Battle Frenzy
155 Chapter 155 – Forceful
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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155 Chapter 155 – Forceful

Chapter 155 – Forceful

It had been a while since Laura’s loss. The playback of the fight had shot up to first place in the OP video rankings. Ghost Steps had attracted the attention of countless people as it was completely different from the mainstream dashing and frequency interrupting steps. That swaying and staggering step technique dazzled everyone.

To make a person like Laura make a complete judgemental error showed that All-Mouthy King’s skill level reached a heaven-defying height. All-Mouthy King had been taking in consecutive victories and was heading toward invincibility. Not only that, he displayed combat capabilities that spanned all areas and broke what was considered impossible one after another. He had already become a phenomenon.

No one could say All-Mouthy King was the strongest in the OP. However, he was definitely the hottest fighter right now.

After his fight with Laura, All-Mouthy King’s fame and reputation rose drastically. He became the idol of countless heroic soul academy students, especially those new freshmen as well as those seniors that had been stuck in the cannon fodder division for a few years already.

This was a classic scene of a cannon fodder counterattacking the world to become a god. Everyone wished they would have such a day, and All-Mouthy King became the spiritual pillar of support.

People would spend every day staring blankly at this skylink, hoping for that grey and dim name to light up. Days pass by and they all assumed they would have to wait a month. Finally, the name lit up. This time it wasn’t at midnight but in the evening just after 8 pm.

This was the period of time when the number of people online was the greatest. The famed gathering for All-Mouthy King erupted once more.

In just a moment there were already thirty-thousand people in the OP viewing gallery. This number continued to rise in an unperturbed straight line. Those watching through the skylink also shot up explosively to over a hundred-thousand.

This data came out and the OP forums exploded. Everyone knew All-Mouthy King was the recent focus within the OP, but they didn’t know it had reached such a degree. Many veterans and members of the elite division couldn’t even compare.

This was All-Mouthy King.

Wang Zhong paid no mind to this. His right arm still hurt so he could only rely on a single hand for this fight. It was somewhat of a disadvantage but not something he considered too big a problem.

Laura had been one of those that appeared immediately. While she hadn’t yet reached the level of ‘yearning day and night’, she had indeed suffered from insomnia ever since her loss to All-Mouthy King. This was the first time such a thing happened.

Before their fight she had felt that she and All-Mouthy King may have been evenly matched. She may have even held the slight advantage. Yet, only after they really fought did she discover the disparity between them. All-Mouthy King’s all-roundedness gave him unlimited methods and abilities to counter any type of soldier.

This was unless he met the same kind of all-rounded person like himself. From what Laura knew, there were no more than five such people within all the academies of the Federation. Those people also wouldn’t squander their time to enter the OP.

This made her unable to hold back her curiosity. Who exactly was All-Mouthy King? He was already so strong, so why did he come here to train?

Within OP, Wang Zhong started queuing for his opponent.

“Brother King is still as aloft and cold as usual!”

“‘A day apart seems like three autumns’. Recently, I’ve been unable to sleep well.”

“Guy above, did your girl not beat you up this time?”

“Ha ha. She’s beside me now, waiting together with me. Currently, she’s also a member of the King Family.”

The King Family was an organization formed through the initiative of numerous academies students who all liked All-Mouthy King. Perhaps their skill levels weren’t particularly high, but the population was massive. More or less they obtained some spiritual redemption as they watched All-Mouthy King’s history.

“Good evening everyone, I am Chen Yu’er from Buffest Academy. Today I’ll be hosting this fight for all the viewers watching over the skylinks.”

When they heard this, the students watching the live broadcast over the skylink instantly grew excited. Chen Yu’er was an existence akin to a goddess within Buffest Academy. She was a specially commissioned host raised by the OP officials and was an idol of the same magnitude as Sharmie and Laura.

Chen Yu’er only gave play-by-play analyses of fights between first-class members of the elite division. This meant that All-Mouthy King’s fights had already gained the approval of the officials.

