Battle Frenzy
156 Chapter 156 – Unparalleled Haughtiness
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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156 Chapter 156 – Unparalleled Haughtiness

Chapter 156 – Unparalleled Haughtiness

Chen Yu’er heard his reply and only gave a faint smile. “Student Luo Zhen, your opponent this time is the most mysterious All-Mouthy King. He is the soldier with the most fans as of now. Do you have anything to say about this?”

Luo Zhen curled his lips as he replied, “Haven’t heard of him.”

“His fans have even established the King Family. There’s a lot of people in it.”

Luo Zhen rolled his eyes this time. “Oh, is that true? Ha ha. I’m not aiming for anyone but I have to say that those cannon fodders fans are just trash.”

She was dumbstruck by his reply and couldn’t even ask the next question. While she knew Luo Zhen had an arrogant personality, this was really a bit over the top.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it seems fighter Luo Zhen is full of confidence. It looks like we can anticipate the fight to come,” announced Chen Yu’er.

The entire discussion forum was infuriated by Luo Zhen’s words. Up until now, All-Mouthy King had passed through victory after victory to obtain the respect of the masses. Yet, this Luo Zhen acted brazen and with boundless rampancy.

Luo Zhen himself didn’t care what others said. Over the past year his special ability’s might had increased dramatically. This made his confidence skyrocket. What measly elite division. His goal was pointed straight at the CHF championship.

“This Luo Zhen is too pompous.” Juan couldn’t hold it in any longer and voiced his complaints. The person beside him was actually his brother, Kostan Oleg. Luo Zhen’s recent words showed disdain for everyone that lost to All-Mouthy King.

On the contrary, Kostan had a light smile as he said, “He really does have the qualifications to say such words since his earth special ability is uniquely suited toward defense. I would love to see if All-Mouthy King’s Second Drive can break through that defense.”

Juan still felt unbearable anger in his heart, but Kostan’s expression made him realize something. His brother had such breadth of mind while he himself was still too easily influenced by the outside world. Such a small matter had caused his emotions to fluctuate. There was still much he had to learn.

Even Juan’s psychological state couldn’t match up to Kostan. What was there to say about the audience?

“I see a lot of cattle have grown wings for flying. I wonder, where exactly is beef best sold in the Federation?”

“This bull’s penis must have already been blown to bits!”

“Truly a god! I, your brother, has trained for eighteen years yet is still far from having 0.1% of this guy’s thick face.”

“Why did Yu’er choose to interview just that showy person? She should interview All-Mouthy King! Let him smash that fellow with a casual fart!”

“So true! Can’t she see the prefix attached to Brother King’s name? He actually dares to try and compare mouths with Brother King!?”

Chen Yu’er also had a depressed expression on her live broadcast and felt great injustice. She really wanted to interview All-Mouthy King, but he had ignored her and forced her to a corner.

Honestly, Wang Zhong didn’t have any thoughts of blabbering and boasting with others. He chose his nickname with no real purpose in mind. Initially, he really did want the name ‘Almighty King’, but the name was already taken by others. ‘All-Mouthy King’ was just a beautiful coincidence.

Fighting in the OP system was so that people could train their techniques. Yet, for Wang Zhong there was a different goal for fighting. The significance of this fight was different for him. He didn’t have the inclination to waste time.

Selection start!

Both of them chose random weapons and random battlefields.

All-Mouthy King choosing random had already become a symbol of him. It was his trademark and showed how diversified he was in close and ranged combat, independent of the distances given.

But what was Luo Zhen’s occupation? He was a bare-handed heavy soldier and was quite famous for such as well. No one had ever seen him use a knife or gun. Regardless of what random weapon he obtained, once they entered the battlefield he would just toss the weapon with practiced familiarity and rely on empty-handed wrestling.

“Was he invited by a monkey to provoke All-Mouthy King? This Luo Zhen actually chose random weapon. If he does get a gun, would he even use it?”

“He’s not gonna use it. This is truly too petty!”

After so many fights, All-Mouthy King’s supporters had grown larger and larger. If Luo Zhen hadn’t provoked animosity then he also would’ve had some portion of supporters. But it seemed he managed to insult everyone.

This was the first time Chen Yu’er saw such a picture during a live broadcast. It made her slightly dumbfounded. Both competitors chose random weapons but the audience was overly discriminating one side. Good or bad Luo Zhen was still counted as an expert of the elite division. Yet, the number of supporters cheering for him was too low. As a host, she didn’t want to see such a situation. It was too hard for her to fix, however, and could only be blamed on Luo Zhen seeking his own demise.

Chen Yu’er keen senses allowed her to immediately understand why the OP officials gave her such a chance. All-Mouthy King was an absolute big fish! A hundred-thousand people watching a live broadcast wasn’t that frightening. What was frightening was when those hundred-thousand people helped speak for you!

Various aspects of OP had recently matured, and the massive industrial value that followed was hard to estimate. According to the latest Federation financial reports, OP accounted for a seventh of the entire Federation’s revenue. This was a terrifying number and was something core clans paid most attention to. It was said that this didn’t only involve the intelligence sector but also the military.

For those involved with the OP system, its value was immeasurable. Don’t even consider how strong All-Mouthy King was, just his popularity along allowed him to suppress everything. The number of articles written of him was already hard to count!

Even as she thought about this, Chen Yu’er didn’t stop speaking. As a specialized host, her train of thought was exceptionally clear as she said, “Both sides have entered the field. Student Luo Zhen’s choice of random weapon accrued negative feelings in a number of the audience. Recently, there has been a saying circulating around, ‘Mimicry always happens, but transcendence doesn’t’.

“Student All-Mouthy King’s habit of choosing random weapons has already been propagating exceptionally well in the lower divisions. Many are trying to challenge themselves in order to become a person like him. If we think along the same track then competitor Luo Zhen might be the same.

“Alright, the results of the randomization for weapons is out. Unarmed versus unarmed. The chances of one getting unarmed is around 30% according to randomization statistics. When compared to getting proper weapons through randomization, the probability for unarms is undoubtedly the highest. This is just a small, unknown fact.”

Chen Yu’er appeared even more professional as she said this. Her knowledge wasn’t just limited to understanding the histories of the two competitors. She had even researched their minute details and habits. She didn’t want to rely on her beauty and tried to distinguish herself from the many beauties out here.

“Unarmed versus unarmed. Student Luo Zhen is undoubtedly one of the strongest heavy soldiers in the elite division. But, as shown in his successive fight with Laura and Kostan, All-Mouthy King cannot be underestimated. His astonishing Oscillating Fist and Second Drive opened up new worlds for us, and the mysterious and unfathomable Ghost Steps intimidated us all. I believe this will become a fight between dragons and tigers and that it will definitely— oh. The randomized battlefield has been decided as the Campbell Wastelands. Luo Zhen seems to be slightly lucky.”

This wasteland terrain was a terrain modelled after the areas outside the cities. It was devoid of life but had ample soil present. This allowed Luo Zhen to exhibit his earth special ability more easily. Even with this, however, everyone felt he wasn’t all that outstanding. His opponent was All-Mouthy King! Compared to All-Mouthy King it didn’t matter if he was even more flamboyant!
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