Battle Frenzy
154 Chapter 154 – Activating the Fate Roulette
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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154 Chapter 154 – Activating the Fate Roulette

Chapter 154 – Activating the Fate Roulette

Much of Wang Zhong’s marvelous combat techniques like Ghost Steps and Second Drive were contemplated and refined from his ponderings of techniques the little trickster gave as well as stuff the Federation provided. Wang Zhong loved to speculate and think broadly. Due to his life experiences, it wasn’t hard for him to expand his thought process and other areas.

The Federation’s techniques demanded the user to be meticulous to the point that not a single thread was loose. They had to follow the instructions and train assiduously. Wang Zhong loved to break this stereotype and create new things. For example, movement skills. The Federation revered straight dashes the most because it was accurate and fierce. Moves like Ghost Steps would definitely lead to being scolded as a shithead by the instructor.

Currently, Wang Zhong had sunken into the mysteries of the Laforgue Infinite Slash Crosswheel. Ever since he contemplated the mysteries behind the spirals, he suddenly understood the true meaning of ‘infinite slash’. For the past two days he spent all of his time training on these aspects, causing Ma Dong to assume there may have been lasting injuries to Wang Zhong’s mind that had yet to heal.

“Wang Zhong, you’re too engrossed with that toy.” Ma Dong couldn’t help but advise Wang Zhong. A weapon that strayed from the main path might look formidable, but it could also easily send a person astray in reality. “Just focus on training your body and you won’t lose out after walking into the CHF.”

Wang Zhong smiled and said, “I’m fine. I even gained a bit of knowledge about it. Is Barran still alright?”

“He’s fine for the time being. Truthfully he can be treated. The treatment could be bought off the black market. But do you know how much it costs? Eight million federation credits! Why don’t we just steal it!” Ma Dong shouted with curled lips. He was filled with deep regret. Earning money this way must be really good.

Ma Dong had many deep methods and channels at his disposal. Nevermind this kind of injury, there were many injuries that were considered worse than this yet could still be treated. It was just that the cost wasn’t something normal people could afford. Some things couldn’t even be bought with credits, but had to be bartered for. There were even some things that required an exchange of benefits between large clans. Although the Assassin Clan was considered rich and powerful, they weren’t ranked as an apex clan.

Ma Dong continue to chat windedly with Wang Zhong. As he spoke, Wang Zhong felt his friend’s state of mind changed. Unlike the past, he seemed a bit more sentimental and naggy.

“Little guy, are you alright? Did you get into a quarrel with Milami?” Wang Zhong asked with a smile.

“As if. I’m fine, just that I feel regretful for everything you guys experienced.” Ma Dong smiled as he spoke, but a sliver of desolation flashed in his eyes.

Class ended and Ma Dong left first as he needed to settle some matters. Wang Zhong went to the Prodigy Society as usual. Even if he only had one usable hand, he could still partake of training. What was important was to also ponder and comprehend his ordeals.

Wang Zhong touched the crosswheel, his mind filled with orbiting revolutions. Powerful spirals endlessly rotated, their reliance upon one another supplementing the wasted energy. These were the basics, information everyone knew and understood. To try and use it was another matter.

After experiencing the spatial fragment, Wang Zhong focused on one goal. He wanted to combine rotational soul power with that spiral force. If he were to use those two alongside this strange weapon, would he be able to create a miracle?

He thought about it, then took action. The crosswheel howled out and smashed against the target before bouncing back. Even after the impact, the crosswheel managed to fly back to him.

What was important was the skill used in the first strike. He didn’t need to stop the wheel after every attack, but grab hold of it while maintaining its spin. This was the key.

On the other side, Emily was also studying earnestly. Ever since their return from the group training, she had placed the most emphasis on training. That had been the first time she’d felt how useless her clan’s protection had been. During that battle she could only rely on her own strength, else she would be a burden for the others.

She even felt a bit guilty in her heart as she blamed her own lack of strength for Barran’s injuries. If Barran hadn’t thrown his shield to save her, he wouldn’t have ended up in such a state.

All this time, Emily hadn’t contemplated how high she would reach or the requirements she would have to face. She’d only naively focused on her goal. Emily didn’t question whether or not she could achieve it or even if she could eventually become an assassin. This thought process took a huge hit after that lesson during their group training.

The most popular member of the society, Grai, wasn’t around. They had only been able to return alive by relying on Grai’s eruption of power. Although they didn’t know exactly how strong he was, Scarlet and the rest knew that he would be the hope of the Tianjing Squadron. At least, he would be the one to prevent Tianjing from getting a miserable score of zero. Grai’s strength exceeded the standards of Tianjing Academy, but this point was sometimes overlooked by his good looks and low profile.

Actually, Grai was visiting Barran at the hospital. Barran smiled and said, “Grai, you didn’t need to waste your soul power. Senior said he had a way.”

Grai smiled faintly and replied back, “I can only try my best in this small area. At least I can stop your soul sea from getting worse.”

Over the last few days, Grai had been coming here alone to maintain Barran’s soul sea. Barran couldn’t dispute his words as his soul sea had indeed stopped deteriorating.

According to normal circumstance, once a soul sea collapsed it couldn’t be stopped. It would just continue to crack and collapse. One wouldn’t just end up as a normal person as the collapse of one’s soul sea would turn them retarded.

But Barran’s soul sea had indeed stabilized. Just this fact made the doctors amazed. This guy could be said to have great luck as he didn’t meet with worsening conditions.

Barran was very clear of this point but Grai didn’t give him an explanation. After combing through Barran’s soul sea for an hour, Grai felt incredibly tired.

“What plan does senior have?” Grai drank a bit water that a nurse poured for him. Whenever Grai was present, the little nurses of the hospital became very proactive.

“He never said, but he stated I would definitely be alright.” When Barran spoke, his eyes were bursting with confidence.

Grai gawked when he heard that, but eventually nodded his head. Even he couldn’t come up with a method and could only stop Barran’s condition from worsening. Barran’s foundations weren’t that good and it simply couldn’t stand up to the eruption of his soul sea. Most ordinary new humans were quite lacking in endurance.

Wang Zhong had a way? Frankly, Grai couldn’t think of any way that would work. Perhaps the Federation as a whole might have a way, but that wasn’t something Wang Zhong could come into contact with.

In the old era, the human organization wasn’t a benevolent place. This era had even more of a strict and rigid ranking system. Medicine that could treat one’s soul sea could only be used by people of a higher value. It wasn’t something that could be bought with money.

Grai could help Barran organize his soul power. He could treat him, but he could at least allow Barran to live on as a normal person.

Barran’s eruption had shocked Grai deeply. He never imagined that a weak person could erupt with such strength. Such talent, but it’s such a pity…

“Barran, rest well. I’ll see you again tomorrow.” Grai smiled faintly before turning to the nurse. “My friend is in your care.”

It was like the nurse had been hit with the spring of youth as she said, “Relax, I will definitely put my heart into it!”

Grai left and Barran went back to lying in bed while looking out the window. He wasn’t stupid. He knew he had no hope of having his condition treated. In fact, he even had some ideas of suicide. He didn’t want to be a burden for others. Even so, Wang Zhong had indeed left him with some hope…


Wang Zhong couldn’t wait till his right arm was completely healed as he arrived at the OP training room. He lacked one or two matches and needed to finish them as quickly as possible.

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    《Battle Frenzy》