Battle Frenzy
145 Chapter 145 – Team
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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145 Chapter 145 – Team

Chapter 145 – Team

Hymin clenched her teeth as she lifted Grai up. “Barran, you will be in charge of breaking through later. Emily, follow me! When Wang Zhong begins his attack, we’ll immediately break through the east side!”

Barran fiercely clenched his hands, angry at his own stupidity and uselessness. However, there was no other way left for them.

“Remember, the east side. I’ll definitely join back up with you guys.” After saying that, Wang Zhong immediately became silent. His soul power instantly condensed, catching the eye of the mutated spider king. It’s eyes shined bright with rage and contempt.

Based on pure instinct, the mutated spider king found Wang Zhong to be a little odd. The miniscule bit of soul power Wang Zhong had shown rendered the mutated spider king between laughter and tears. Assuming it could feel emotions of course.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…

The loud sounds pierced the silence of the place as tens of figures rumbled forward. “Go!”

Hymin held Grai as she gave the signal. With a roar, Barran rushed forward signalling the beginning of battle. Everyone unleashed their best techniques at their maximum strength. Wang Zhong didn’t turn back to watch as he dashed straight towards the gigantic spider.

As he dashed forward, his hands were a blur as he sent arrow after arrow in the direction of the mutated spider king.

That gigantic mutated spider king didn’t even bother to move as it stared contemptuously down at the clown-like prey before it. In the meantime, Level 2 spiders lunged like a tidal wave towards Hymin and her group who were trying their best to escape.

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

Explosions rang out as a portion of Wang Zhong’s arrows shot out towards the encirclement. Tree leaves fluttered down as the arrows exploded, sending debris flying everywhere.

Burst Arrow!

Wang Zhong didn’t ever think this kind of attack would do any harm such a creature. He was currently extremely calm and focused in such a life and death situation, showing no fear even as the situation appears so grim

For some unknown reason, since young he’d never felt any dread towards the notion of dying. Instead, he held a sort of intimacy with it. However, after meeting the small clown, he gained a greater appreciation for life.

He would not die here!

Wang Zhong took advantage of the chaos to dash beneath the knife-like legs of the mutated spider king. Once underneath, he took aim and fired an arrow at the posterior of the mutated spider king.

The mutated spider king screeched with indignant rage!

Mutated lifeforms that were influenced by the dimensional energy often also had their intelligence substantially increased. The higher the level of the creature, the greater its intelligence. For a creature as the spider king, having a petty and insignificant prey attack such an area was blasphemous and seen as an insult of the highest order!

Though the red-legged spider king was enormous, it would be a disastrous mistake to assume that its movements are slow. It moved really quickly for its size and all its attacks were fueled by its rage. Everything in its path were smashed apart! Its eight legs rumbled as it charged toward Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong was not one to madly scramble away without a plan in mind. But he had lost his bow and his pitifully low soul power would render his array of skills and techniques useless on a Level 5 creature. Somehow or another, he had to buy enough time for Emily and the group. The rest was up to the heavens to decide!

Wang Zhong traveled at an astonishing speed, but the red-legged spider king was even faster. In the blink of an eye, the two had already vanished into the darkness of the western side.

‘There’s no use even we go! Don’t betray Wang Zhong’s hopes!’ Everyone clenched their teeth as they quickly escaped. Never before did Hymin thought that the group training would lead to a life and death situation.

Emily’s eyes had already turned red. She had to clench her teeth to stop the tears from falling.

Hymin was more rational than Emily and shouted, “We have to believe in Wang Zhong. He’s the most knowledgeable person in Tianjing Academy and will definitely have a way to deal with that spider! We just have to break through this and group up with him!”

Even though she said this with confidence, Hymin inwardly didn’t believe those words. It was the best she could do at that time.

The group was not yet free of danger and there was a large mass of spiders madly chasing them from behind.

Emily’s heart was in such a mess that it had turned numb. She knew Hymin was right and she also knew she shouldn’t betray Wang Zhong’s sacrifice that gave them a chance to escape.

But she also felt she was a coward for abandoning her friend to run away by herself. Emily had thoroughly dug herself a corner of self-blame.

With her mind clouded with numerous thought, she failed to notice a black shadow sneaking up on her.

A mutated red-legged spider!

“Careful!” shouted Hymin.


A rune shield was thrust into the ground which promptly shielded Emily. An enormous impact smashed against the rune shield.

Barran’s eyes had turned an incomparable shade of red as he roared. He hefted the shield in his right hand and threw out a violent slap with his left.

Fuck a heavy soldier’s dream death. What ridiculous self-pity. So timid and cowardly; I should just fuck off!

Senior Wang Zhong said that I’m their wall! Regardless of what happens, I will never let these disgusting things take even a step past me!

Being alive till now, going to Tianjing, becoming part of the Prodigy Society, meeting such great friends and training with them! His life was already worth it. No one looked down on him and they all treated him as a friend. Senior Wang Zhong had sacrificed himself for their sakes! If they were to die, then the first to die would definitely be him!

All the timidness and cowardice he had initially felt when faced with the red-legged spiders evaporated at this moment. A primal roar ripped free of Barran’s heart and started a fire burning within him.

Barran’s soul power erupted out of his entire body in order to suppress the immense force of the impact from his shield. The two sides were immediately locked in a stalemate and in that instant, he felt liberated! It was as though a weight was lifted from his heart and a glimmer of hope shined forth, freeing him from the murky darkness.

This was the ramming technique he’d practiced day in and day out, hundreds of thousands of times and finally, the fruits of his arduous training revealed itself sliver by sliver.


That enormous force suddenly sank down!

Although he still wasn’t able to completely rebound the opponent’s force back like Wang Zhong had, he was still able to rely on his own willpower to forcibly absorb most of the incoming force. His soul power diverted the force of the impact through his body and into the ground. As he did so, his legs sunk into the ground and left two deep imprints into the hard and solid stone surface.

A slight jolt ran through Barran and his shield, throwing the red-legged spider that had hit the shield ten metres back!

Over a dozen black shadows once more circled the group. Even more seemed to arrive from afar. In terms of their skills at hunting, these mutated lifeforms weren’t much inferior to humans.

But what welcomed them wasn’t just Barran’s giant shield.

“You guys hurry and leave, I’ll guard the rear!” Emily had already snapped out of her absent-minded state.

Wang Zhong’s hurried plan had forgotten one crucial point; carrying the unconscious Grai slowed the speed of the three considerably. It was simply impossible for them to outrun those Level 2 red-legged spiders.

A raging inferno seemed to burn from within Emily’s eyes as her killing intent gushed out. “After killing all of you bastards, I’ll go and find Brother Wang Zhong!”

“Emily…” Hymin was stupefied. She had never before seen this ‘loli’ looking girl show such an overbearing side.

“Senior sister, please take Grai and leave first! I’ll help Emily!” Barran slammed his giant shield into the ground. The aura around him had completely changed. He was substantially different from his previously timid appearance. His legs were firm and didn’t tremble, and he displayed a stance that showed he wouldn’t take a single step back.

His eyes might have lacked Emily’s overbearing killing intent, but they were still incomparably firm and resolute. Simple people did simple stuff. He was a wall so he would stand before them and defend!

He knew he would die nine times out of ten so why did he choose the same choice as Wang Zhong?

Leave? They were unable to leave as the mutated spiders surrounded them. In that case, all they could do was fight!

Seven to eight red-legged spiders lunged over.

Barran turned his giant shield horizontal and was like an iron wall and roared. His eyes didn’t see any monsters, just three teammates in need of his defence!
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    《Battle Frenzy》