Battle Frenzy
147 Chapter 147 – Fight Like a True Man!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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147 Chapter 147 – Fight Like a True Man!

Chapter 147 – Fight Like a True Man!

The fight happening outside the forest had begun to reach its conclusion. Although there was still a dozen or so insignificant Level 2 red-legged spiders, they really were too resilient…

Another dozen or so red-legged spider corpses lay in a mess on the ground. Half of them had died due to fatal injuries to their compound eyes while the other half had their limbs severed. Those chopped limbs also showed traces of having been burnt off.

In the end, however, there were still five to six red-legged spiders that still maintained strong combat effectiveness.

On the other hand, the only one that could still unleash effective attacks in the Prodigy Society Group was Emily.

Emily fiercely gasped for air as a deadly flaming lotus blossomed around her. By this time, however, the flames of the lotus that should have been able to burn and roast everything was visible weaker.

Three of the red-legged spiders had been fighting her and were hit in their joints, a critical weakpoint to them. One lost a limb and fell to the ground. As for the other two, one flew toward Barran and Hymin who stood to the left while the other rushed toward Emily after withstanding her attack.

With her Flaming Lotus Dance broken, the enormous rebounding force threw the already weary Emily tumbling back. She was like a sheep that was suddenly tackled by a vicious wolf.

The spider opened its maw and lunged out its four sharp fangs, ready to bite down on her head!

She mustered up the rest of her energy and thrust her dagger toward the approaching red-legged spider’s compound eyes. Her flames weren’t even able to coat the dagger, however, and with the destructive force of her swing weakened she was easily repelled through the air by the spider’s claw. It seemed she would get crushed by those large fangs…


A loud sound rang out as a giant shield was thrown over by the side and smashed violently against the head of a red-legged spider, knocking it to the point where it became dizzy.

Emily grabbed this opportunity to pierce its large compound eyes. She violently crushed its eye and brain but was then pinned down by the spider’s heavy corpse. Emily was so weak at this time and couldn’t find the strength to push away the corpse.

Hymin was close to her but it was already too late to try and help Emily. She was only able to reduce the speed of another red-legged spider by a bit before it lunged at Barran like a savage tiger.

Without his shield, Barran had no weapon left that was capable of blocking this spider. He’d also used up the rest of his strength in that last throw. Just standing was already difficult for him. He would have to hide if he wanted to save his own life.

The brutal red-legged spider was already right in front of his nose. Barran could even smell the spider’s rotting breath.

Could he hide? Where should he hide?

Grai and Hymin were still behind him. If he dodged it, then they would definitely die! But what could he do without his shield?

Didn’t he still have his body? Wasn’t he still wearing armor!?

Barran took a deep breath and lowered his center of gravity. He moved to welcome the rush of the red-legged spider.


That tremendous impact wasn’t something Barran could contend with. No matter how much he lowered his center of gravity or how much he tried to muster up his strength, upon contact he was met with a force that seemed to shatter and split apart his body.

His body started to float. His soul also seemed to be floating. Barran had completely lost all control of himself. This was the feeling of death…

A faint smile appeared on the corners of his mouth. He had died in battle. The world around him suddenly slowed and quieted in an instant. Pictures and sounds one after another started to flash through Barran’s mind.

“Little Ba, you’re still eating those instant noodles? How many times do I have to tell you? A person with a big body likes yours eating his kind of garbage, and even ten of them at once… is your stomach like a garbage bin? Come, come, your president’s gonna bring you to a place to eat!”

“Don’t worry about them. Barran, let us continue. Try it one more time and focus more on controlling your body. This is called Second Drive and you have…”

“Barran, did Ma Dong Dong bully you again? Snort, if he does it again then tell me. Let’s see how I’ll cut him up!”

“Oh, Barran… alright, let’s go to the Prodigy Society together.”

“Barran, a work-study program in the city isn’t easy so you won’t be able to earn much. You have to eat better food, alright? Your father and I are alright now so don’t worry about sending money back home.”

If he hadn’t checked out the dictionary he wouldn’t have even known what a work-study program was. He hadn’t ever sent money back home. What he did remember was talking about some matters of his old home to President Ma Dong and Senior Wang Zhong when they were all bored one day and were chatting. Only they knew about his old home. As such, Barran could guess where that money came from. It was definitely sent by them and they even hid it from him and used his name to send it to his parents.

He knew this but didn’t speak of it. Even he knew that kindness wasn’t something that could be cleared with just a few words.

He was very stupid. Other than having a sturdy body and high strength, he had no other good points. He was the first to walk into the training room and the last to leave. No one was willing to talk to him, as though speaking one word to him was equivalent to getting infected by his stupidity.

Only the Prodigy Society treated him like a human.

President Ma Dong never treated him like an outsider. He cared for how he took his meals and knew where he lived and what he used. He even put his arm across his shoulder and brought him out to eat deer meat skewers and drink alcohol at night… other than his parents there was no one else who ever treated him so well!

Senior Wang Zhong patiently and repeatedly taught him legendary combat techniques and continuously encouraged him. He believed in him and gave him a valuable group training quota. Such a thing was said to be able to bring over experts to the society, yet it was given to him!

Emily was very carefree and would frequently drag him along and talk about her daily family activities. She even talked about how she liked Senior Wang Zhong! Barran had felt his heart pumping very fast then as no girl had ever spoken so easily with him of such things before.

Even Grai, who least liked to talk, would often be found outside his classroom after school so that they could go the Prodigy Society together. When he saw the astonished gazes of the surrounding students, it made him realize for the first time what dignity was!

His parents gave him life, the Prodigy Society gave him dignity! They allowed him to understand the difference between existing and living!

I possess two homes! These are my family members!

I will definitely protect them! Even if we die, I’ll still be the one to die first!

So what if I can’t block it? Even if I can’t block it, I’ll still block it! I’ll die blocking it!

Barran’s tiger-like eyes narrowed as his soul was suddenly hauled back into his body. Green veins suddenly exploded out and appeared across his arms and forehead. His seemingly dried-up soul sea suddenly contracted under that willpower that exceed imagination! It was like a dried-up lake’s surface suddenly cracked beneath the burning sun!


Intense pain racked his mind like an explosion as his soul sea started to crack.

At the same time, and explosive power suddenly rushed into his head. It broke his blood vessels and meridians, but for an instant his absent strength was given a short-lived boost!

“Barran, smash into your target, then erupt with your inner strength to counteract the rebound force. This is called Second Drive!”

Barran’s eyes turned scarlet-red as he roared. His waist, which had been bent from all that pressure, suddenly straightened.

This was the first time!

This was the first time he’d felt that he had seized the essence of the technique Wang Zhong taught him!

He sacrificed his splitting soul sea to utilize that terrifying force that came from his impact with the red-legged spider. With a final roar he crushed everything back in an earth-shattering manner!
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    《Battle Frenzy》