong’s shots were extremely accurate. Out of the batch of five arrows he shot out, the first four were soul powered arrows used to clear a path for the final arrow. This last arrow was a rune arrow and this pattern allowed him to perfectly kill a mutated red-legged spider.

Wang Zhong didn’t attend class just for the fun of it. He knew a lot of weaknesses for this specific species of spiders. With Wang Zhong’s encouragement, Emily killed a mutated red-legged spider on her own. The girl became incomparably excited and immediately lunged after another one. Although the mutated spider was strong, its speed was not on par with a member of the Assassin Clan. Now that she didn’t fear them, Emily was able to exhibit her specialties.

At the same time, Barran was currently blocking a mutated red-legged spider that had tried to launch a sneak attack. They violently collided against one another and Barran didn’t fall this time. With a roar he blocked the spider and forced it back to create some distance between it and the others. Taking advantage of this, Hymin sent out a sword that pierced through the one of the spider’s compound eyes. The mutated red-legged spider roared as it collapsed, black-greenish fluid spurting out as it twitched on the floor for some time.

After a short moment, the twelve Level 2 mutated red-legged spiders all lay on the ground, their corpses all shrivelled up.

Hymin stared dumbfounded at Wang Zhong… was this still Wang Zhong?

Emily had chopped up a total of two spiders while she and Barran took down one. The other nine had all be unexpectedly dealt with by Wang Zhong!

How could he be called the shame of the commander department?

Emily and Barran were still clearly excited and nervous at the same time. This was their first time experiencing a real fight after all.

Wang Zhong, however, wasn’t the slightest bit happy. The effective radius of the madora flower was large and it would definitely be accompanied by more mutated beasts than just a dozen red-legged spiders.

Everyone was a still a bit dazed by Wang Zhong’s performance before hair-raising scuttling noises sounded from within the forest. Large red-legged spiders crawled out one after another, but didn’t attack. They just stared at Wang Zhong and his group.

A resounding screech tore through the forest close by and was followed by chaotic movements. The mountains and earth seemed to tremble. It was like some kind of enormous creature was was hurriedly moving toward them.

The red-legged spiders surrounding them instantly quieted. They didn’t attack and seemed as though they were waiting for their king to appear.

Wang Zhong’s heart dropped. Although he couldn’t see it clearly due to the distance, his extraordinary sensory abilities allowed him to feel the terrifying aura radiating from this oncoming enemy. “It might be a Level 4…”

Hymin’s legs almost staggered.

What, a Level 4?

Before they could process the information, a gigantic figure appeared before the group. The nearby hundred or so mutated red-legged spiders in their surroundings continued to eye the group covetously.


At this time, within the camping grounds a hundred kilometers away, a gigantic skylink map started to flash with a red warning.

“Level 5 mutated creature!?” When she heard the alarm Grace dashed out from within the tent. She watched the screen and her heart rapidly sunk. It was the position close to Wang Zhong’s Prodigy Society Group.

Grace had been constantly observing the progress of the three groups over the last few days.

Regardless of whether it was Reeves’ slow walk and step ambushing or Black Rose’s choice to decisively retrieve the token first, Grace could see that they both conforms to the norms of society. These were choices that could be considered fair and without dispute.

But it was the Prodigy Society, Wang Zhong and his group, that she pinned the greatest hope for. Yet, they unexpectedly deviated from the skylink map and headed into unknown areas of the region. Every student knew that the maps provided for the restricted region were rather reliable. It was just the unknown areas that had yet to be unexplored and could be considered extremely dangerous.

Even chestnuts weren’t shoved into the fire like that. This kind of childish decision-making was simply inconceivable.

“Eh? Boss, there’s a signal disturbance in that region,” Markos exclaimed suddenly. He hadn’t noticed it until the Level 5 mutated creature appeared. Once he examined the area closely the signal suddenly turned fuzzy.

Grace’s expression turned dark as she replied, “You two stay here and search for the origin of the interference!”

After ordering them, she shot off like an arrow toward the location of the red warning on her map. Her soul power instantly exploded outward as she moved with speed similar to bolt of lightning, causing everyone to be stupefied.

The Prodigy Society Group was still trying to process their shock.

This was an exceedingly large spider with a height approaching five meters. The surrounding millstone-sized spiders were like kittens compared to this elephant of an arachne.

On its forehead was a green crystal was appeared dark and gloomy against the evening light. It seemed like a reaper emerging from the prisons of hell!

Even if one were tens of meters away, they would be able to sense the astonishing energy radiating from the green crystal as well as its inherent kingly aura. It was sufficient to force the surrounding weaklings to submit and tremble.

“Level 5!” Hymin couldn’t resist shouting out. Her legs turned soft and she almost fell to the ground.

It wasn’t only her. While Wang Zhong was still fine, Emily and Barran both had pale faces and trembling legs as they stared at the giant spider.

This wasn’t an issue with their bravery or courage. It was all due to the pressure emitting from the powerful soul source of the Level 5 mutated creature. A person’s soul sea was very sensitive and could even be used to sense energy from outside one’s body. This kind of energy before them wasn’t something the three could resist.

Not only was there a disparity in their strength as well as a difference in the food chain, it was also the pressure given off from a higher level creature. It was like when a mouse saw a cat, akin to an ordinary person facing a god!

Wave after wave of invisible pressure radiated out from the body of the spider king. It was like a terrifying psychological plague!

The terror and submissiveness they felt from the depths of their soul wasn’t something they could guard against just by relying on their courage and willpower.

How could a Level 5 mutated creature appear in a C Grade restricted region!?

Once a Level 5 mutated creature was discovered, the grade of the restricted region would be upgraded to a C+. This wasn’t a place ordinary students could step into.

Nevermind just the five of them, even if all of the groups were put together, it wouldn’t be of any use. Even Captain Grace wouldn’t be able to defeat such a monster.

Standing was Hymin’s limit while Barran and Emily had trembling legs.

They weren’t cowards. The deep oppression of this higher level life form was simply too powerful. It seemed to blanket the skies and ground. The pressure at hand even made their souls tremble. Those surrounding Level 2 red-legged spiders prostrated on the ground, not daring to move a single inch.

“Now, listen carefully to what I am about to say to you guys.” A calm, tranquil voice rang out from the side of the group. Wang Zhong walked forward to stand in front of them all.

Due to the existence of the fate stone and the dimensional world, nothing could pressure and affect Wang Zhong’s soul sea. This situation before him was still, however, unsolvable.

The red-legged spider king actually slowed down its movements. It could feel the terror and shivering being emitted from a few of the hostile creatures before it. It disdained to do anything to them, but this one seemed a bit different. Countless images of Wang Zhong was mirrored within the red-legged spider king’s many compound eyes, as if it was trying to see exactly what this strange and weak, yet unafraid human would do.

“In a moment I will smash them apart and give you guys an opening to escape from. Hymin, you will bring them out and rush out of here; I’ll lure the rest of these guys away,” explained Wang Zhong.

“Brother Wang Zhong…” Emily tried to say something.

Wang Zhong suddenly turned his head around to look straight at Emily. “You have to live. Senior Sister Hymin, please!”
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    《Battle Frenzy》