Battle Frenzy
153 Chapter 153 – Whole Body of Treasure
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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153 Chapter 153 – Whole Body of Treasure

Chapter 153 – Whole Body of Treasure

“Your Highness, has there been any harvest from our intelligence organization?”

Obviously, those present here today were the most powerful authorities of the empire. They were the empire’s generals and city lords. Their recent rune cannon scheme made the empire spend quite a bit of funds while the Stuart Clan made a killing off the trade. But if they could develop their own rune cannons, the advance of the Kaiser Empire would take another step closer to their extremely important goal of governance and exploration of the continent.

“Enoch, explain it to everyone.”

Enoch smiled slightly and said, “What we have found is that these seeds brought back is a type of active energy from the OP system. One of the functions of the OP system is to provide a platform for Federation students to train their combat skills and techniques. What’s important, however, is that this makes it easy for the Federation to harvest the energy. The Federation’s technology in the hyperdimension is ahead of our own by at least fifty years.”

After he finished speaking, Enoch returned to trimming and caring for his beautiful nails. He loved that each line stayed in place and that the arc of the nail was perfect. His previous explanation hadn’t actually been gathered up himself but brought to him by the seeds of a dandelion.

A flurry of whispers sounded from the audience. Of the Three Great Empires, only the Kaiser Empire desired to enter the OP. It was, in fact, not that pressing a need as the Federation and its environment and people needed a platform like the OP system. The empire’s soldiers instead possessed great quantities of combat experience and felt that their own methods were excellent. Instead, the Kaiser Empire wanted a few of the more important cities enter the OP in order to understand their opponents better. Only with this could they finally defeat them all.

But no one had expected the OP system to actually have such a use. The Kaiser Empire also focused their efforts in rune research but technology based on the hyperdimension was sorely lacking on their part. After all, the Freedom Federation had wrested away seemingly all of the scientists that year.

While the Kaiser Empire had risen from the ashes of the old world and viewed the field of science with high esteem, the gap was simply too severe. These past few years they had never given up on exploring and probing for more information. The entire upper echelon of the empire was extremely persevering, but the disparity between the two sides was greater than they had expected.

Of the Three Great Empires, the Tutankhamen Empire was completely drunk and entranced with its station. The upper echelon there enjoyed the new era and was very satisfied with their relationship with the Federation.

In South America, the chaos of this Amazonian continent was never-ending. The continent started to show its love of battle at the start of the dark era and even recent years it had yet to find peace. But it was a positive that the continent kept its chaos internally and didn’t have the time or effort to deal with external matters.

Only the Kaiser Empire managed to refound a strong government, one that revolved around the Rothschild Family. They had established a powerful empirical force and wasn’t at all inferior to the Federation in breaking into the ‘frontlines’. While their buildings were also quite unique, there was a very large hole in their technological advancement.

Solomon knocked the table and said, “In fact, we should have already anticipated this. I feel that the money we had spent was worth it. The relevant technology of this unique utilization method for the OP system should be a core technology of the Federation. Our future attack direction should be for this. I hope everyone can try and detail up a plan for this. There are still lots of ways we can deal with the Federation.”

Solomon’s confidence rubbed off on the crowd. Wealth, power, beauties. These old methods had plenty off uses on the Federation. The Stuart Clan thought they managed to obtain great benefits, but the Kaiser Empire’s harvest was even larger. When one purely considered their troop count and the strength of the upper echelons, the Kaiser Empire stayed very confident. The only thing they lacked was in consideration of army combat. The core of such battles moved around numbers and rune cannon formations.

“The distance between us and our desires is growing smaller and smaller.”

Charlton Copernicus was able to become an existence known and revered throughout the Federation because he created the OP system. Discovering the hyperdimension was akin to discovering a new continent and the establishment of one’s status was due to the quality of that newly discovered continent.

