Battle Frenzy
150 Chapter 150 – The Prodigy Society is Always Pretty Lucky
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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150 Chapter 150 – The Prodigy Society is Always Pretty Lucky

Chapter 150 – The Prodigy Society is Always Pretty Lucky

The presence of both the Fate Stone and Order Seal had suppressed his soul power to the bare minimum…either that or he initially had very little talent in terms of soul power. In all honesty though, if it had not been for the Fate Stone, he would have died a long time ago.

Even so, the mere thought of it was like adding salt to his wounds.

Time passed quickly whenever he was with Simba. It didn’t seem like much time had passed when distortions manifested within the spatial fragment. Simba laughed and said, “This was just a brief, small spatial fragment, but it’s of really high grade. To think that you would find a fragment that was nearly completed.”

Simba took out the Fate Roulette and said, “This Fate Roulette is yours. As long as you fill it up with a bit of soul energy, you can use it to carry out a single judgement. I won’t tell you anything more so you would have to experience everything for yourself. My dear friend, I have faith in you! You’ll definitely become a true king!”1

His voice was tinged with emotions, but the words were said with confidence.

In the next instance, Wang Zhong suddenly couldn’t move. All he could do was to follow the rotation of the spinning Fate Roulette. Light from the spatial fragment was drawn into the roulette in small bits and pieces, giving the illusion that a swarm of fireflies was headed towards the roulette. It was filled to approximately seventy percent by soul power, before increasing by another twenty percent when the light was absorbed.”

His sight became more and more blurred, and one of the last things he could make out was Simba’s expression of concern. Even after knowing each other for so long, Simba had yet to mention a single method of recovery. However, Wang Zhong knew that deep down in his heart, any method that Simba could propose would be too difficult to implement as he was too weak.

All along, he had blamed his low soul power on the Fate Stone. It was now time for him to meet this issue head on!

Bang, boom, boom…

Outside of the fragment, the entire sea of flowers turned to dust as a result of the intense explosion that occurred when the spatial fragment collapsed. The unfortunate mutated spider king bore the brunt of it. Since it was located at the core of the explosion, it had instantly shattered into pieces. As for the mother madora flower tree, the explosion caused it to wither within a few moments. After the dust had settled, it seemed that nothing was left. Even the spatial fragment had ceased to exist..

Not far away, Grace and the others who had just arrived bore grave expressions on their faces. She had been traveling at a rapid pace all along and utilized her strongest soul power output. Even so, she didn’t have high hopes. A Level 5 mutated creature was something even she had no assurance of winning against. Furthermore, this was a mutated red-legged spider which typically travelled in packs. These sort of creatures were hard to deal with by themselves. With a Level 5 mutated creature added to the mix, any sliver of hope that Grace held had immediately been extinguished.

Yet, when she arrived, all she found was a pile of spiders. Although they were just Level 2 mutated creatures and didn’t have much combat prowess, this was just a few students… it was almost impossible for them to defeat them in such a manner.

Grai and Hymin were currently taking care of Emily and Barran. Emily’s injuries were still manageable, but Barran had suffered severe injuries. It was fortunate that Hymin was a special ability user that specialized in medical treatment. If not, Barran would not have survived with such extensive injuries.

After receiving Hymin’s guidance, Grace rushed toward the direction Wang Zhong had lured the spider king in. On the way there, she grew more and more meticulous in her search. Wang Zhong’s choice had placed her in a dilemma. Grace could see he would make a great leader, though there were still a number of major flaws he would have to rectify before he could become one. She didn’t want him to lose his life in a place like this, even though that hope wasn’t very big.

The scene before her eyes when she arrived would stun anyone. A dimensional fissure!

It was no wonder a Level 5 creature had appeared in such a short period of time. Thankfully, the spider king was busy scuttling about in anger so it did not realized that Grace had arrived. However, its movements indicated that something was off. Just as she was about to make her move, a spatial rupture appeared.

Everything in the vicinity was razed to flat ground. Fortunately, she was a distance away, else she would’ve gotten injured.

Temporary spatial ruptures were very unstable. They could burst like a bubble at any time. This wasn’t the first time she saw such a situation. It was, however, the first time she was so close to one.

