Battle Frenzy
148 Chapter 148 – Accept Grai’s Fury!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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148 Chapter 148 – Accept Grai’s Fury!

Chapter 148 – Accept Grai’s Fury!

Terror and despair flashed within the red-legged spider’s compound eyes. It didn’t even have the chance to fly back before its entire body was

Barran lost the ability to move. At the same time, his soul sea shattered and blood dripped from his seven orifices. Even so, he stayed standing. He had fulfilled his promise.

So what if I die!

Hymin was tired and weary. Emily was still pinned beneath a spider’s corpse, unable to pull herself out. Grai was still unconscious and Barran’s life and death was uncertain. All around them lay spider corpses.

The had finally won—

Rustling and scuttling sounds rose from their surroundings and grew louder. One after another, oily green eyes appeared and stared at them. Over thirty of them had just arrived…

Hymin gave up. She raised her head and gazed at the black sky, muttering, “I’m so pretty yet I’m actually going to die from a crowd of monsters that don’t know how to show tenderness to ladies.”

Emily unexpectedly started laughing. “Big Sis Hymin, I’m still a virgin. You’re the lucky one here.”

Hymin gawked, then laughed. “Ha ha. You little girl. How interesting for a member of the Assassin Clan to not have that smelly aristocratic junior attitude. This sister likes you. If… if we meet in the next life, we’ll definitely be good sisters!”

“… If there is a next life… I’ll definitely…” Emily’s words trailed off…

A mutated spider suddenly appeared before Emily, its gigantic claw swinging down at her waist.


A white light flashed past and sliced apart that heavy curtain of darkness!

The red-legged spider paused, its compound eyes wide open. In the next moment its body… split into two parts like tearing cloth!

His steps were still staggered and his body swayed, but the sword in his hand was incomparably steady.

A desolate expression appeared on Grai’s handsome face. His usually gentle demeanor was gone, replaced with fury. That flower’s poison had only paralyzed his body, not his thoughts.

He had seen it all! Wang Zhong’s sacrifice in luring away the spider king, Emily’s all-out massacre, Hymin’s protection of him, and Barran renouncement of life to defend them all. If not for that damnable thing, such a paltry flower wouldn’t have affected him.

He wasted so much time and finally cleared away the flower’s poison. He finally regained some control over his mobility…

“Grai, leave! Don’t worry about us,” said Hymin. She really did like this handsome little junior. Was it sentimentality?

So what if it was sentimentality. She was very serious of every one of her relationships.

“Senior sister, it’s alright now. I’m here.”

His back was facing the group and his voice was still very gentle, but his expression was incredibly cold. It was a coldness that didn’t seem to belong to a human.

Grai unleashed an attack. The glow of his rune sword tore apart the night sky. A mutated red-legged spider split into two. He hadn’t targeted the points, but the spider itself was split into two…

Hymin and Emily were both stupefied. They knew Grai was strong, but they didn’t think he would be this strong. This wasn’t a strength that could be shown unless one reached the level of a Cast Soul stage peak!

What was combat for?

What should mankind aim for in the end?

Grai had always felt puzzled over this question. When he came here he was still puzzled.

He had finally found his answer today.

Currently, Wang Zhong discovered he was on a strange, super-small island that wasn’t even 300-400 meters squared. Around the small island floated large meteorites that didn’t move or make a noise. This entire space was filled with a deathly air!

Wang Zhong’s mind quickly processed his change of surroundings. This was a legendary spatial fragment!

That mother madora flower had in fact been a spatial entrance. This cleared up the reason as to why a Level 5 mutated spider king would unexpectedly appear in a C Grade restricted region and why such a large madora flower tree existed. All of this was due to this dimensional space entrance!

A dimensional space entrance wasn’t the entrance to a higher dimension. While it was still a hyperdimension space, it was actually similar in theory to the OP system. What was different was that this dimensional space possessed a ‘fragment’ attribute and was extremely dangerous.

These dimensional entrances gave off high levels of radiation energy which then led to strong mutated lifeforms appearing around it. It was obvious that this spatial fragment hadn’t existed for very long else it wouldn’t have just been a Level 5 mutated creature around it. That madora flower had covered up the eyes of Tianjing City very well. Any other creature would have long since been discovered by visitors.

But how was he able to enter this place without the slightest bit of injury?

Anyone with knowledge of space knows that dimensional fissures were exceptionally dangerous. Not to mention humans, even other lifeforms would be torn to shreds. Only dimensional beasts were fine. Even those lucky enough to survive would face the possibility of changes occurring within their bodies that would lead to a life worse than death.

Wang Zhong felt his current situation was comparatively alright. He looked at the entrance and thought, That mutated spider king would definitely luck out.

Actually, the mutated spider king was currently roaring at the entrance with intense fury. This was its forbidden area and even it couldn’t enter. Yet, that weak creature managed to do what it couldn’t and enter! Naturally there was the possibility that it died inside. The spider king’s natural instincts told it that this was not a place it could enter…

Wang Zhong settled down and organized his thoughts about information he’d read at the school pertaining to dimensional fissures.

Dimensional fissures weren’t all that stable and there was a possibility they would remain for tens of hundreds of years or only last a day. Another possibility was that this dimensional fissure before him only recently appeared.

He lay on the floor and examined his situation. His injuries weren’t light. While he had better combat techniques than most, his insufficient soul power was quite the critical weakness. When faced with a monster that completely suppressed him in all aspects, his techniques and skills were of no use. Still, he was willing to take it on in order to shake it off Emily and rest.

If only he were stronger. So long as his soul power broke through 100 grassos, those little spiders would have been easily eliminated. Even if he couldn’t beat a Level 5 with just 100 grassos, he could at least run away without a problem. At the very least he wouldn’t have been forced into such a state.

It was deathly silent around him. Any other person would’ve felt terror, but Wang Zhong was used to experiencing the incomparably silent and dark world of his dreams. At least this world had colour and a sense of reality. It was so much better.

Wang Zhong still lay on the ground as he stared at the entrance. Simba had told him many stories about space and even about spatial fragments. Entrances to spatial fragments could be separated into many different types. Some were unidirectional, others bidirectional. He examined this entrance’s fluctuation cycle and thought it should be a unidirectional one.

Seems his luck wasn’t that good after all. Either he starved to death here or die from the spatial fragment collapsing. Both seemed a tiny bit better than being eaten by the mutated spider king.

Wang Zhong couldn’t help but laugh bitterly. Regret. He definitely felt some regret. He felt true happiness after entering his second year at the academy. Those recent bouts of entertainment was about to go away soon, and this made him depressed.

The flow of time within a spatial fragment wasn’t significant. Each fragment had fragmented spatial laws, so there would sometimes be unimaginable situations occurring.

He began to check his injuries as he lay there. His left arm was broken, and so were three of his ribs. Fortunately, his body was properly tough enough and he had no lethal injuries. Even so, that heavy blow had been enough to make him immobile up until now.

His skylink had no way to communicate in this place. Only his soul power was recovering slowly. That heavy blow was strong enough to dissipate all of his soul power, but for him it was easy for his soul sea to recover.

Wang Zhong continued to watch this limited space. Suddenly, he saw that something was a bit different from everything else.

This spatial fragment wasn’t stationary.

It was actually some kind of strange shape that was revolving!
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