One could only say that Chen Yu’er’s fame reached a similarly high level. Her appearance raised the number of people watching on their skylinks by twenty-thousand. Tuning in to watch a beauty was quite a nice thing.

Laura was of the sex appeal type while Sharmie had a voluptuous figure that beat out Laura. Chen Yu’er, however, had a graceful goddess type of aura. Her long black hair and slender, perfectly straight back gave one the sensation of being unable to reach out and embrace that waist. She was beautiful but not overbearingly so, and was classified as the type that couldn’t be stared at so casually. Combined with her gentle personality and original point of view and she easily became the Number One host of the OP. It’s said she would even become a live broadcast presenter for the upcoming CHF.

In this era, the CHF wasn’t just hosted for the militaristic aspect of the entire Federation. It could be compared with the Olympics of the old era and had an even greater participation rate and overall significance.

When she received this hosting task, Chen Yu’er was indeed very startled. A person from the cannon fodder division?

Recently, she had been making preparations and undergoing training related to skills and techniques required for the CHF. There was already very little need for her to explain and comment on OP matches. She trained in the commander’s path and while her personal combat prowess couldn’t be compared to the likes of Laura or Sharmie, her general situation and understanding of the skills and techniques being used was at an outstanding standard.

For the CHF she needed to do more all-rounded preparations in order to not have any loose chains lying around during critical moments. At the same time she needed to understand the core members of various academies and know their personal histories, specialties, and etc. All of this made for an extremely massive amount of information to process.

When she received this stipulated hosting task from the OP officials, she indeed gawked for a while. But she did have a contract with them and their demands were very loose.

It was only after watching All-Mouthy King’s series of matches that she became startled. It wasn’t easy to startle her since she’d seen fights between people who were stronger and had higher skill levels. This was, however, the first time she had seen such a strange being such as he.

Even with Chen Yu’er’s expansive network of connections, she was unable to find another person like All-Mouthy King.

As for the focus of attention, Wang Zhong continued to wait for his opponent. He didn’t have any interest in what went out outside and only hoped to finish this fight as soon as possible. This was what he came here for after all.

Chen Yu’er tried to add All-Mouthy King as a friend after watching his videos. Regardless of whether it was from a personal or occupational standpoint, she hoped to add him and understand him through some communications. She had heard a bit of his so-called mysteriousness.

She possessed the most complete collection of OP elite division soldier contacts list. As a lovable girl with an understanding with the OP officials, almost no one would be unwilling to accept her invites.

But her three consecutive friend requests were sent out and sunk to the bottom of the ocean. She didn’t get a single trace of a response.

Was she being overlooked?

That wasn’t possible. She was a person on the side of the officials which made her invites extremely special. All-Mouthy King, who was preparing for the fight, would’ve definitely noticed them.

In fact, Wang Zhong had indeed noticed them. Yet, he casually declined them. Right now this goddess couldn’t even compare to a single hair of Barran.

His opponent finally appeared.

Western Region, Martial Peak Academy’s Luo Zhen. He was the main heavy soldier of the Martial Peak Squadron and possessed the rarely seen earth special ability. The earth special ability was one of the strongest special abilities and it also helped forge his name and reputation as a Western Region expert.

Martial Peak Squadron’s rampancy and arrogance was very famous, but they also possessed the qualifications to be rampant.

Luo Zhen stood at 2.26 meters and weighed approximately 228 kilograms. He was an absolute suppression type of soldier. By relying on his earth special ability, he could be selected for the strongest defensive lineup within the Western Region and provide massive help to his squadron.

Although she couldn’t gain contact with All-Mouthy King, Chen Yu’er still managed to get into contact with Luo Zhen. “How are you, Student Luo Zhen. I am Yu’er. May I ask if you have the time now to accept an interview?”

“Oh, so it’s little Yu’er. You haven’t appeared for the last few day and have grown more beautiful. Do you want to be my girlfriend?” Luo Zhen spoke with a smile as he started to size up Chen Yu’er from head to toe.
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    《Battle Frenzy》