Battle Frenzy
146 Chapter 146 – End of the Road
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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146 Chapter 146 – End of the Road

Chapter 146 – End of the Road


Emily’s face remained as stoic as ever, not a single muscle moving as her eyes roamed over the incoming onslaught. The extreme environment had brought forth her inner assassin. Her toes lightly tapped against the ground and flames begun to spark to life. In a blink of an eye, she suddenly appeared over the head of a red-legged spider several meters away. Flames danced along the bright-red daggers she held in her hands before stabbing them into the compound eyes of the red-legged spider.


Wang Zhong’s best option was to continue moving through the forest, a move that the red-legged spider king had fully expected. The dense vegetation acted as the best camouflaging environment for Wang Zhong to move during the night as he evaded the sight of his large chaser. It was also the best way to stop the spider king from increasing its speed!

As he ran through the forest, there was a moment when the red-legged spider king was about to catch him but it was suddenly stuck between two large trees. Though the trees were easy enough for the spider king to knock down, the split second delay had provided Wang Zhong the perfect opportunity to disappear into the dense vegetation.

If they were on flat lands, its own speed would far outstrip that of Wang Zhong’s. However, having to traverse through such thick and lush forest has made it difficult to catch up to it little prey, what with the massive trunks that blocked its advancement and numerous fauna to conceal Wang Zhong. Unless the red-legged spider could chop down all the plants, it would never be able to successfully find Wang Zhong.

However, all was not lost for the spider king. What Wang Zhong had failed to consider were its many little brothers!

It was now obvious that the previous swarm surrounding his group had just been a tiny sliver of the large whole. This gigantic spider family had made its lair in the west and more red-legged spiders had begun to travel through the forest in an attempt to capture him. Their numbers quickly escalated to the 700s, with many more yet to come. They made a coordinated sweep of the forest starting from the fringes, thus rendering Wang Zhong’s attempt at hiding as futile.

How the fuck is this still a C Grade restricted region? Whoever believes that is a pig!

Dammit, how big a family of mutated beasts did the madora flower attract?

Wang Zhong hurriedly advanced to the west side of the spider lair. Within two minutes, he could see the large army of spiders spreading out in a well-coordinated fashion, meticulously searching for him.

These spiders had an extremely wide field of vision in the dark. It didn’t take long for both parties found one another at the same time. Upon finding him, the red-legged spiders grew agitated and a large swarm burst out of the trees, scuttling about while making screeching noises that resounded throughout the entire forest.

Wang Zhong didn’t plan to stay and fight. Conforming any of the red-legged spiders would only waste precious time and condemn him to hell. Unleashing his technique, Spectral Ghost Steps, Wang Zhong’s figure sped past the spider horde. The mysterious traveling gait of his disoriented the spiders, making the spider horde smash into one another. Wang Zhong manipulated his center of gravity as he moved and while this was very useful against humans, it was even more useful against mutated lifeforms with little intelligence. Their ability to make a judgement in such a situation was obviously inferior.

In his current state, Wang Zhong was devoid of any fear, his mind emptied out. He seemed to move with the flow of the battle. Evading each strike, running ahead to escape from the onslaught, the seemingly endless vegetation suddenly gave way to an open clearing. Within that clearing, what greeted Wang Zhong’s eyes was a purple sea of flowers. Not just any flower, it was the Madora flower. The clearing was filled with at least a thousand of the tiny purple flower.

Approximately 500 meters away from his location was a extremely bright-coloured madora flower that stood up to five meters tall. Glittering pollen puffed out regularly from its stamen and perfused the air, a sight that was extremely eye-catching especially against the darkness of the night. Wang Zhong also noticed that littered around the immense flower were numerous skeletons of varying lifeforms.

Soul power radiated from Wang Zhong’s body as he formed a defensive layer to protect against those invading pollen spores. Even so, he could still feel the danger emanating from those pollen waves.

