Battle Frenzy
157 Chapter 157 – A Broken Arm
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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157 Chapter 157 – A Broken Arm

Chapter 157 – A Broken Arm

Up until now there hasn’t been anyone who assumed they had the superiority in close quarters against All-Mouthy King. Even the half-assed crowd just eating melon seeds as they watched could make such a judgement. All-Mouthy King continuously overturned the mental assumptions of everyone time and time again. This made them feel that such a measly disadvantage wasn’t anything to shout out about. Naturally, Chen Yu’er didn’t have such feelings herself. After all, there was still a very large difference between watching it live and watching it on video.

As she sighed, an autumn-ish, desolately large and flat plain appeared before All-Mouthy King’s eyes.

This flat plain model was one of the most commonly seen maps in the OP system. At first look it was an endless plain as fast as the ocean. The four corners of this yellowed earth connected directly with the sky and radiated with devastation. It made everyone aware that the dark era had indeed happened.

Wang Zhong moved his gaze toward his opponent before him. It was a formidable giant of a man at close to 2.3 meters in height. He had to back of a tiger and waist of a bear. Just based on his physical appearance, his opponent didn’t seem any weaker than Kostan who he’d fought before.

Right as the two looked at once another, Wang Zhong immediately noticed his opponent’s uniqueness.

His opponent’s eyes sparkled with a heavy earthen-yellow colored glow. It seemed he possessed a special ability. Wang Zhong felt as though he was being seen and exposed beneath his gaze.

“Everyone, please pay attention to Luo Zhen’s eyes! That’s Life Insight!” Chen Yu’er’s words rang out as she continued, “It’s said that he had been primarily focused on practising this ability since the end of the great competition last year. Who would have thought he managed to successfully master it!

“Competitor Luo Zhen immediately displayed Life Insight the moment he entered the field. This is an outstanding auxiliary support skill only earth special ability users can train in. It allows the wielder to gain insight toward the weaknesses of his opponent. Simply speaking, it allows Luo Zhen to view and observe the strong and weak points being distributed in All-Mouthy King’s life force, thus allowing him to avoid the real and strike the false.”

Life Insight was an auxiliary support skill of the earth special ability. This kind of combat technique couldn’t be learned within the academies. In an instant, a clear picture started to form within Luo Zhen’s eyes.

Before him, All-Mouthy King transformed into an earthen-yellow glowing humanoid. It was like he was seeing an x-ray. All-Mouthy King sparkled with light and was extremely eye-catching. But what was noticeable was that his right arm was conspicuously darker and dimmer than the other parts of his body.

Special abilities had a variety of uses that didn’t only bring about destruction and killing power like the fire special ability. After many years of research and utilization, mankind grasped many of its uses and created techniques that revolved around them. These techniques were then spread around the Federation. Naturally, many of those prized and precious techniques were kept by the various clans and powers as strength was the most valuable commodity in this era. Of all the special abilities, earth and water control was the easiest to give rise to auxiliary support skills.

Luo Zhen had heard of the famous All-Mouthy King, but he had no interest in this so-called expert that rose from the weeds. He had indeed taken a look at All-Mouthy King’s videos. Regardless of whether it was the quick knife slashes he used to defeat Brooks or those gun techniques demonstrated, or even the techniques he used against Laura, in Luo Zhen’s eyes they were all just dregs! Garbage!

One could say it was just a counter due to their occupations. Or that it was a fundamental gap that arose from absolute strength. All-in-all, before the strongest heavy soldier they were just fancy moves with no substance! The thing heavy soldiers feared the least was such fanciful rubbish.

What he truly cared about was the match between All-Mouthy King and Kostan.

As a similarly peak famed heavy soldier of the Federation academies, Kostan’s rank had always been in front of his own. Martial Peak Academy had also been suppressed by Stogel Academy who stepped on their heads. In his mind, only Kostan was worthy to be his opponent!

But never would he have thought that fellow would lose to such an awkwardly named guy all because of a map. It was completely due to the map! There was no one who understood Kostan more than Luo Zhen. No one other than he knew how terrifying Kostan was when he combined his physical special ability with his soul power.

As such, he was still very interested in this match. If he could defeat All-Mouthy King, then he would at least feel some superiority toward Kostan in one aspect. It might even form a kind a mental pressure toward Kostan and give himself a favorable foundation for his revenge match in the CHF later this year.

Luo Zhen ended up shaking his head, an arrogant and smug aura lifted the corner of his mouth as he said, “You’re quite arrogant, huh? Still daring to fight me with that broken arm? Are you going to admit defeat yourself or will I have to smash you to bits!?”

In an instant, the fiery discussions winked out. What? A broken arm?

“Life Insight allows one to observe the physical conditions of one’s opponent, especially the serious injuries. This means All-Mouthy King should have suffered a serious injury. With his current state of recovery, entering the OP to fight does seem a bit insensible.” Chen Yu’er was also shocked. She believed Luo Zhen wouldn’t shoot arrows blindly. People of the elite division had a fundamental standard of intelligence and wouldn’t start a fight while injured.

In the beginning, there wouldn’t be much of a difference. But that all depended on one’s ability to display one’s condition. To bring an injury to a fight gave the opponent confidence.

This group of people that had been brimming with confidence was now completely stunned. What’s this situation about?

Wang Zhong didn’t even bother with the nonsense and just gestured with his left hand, inviting him to make his move.

A severe light flashed within Luo Zhen’s eyes. He was able to notice the carefree confidence his opponent had. Is he looking down on me!?

“You dare to act before me!?” Luo Zhen roared and raised his eyebrows. “I’ll send you back to your hometown in five minutes!”

As he spoke, his left foot moved back slightly before stamping violently against the ground. Large pieces of solid rock were shattered beneath his feet like loose, soft soil as he shot toward All-Mouthy King with a force akin to a rumbling cannon ball.

He explosively shot forward. Although his words were very rampant, when he took action there wasn’t the slightest hint of ambiguity. Not a single bit of courtesy was given.

Wang Zhong’s eyes lit up as he saw this. He grew excited upon seeing his opponent on the hunt. While facing a heavy soldier’s charge on flat ground wasn’t the best option, it was definitely satisfying for him. The only gripe he had was the injury to his right hand which forced him to change his decisions.

With a flash of his legs, he avoided the sharp rush coming toward him. It wasn’t easy to avoid such a straightforward dash with this short distance between them. While he managed to dodge it quickly, Luo Zhen was even faster. In a split second, he launched a powerful reverse punch toward the back of Wang Zhong’s head.

Wang Zhong was prepared for it and with a terrifying explosion, two fists collided against one another. A shockwave could be visibly seen emitting from the point of impact between their two fists and acted as the opening prelude to their fight.

Explosion after explosion rang out in an instant as dense, numerous fists tore through the desolate landscape like intense peals of thunder.

Both of them were specialist-grade figures in close quarters combat. Luo Zhen’s fists and footwork was very quick and vicious and he was a genius with marvelous skills and techniques on hand. He was definitely on the same level as All-Mouthy King’s old opponent, Kostan. The only difference was that he could freely use his soul power right now. This made the sounds of their fight all the more intense from the sounds produced.

But in this short clash between soldiers filled with ferocity and bravery, there was one hand short…

This exchange had All-Mouthy King forced to retreat time and time again. He was like a small boat in the middle of a sea tempest, unable to muster up any counterattack at all. His right arm stayed down. Not only did he not move it, he also had to twist his body to avoid Luo Zhen’s attacks. Luo Zhen fought sinisterly, aiming straight at All-Mouthy King’s right flank, right for his injury!
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    《Battle Frenzy》