The OP system indeed provided many new humans a chance to cast and strengthen their heroic soul. This exceedingly bolstered the combat prowess of the Federation. But this was not enough for the Five Great Families until another of Charlton’s major discoveries appeared.

Some time after the OP system was born, Charlton discovered the formation of a new type of energy. As a scientist who yearned to understand the hyperdimension, he studied this dimensional energy. What he discovered was a type of energy human soldiers used within the hyperdimension. It was analogous to ‘spiritual energy’ and could even be harvested. With a special rune array it could be drawn out and absorbed. This kind of active energy then formed a mysterious connection with dimension crystals.

The Federation had inherited almost ninety percent of the old era’s technology and geniuses. They didn’t need to spend too much time before they discovered ways to use this newfound energy. Rune cannons had been one such use for it.

This new energy was an extremely important discovery that allowed the Freedom Federation to control their path of ‘freedom’. It also allowed them to break through the ‘frontlines’ and make huge progress. The rate of sacrifice was reduced and, at the same time, those hyperdimensional lifeforms that had been completely untouchable transformed into beings that weren’t so remote anymore.

During the dark era, massive spatial fissures appeared and were then discovered by humans. Although it was very dangerous, these spatial fissures were explored and found to lead to other worlds. In addition, all of them led to the same plane. This plane was unexplainable with humanity’s current technology and science.

While it was near-fatal to visit, it was also filled with all sorts of enticement. The Federation called this plane the ‘Frontlines’ while the empires were more willing to call it ‘Hell’ or ‘Heaven’. First contact between the three tectonic plates also occurred in this region. After all, the oceans were still considered forbidden areas for humans.

Were they absolute forbidden areas? This, in fact, wasn’t a completely correct statement. It was just a question as to how much the benefits were worth compared to the investments. Humans had no need for the oceans as there wasn’t anything necessary to acquire there. Because of that, there was no need for them to pay a heavy price to subdue it.

But why, then, did they need to go to the Frontlines? It was obviously an immense risk and great sacrifice. All the Federation could say with dignity was that it was for the sake of understanding the mysteries of the hyperdimension. The sacrifices were all for the great sake of exploration. Naturally, this was also the truth. But what was important to humans was that they could obtain previously unobtainable resources from this hyperdimension.

Humans could obtain dimension crystals and dimensional energy from mutated lifeforms. From dimensional lifeforms, however, humans could obtain items that could change fate. For example, there was a dimensional creature called a Parasso. Its blood could actually induce evolution. Those wealthy people who couldn’t awaken and become new humans felt unimaginable enticement toward this resource.

Dimensional lifeforms left almost nothing behind when they died on Earth. But in the hyperdimension world they weren’t all that different from mutated lifeforms. This, in turn, made the hyperdimension a place of desire for mankind.

Evolution-inducing medicine was just the tip of the iceberg. Naturally, all of these resources were in the hands of those Federation and Empire upper echelons. Information of this was locked down with considerably strict security measures. As for the soldiers, their mission was still to ‘explore’ and ‘subdue’ for the sake of mankind, no matter the place.

But it was natural that all of this distant information held no real meaning for Wang Zhong. His most important goal at the moment was to recharge the energy within the Fate Roulette to full capacity. The ‘miserable’ condition of the Tianjing Squadron didn’t really cause much negative influence on Tianjing Academy and everyone continued to follow the curriculum and attend class. Of course, they were still somewhat disappointed for their future. After all, the academy’s ranking would drop and that would mean their treatment after graduation would also drop.

After another two days, Wang Zhong felt that his body had already recovered to some degree. It was just his right hand that couldn’t exert any force. For the past two days he hadn’t been idling, but reflecting upon all of the insight the spatial fragment had given him.

Perhaps his soul power talent really was low and his current state wasn’t really attributed to the Fate Stone. To offset this, Heaven gave him some help as his talent in comprehension was high and he had a very meticulous thought process.
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    《Battle Frenzy》