Battle Frenzy
151 Chapter 151 – The New Tianjing Squad
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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151 Chapter 151 – The New Tianjing Squad

Chapter 151 – The New Tianjing Squad

Lu Zhan Tian crawled toward Reeves like a dog and cried out, “President, save me, save me! I don’t wanna die! I was just executing your orders! Don’t abandon me!”

Everyone looked dumbfoundedly at Reeves. In contrast, Reeves looked exceptionally calm and simply shrugged, “Vice-president Lu Zhan Tian, I have no grudge or grievance toward members of the Prodigy Society. Don’t try to implicate others when you acted in such an uncouth manner. Don’t even try to discredit Saint Judgement! Speak the truth!”

“He he. Reeves, you’re trying to burn the bridge after the deed has been done, right? But if not for you, how else would I know their route? How else would I know where the group training is held? Within the academy, only you and Scarlet know this. If it’s not you, then it had to be Scarlet, right!?”

Lu Zhan Tian had revealed his sinister and vicious side. Since Reeves wanted to abandon him, he’d drag Reeves down to together with him!

A murderous light flashed within Reeves’ eyes, but he knew he couldn’t take any action now. He moved to the side and avoided Lu Zhan Tian. “I want put forth a request for the academy to carry out an investigation! Anyone involved in this incident should be meted the same punishment as them!”

“Ha ha! Fine, Reeves. You really think you can shirk responsibility for this, right? I also have a trump card! I recorded down the words you told me then! He he. Do you still think that you’re the clever one?”

Reeves stayed expressionless as he replied, “Oh? Okay, I want to see what fabrications you can come up with.”

This situation had become such a big matter. As such, Grace brought everyone back to the academy while also sending out a disciplinary squadron to carry out an investigation.

All of this had made Grace feel nothing but immense disappointment. Tianjing Academy was already very weak, and yet this kind of thing still happened.

Two days later, Lu Zhan Tian, Adams, and Terrence, who had been locked up, were all convicted. Their soul seas were wasted and they were exiled out of the city a thousand kilometers.

No one would have thought that Reeves actually had a hand in this. Although the recording didn’t really prove that Reeves explicitly said to carry out the deed, the intended meaning was clear enough. When they took his background into consideration, there really wasn’t enough evidence to convict him. Still, he would not be allowed to remain in Tianjing Academy. Reeves knew this clearly and after getting expelled, he left the academy that very night.

He left a single message, You will all regret this.

This huge change was seriously damaging to Tianjing Academy. As this required the intervention of the disciplinary squadron, the incident couldn’t be covered up. After all, it was a delicate situation that was hard to cover up. This incident had made Tianjing Academy even more passive, and Headmaster Greene was experiencing more and more stress with this blow to the academy.

Regardless of what happened, Reeves was a huge asset to Tianjing Academy regardless of where he was placed. Now that he had left, the Academy’s combat capabilities had dropped by half. Headmaster Greene felt an immense headache over this debacle, but he had no other options left, especially when his students had suffered such serious injuries!

In the end, the selection of the CHF was left in the hands of Scarlet. She was arranged as captain and the members were chosen by her. Although Tianjing Academy veered slightly from its traditions, even the cleverest housewife couldn’t cook without rice.

Tianjing Academy’s CHF Squadron was officially formed with Scarlet as its captain. Special training ceased as Grace brought the Markos and Markis brothers along with her and rushed toward the frontlines. All in all, Grace felt a little guilty toward her alma mater. Not only did she not help much, but she even caused the squadron to splinter and fall apart.

Greene was very open-minded about it though and found that the situation was actually a good thing. If such betrayal had not come to light, it would have become bigger mess in the future.

However, when he thought about the squadron, Greene felt that it was lacking in strength. As headmaster, he was still in contact with a few of the academies that were ranked in the top tier within the federation but many would not bother with such a lowly academy like Tianjing Academy

The collision between the strong was known as an exchange. A collision between the strong and weak was like breastfeeding a little kid. During this period the various academies were searching for experts to help refine their line-up. There was no one skilled that wanted to accompany and drill a waste like Tianjing Academy’s Squadron.

Wang Zhong woke up three days later. His wounds were nearly fully healed only his right hand need another half a month before it could return to peak condition. Scarlet had taken care of him during those three days.

While he had already regained consciousness near the end of the three days, he was unable to move his body. He had heard the situation from Scarlet and was fully aware of all recent transgressions. Emily was fine as her injuries were comparatively lighter. After a bit of treatment, she was back to being lively and energetic self. On the other hand, Barran’s injuries were serious. His body was treatable, but the damage to his soul sea wasn’t something current medical science could handle.

While it was said that the five great families had secret techniques for treating such a wound… no one would extend a helping hand to a simple academy student.

The doctor basically gave Barran a verdict of death. He had lost his soul sea and his lifespan had been greatly shortened. In fact, even being an ordinary person would be hard on him. The only thing he could do now was accept his fate.

After going through the first group training, Scarlet, Milami, and the other girls become familiar with Barran. When they saw him lying on the bed without his usual vigor, even Scarlet grew sad.

Wang Zhong had also managed to escape the calamity. Scarlet never imagined that Lu Zhan Tian and his group would resort to such a thing. Academy students would, after graduating, work to become a reliable combat ally. Fighting amongst one another was a common sight that was expected, but to go so far as backstabbing one’s teammates…

When he finally woke up, Scarlet showed a radiant smile and said, “You’re awake. I’ll go find Ma Dong and the rest!”

Wang Zhong shook his head and replied, “First, take me to see Barran.”

“What about your injuries?” Scarlet was still a bit worried.

He gave a faint smiled and replied, “Other than my right hand needing some time to heal, I’m fine everywhere else.”

Scarlet supported Wang Zhong and they headed to Barran’s hospital room which not that far away. He lay peacefully on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. His expression was calm and tranquil, not the least bit dejected. This made his situation all the more frightening.

Soldiers didn’t fear death. The destruction of their soul sea, however, was truly like taking away their life, especially for one at his age.

Wang Zhong walked in and a trace of emotion appeared in Barran’s eyes. “Senior.”

After sizing Barran up, Wang Zhong said, “It looks like our luck is pretty good. We were able to live and meet each other again. I had assumed that the next time we would meet would be in the underworld.”

Barran nodded. “If not for senior luring away the Level 5 mutated beast, all of us would’ve been sent to the Yellow Springs of Hell.”

“No! It was due to our combined efforts! In addition, our luck really is quite good. There will be more fights in the future!”

Barran’s expression turned dim at those words. “Senior, I might not be able to fight together with you all. The possibility of my soul sea recovering isn’t large. But, that’s fine. President said the academy would sent me some expenses and keep my qualifications as a Tianjing City citizen. I won’t need to worry about the next half of my life.”

Wang Zhong wasn’t a fool. The Federation’s law made stipulations for situations like this which only allowed the academy to provide him with the bare minimum necessary for survival.With this in mind, his situation was bad. It had to be Ma Dong providing him the money.

Wang Zhong’s soul power slowly enveloped Barran. His body was fine, but the damage to his soul sea was indeed severe from him exceeding the limits with that eruption of power. This kind of damage was known as Limit Breakthrough and was classified as a firework in the sky. Bright and powerful, but short-lived.

“Senior, there isn’t a need to worry. I still have my strength…” Barran said with a smile.”

Suddenly, Wang Zhong said, “Barran, do you believe in me?”
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