Although he’d found the source of the pollen, Wang Zhong was unable to muster up any excitement. He had been relying on the environment around him to survive the attack from the spiders but that was suddenly stripped away from him.


The red-legged spider king suddenly appeared in his field of view. Its berserk charge that seemed capable of bulldozing anything was terrifying sight to behold .

With little choice left to him, Wang Zhong dashed right for the largest madora flower.

Just as he took his first step into the sea of Madora flowers, the red-legged spider king unexpectedly screeched to a halt. It fidgeted around the sea of flowers, its actions displaying immense distress.

It emitted a sound that was completely different from when it was angry. Although Wang Zhong didn’t understand the underlying meaning all this, it was obvious that he’d just found out its ‘weakness’.

Wang Zhong gave no qualms about the flowers as he boldly stepped forth, creating holes in the sea of flowers as he dashed forward. Countless tiny madora flowers were squashed by him. The red-legged spider kind was shocked and furious, its screeching reaching deafening levels. In a sudden act of violence, it dug up a several trees and threw them right at Wang Zhong with the speed of an artillery shell!


He couldn’t bear it any longer and cursed out loud. It seemed he had went overboard and had agitated the spider king too much…

The projectiles thrown by the red-legged spider kind were just too quick. In the blink of an eye, they had arrived right at Wang Zhong’s head. At the same time, those mountain-like spider legs rumbled down upon him. He was facing the fury of the spider king! Simply the wind pressure itself was enough to squeeze the very air out of Wang Zhong.

His feet suddenly flashed and his body seemed to ‘slip’ past like a drunkard. His body converted the force of the oncoming attacks into rotational energy and shifted to the side like a specter.


A terrifying force seemed to smash Wang Zhong’s face in. The intense wind pressure and sharp wind blades made by the powerful needle-like hairs of the spider king’s legs lacerated his face and body like razor blades.

He felt a fiery, scorching pain as his skin was slashed apart. Yet, his movements displayed none of the pain he felt as he maintained his distance from the spider king and rushed toward the mother madora flower.

Even though he was fast, the red legged spider king was even faster!

A Cast Soul stage soldier whose soul power that did not even exceed 70 grassos was too inferior to a Level 5 mutated creature. Any techniques that Wang Zhong had all paled in comparison in terms of speed and strength when compared to the spider king.


The exquisite rune sword he had was not strong enough to parry the spider leg. It wasn’t even able to pierce the outer shell of the spider, shattering into tiny fragments upon impact with the spider leg.

Another spider leg shot out like a bullet and Wang Zhong tossed away his sword. He managed to cross his arms over his chest before a earth-shattering force collided with his chest.

It hit!

Wang Zhong exhaled a deep breath… Bang… and allowed the immense force to shove him straight into the air. He had controlled where he’d be thrown and landed even closer to the gigantic madora flower.

He had used techniques that focused on utilising external forces to its greatest extent.. Even so, he felt as though his chest had collapsed and spat out blood as a result.

The destructive power of a red-legged spider’s attack was too high. Even though he’d made ample preparation to take advantage of the strength of the spider king’s attack to draw closer to the madora flower, he still received serious injuries.

Wang Zhong had clearly heard his right arm snap.

In that moment, his soul power dissipated and his vision blurred. The madora flower’s toxin and the radiation of the restricted region immediately invaded his body. Behind him, the screeching of the red-legged spider turned even fiercer.

He was off by a little to his end goal. He wagered that he had been too naive, underestimating the strength of the spider king. There was no way his body could withstand such a powerful hit.

Wang Zhong felt regretful but he was already unable to control his body as he collided with the giant madora flower.

Suddenly, a soft ‘plop’ sounded out. Wang Zhong seemed to pass through a protective screen. It felt as though his body had entered some kind of fluid that started to twist, wrap, and pull at him. It wasn’t painful but was quite hard to describe.

Time didn’t seem to exist here. The instant he regained consciousness, he found himself within a foreign space.

Astonished, he stared at his bright surroundings.

What… what was this place!?
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    《Battle Frenzy》