Just as she was about to lose all hope, she saw a figure within the ruins.

Grace rushed up to the unconscious Wang Zhong in a second. She had experienced a hundred battles and various sorts of extraordinary situations but had never met with such a miracle before.

A preliminary inspection showed that Wang Zhong had suffered some serious injuries that could be treated. To survive both being hunted by a Level 5 and a spatial rupture was nothing short of a miracle indeed.

The group training ended early.

The members of the Prodigy Society Group were hurried to the hospital. The other two groups had fared much better in comparison. Saint Judgement had harvested a substantial amount of dimensional crystals, though most of them were of the first and second grade. Many of the crystals were also of poor quality. Black Rose, on the other hand, decided to avoid combat and instead had successfully attained the mission token. They had also harvest a couple of dimensional crystals. It was only the Prodigy Society that came back empty-handed.

Everyone was gathered within the camping grounds and were whispering to each other. Level 5 mutated beast?

The Prodigy Society was really unlucky. Of the five in the group, three had serious injuries while the remaining two had light ones. Their luck was truly extraordinary. No one knew how they had managed to escape with their lives. To meet such a monster like that typically meant death.

From start to finish, Reeves remained stoic and expressionless. But he felt happiness blossom from within his heart. He hadn’t done anything and yet achieved all his goals. The results even exceeded his expectations, and all threats had been eliminated.

Scarlet and Milami were extremely flustered, but all they could do was wait for Grace to return. After approximately three-plus hours, Grace returned with Markos… along with two other people who were escorted by soldiers—Lu Zhan Tian and Adams.

The two of them were thrown to the floor. Markos’ expression turned extremely ugly as he shouted, “Before coming here, I had heard rumors of how Tianjing’s standards were really bad. This wouldn’t be a problem since poor standards can still be trained. Yet, I never would have thought there would actually be such despicable people!”

Backstabbers were not something any soldier can tolerate. Being allies in a combat unit meant placing complete trust others, and yet these guys had the audacity to initiate a sneak attack on their own group members!

Grace stopped Markos’s tirade. When she went to save Wang Zhong, Markos had headed toward the interference site. In the end, he had discovered the scheme of Lu Zhan Tian and Adams. These two fellows had been watching the fight from a distance and were talking and laughing merrily until he arrived.

“Lu Zhan Tian, Adams, for violating Tianjing Academy’s regulations, and for violating the Freedom Federation Law no. 532 and 671, you are hereby charged with first degree murder!” Grace exclaimed coldly.

“Teacher, is there not some kind of misunderstanding?” Lily couldn’t help but step in and ask. After all, they had all been group mates for a long period of time.

Markos smiled disdainfully as he replied, “Colluding with criminals and luring Wang Zhong and his group into the den of a Level 5 mutated beast. In fact, they were preparing to cut off their escape route before I personally captured them. Being charged with first degree murder is already considered a light sentence for their deeds!”

“Nonsense! Markos, you’re falsely accusing us! Adams and I only wanted to see the group training! Although we aren’t allowed to participate, we still wanted to see it. Even if it’s breaking academy rules, you can’t convict us as murderers! I’ll go to the city hall and sue you!”

The listless Lu Zhan Tian suddenly shouted back defiantly in a loud voice.

Markos gawked. He never imagined it would lead to such a situation. To think that this fellow would attempt to make a false counter-accusation.

He suddenly threw out a kick, knocking out seven to eight teeth from Lu Zhan Tian’s mouth.“Brat, if you want proof, then I’ll provide you the evidence. Do you think your associates would keep their mouths shut? Or that the records of your transactions were untraceable? You’re really naive.

“Well? Where did the little bastard’s brains go? I had specially recorded your conversations before taking action. Fortunately, I was clever to do so!” Markos roared with laughter. He was a veteran soldier with many years under his belt. His experience made him wiser. After all, he’d mixed with various parts of the Federation for so long already.

Lu Zhan Tian and Adams turned deathly pale. We’re done for. Completely done for… As they thought about the consequences for a first degree murder, their bodies trembled.

1. Wang Zhong’s surname, Wang, also means King.
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    《Battle Frenzy》