Battle Frenzy
149 Chapter 149 – The Unjustly Ridiculed Fate Stone
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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149 Chapter 149 – The Unjustly Ridiculed Fate Stone

Chapter 149 – The Unjustly Ridiculed Fate Stone

The spatial fragment rotated in a manner that was chaotic and disorderly, seemingly defying the normal rules and laws of physics. However, upon careful inspection, one would realised that the revolution had a constant momentum, albeit in different directions.

Once he got used to it, Wang Zhong sank into a contemplative state. A revolving strength was definitely the hardest type of combat technique to control, but it also possessed the most dynamic changes. This constant transformation allowed for one to have the strength to continuously contract force into a point. When a powerful enough force erupted, it had enough power to shock a world.

Wang Zhong had done research into this before, and he had even discussed it with Simba. Even so, he was only able to gain a superficial understanding of the subject. This spatial fragment he was in seemed to use the theory of the spiral in a fascinating way.

No one knew how spatial fragments came into being. Ever since the birth of that black hole, they began appearing on Earth, with the vast majority of them deemed as dangerous. Naturally, there were a few fragments that brought huge benefits to mankind, but those few were under the control of the higher echelons of the Federation. Ordinary citizens and even those who were leaders of the Federation Hundred Cities lacked any say in the distribution and use of these fragments.

Wang Zhong’s character was indeed quite strange. Others would be close to distress here but he actually immersed himself in that revolving force. Even of others were able to enter this place they wouldn’t be able to observe its detailed intricacies. They would just see the lonely, desolate island. On the other hand, Wang Zhong’s eyes saw through the facade. Everything before him revealed an obscure principle of the spiral.

Soon, he couldn’t help but start to experiment around with his hands. He started training with the crosswheels and its revolutions. He carefully observed the rotatory motion of the fragment that blotted out the skies and couldn’t resist appliying what he learnt to his crosswheels, polishing up his proficiency with the weapon. His calm vision continued observing the hidden revolutions.

There seemed to be a missing line in the darkness… he grabbed onto this point and his fluttering crosswheels covered the skies and filled his mind…

Hmm… Eh?

Why does my nose feel like it has something extra on it?

“Ya ha ha ha! You’ve finally been captured by I, Simba the greatest!”

A clown the size of a palm trampled wildly on Wang Zhong’s nose. He had a score to settle with Wang Zhong and this was his moment of revenge..

Wang Zhong gawked. He went cross-eyed before he finally recognizing the little fellow before his eyes.

Simba didn’t care less and continued to play around with Wang Zhong’s nose, twisting it into various shapes. “Ha ha. Little Wang Zhong, do you yield!? Hurry up and admit that I’m the best!”

Simba’s nose shook up and down, showing his energy.

In the next moment, a large tongue gave Simba a lick that soaked him from head to toe in saliva.

Simba looked like a drowned rat as he rapidly floated back into the air. He did his utmost to display his displeasure. “Wang Zhong you little brat! You’re too disgusting! You actually slobbered saliva all over the great Simba!?”

Wang Zhong revealed a radiant smile as he exclaimed, “You’re already so energetic after just waking up? Come and give me a hug!”

Simba immediately flew over and rubbed against Wang Zhong’s face. This pair of old friends had finally been reunited.

Later on, Wang Zhong understood what had happened. Simba had forcefully used the Fate Roulette previously, which inflicted severe damage to his core soul. This culminated in his inability to move and fully recovering from the damage is still a long way ahead. Interestingly, being in the spatial fragment had aided his recovery, enough for him to awaken from his slumber. Earlier on, he had refrained from appearing as he saw that Wang Zhong was deep in thought. However, having waiting for a while, he could no longer hold back his excitement and decided to make an appearance.

Wang Zhong was extremely happy. The two started to chat endlessly for quite some time. Simba really wanted to know what had happened after the incident. When he heard how Wang Zhong had achieved victory on all fronts, he was so excited that he executed consecutive somersaults.

Simba held high hopes for Wang Zhong, but these two brothers had suffered through numerous losses from the start. Because of this, Simba decided to ignore all consequences and used the Fate roulette. Though the damage he suffered from doing so was no small matter, seeing Wang Zhong do so well made the sacrifice worthwhile.

“Simba, I’ve always wanted to know exactly what the Fate Stone is, and if you are a dimensional creature.” Wang Zhong couldn’t help but voice his questions. In fact, he’d asked this before but Simba would dodge the question or make up a false story. As he grew older, however, Wang Zhong wanted to know how the Fate Stone would affect his growth and the repercussion of using it.

Simba descended from the air and scratched his head. “I should be a dimensional creature, but the strange thing is that I understand quite a lot about you humans. I don’t know where I’m from, but I can definitely confirm that our fates are tied together. In fact, the only thing I can say for sure is that I named myself the Fate Trickster.”

He felt a little depressed as he said all this. If he were just a dimensional creature that lacked consciousness, things would have been much simpler. He would be like Laura’s soul bear. But Simba was more similar to humans than one might expect for a dimensional creature. He constantly felt the pressure of a certain mission on his shoulders, the mission to make Wang Zhong stronger. He was unsure of the reason why he felt such pressing desire, but Wang Zhong being his friend made it easier for him to shoulder on this responsibility. The fact that their fates were intertwined was also the reason why he named himself the Fate Trickster.

“So, can you think of any way to bring the Fate Stone out?” A person’s talent roused the envy of others and when deities fought, it was the mortals that suffered. The Fate Stone and Order Seal really gave him a huge headache. They were like a ticking time bomb ready to explode anytime inside of him.

Simba helplessly swung in the air and gestured with his hands. “Although I am unaware of any way to do so, I am certain that the Fate Stone is in your body, which has become a medium for it. Should it ever leave your body, it would began a power struggle with the Order Seal. Regardless of which of them wins, it will undoubtedly mark the arrival of the second dark era.”

Wang Zhong fell silent for a while before asking, “Is the Fate Stone a hyperdimensional object?”

Simba nodded earnestly. “I can confirm that this is true. Furthermore, it should be quite the special existence in the hyperdimension as well. It’s reasonable to say that this kind of object shouldn’t have even appeared in this place. Yet, it did, and it has decided to reside in your body. Perhaps it even has some relationship with my existence, but I really can’t remember.”

Wang Zhong laughed bitterly. “This thing restricts me quite a bit. In addition, I’m still afraid that my current condition will bring danger to me.”

Laughing, Simba proudly replied, “That’s not possible. Other than us, it’s impossible for these low-grade lifeforms here to touch it. At most they would feel some slight pressure from it. While it is in your soul sea, your soul sea would serve as a node. The Fate Stone exists in an independent space and only you can feel its spiritual projection.”

At this point, Wang Zhong wanted to scratch his nose. Before he could do so, Simba moved to help him relieve his itch, highlighting the close relationship between the two. As he did so, he said, “It’s a bit complicated, but with your current situation, knowing would do you as much good as not knowing.”

“Thanks, thanks. You really do know how to comfort people!” He gave a bitter laugh and continued, “But when you say it like that, it makes it easier to understand certain things. Guess there’s no need to get tangled up with this thing.”

Wang Zhong had long since been overly focused on the existence of the Fate Stone. There were times when he felt that he was very special. After all, it was a divine object and he had a feeling it would somehow interfere with him. Now that perspective had changed. For the Fate Stone and Order Seal to both exist in his body indicates that the two powers had reached a balance. If it hadn’t, Wang Zhong’s body would have been collapsed a long time ago.
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    《Battle Frenzy》