Battle Frenzy
158 Chapter 158 – The Alien Who Will Die If He Doesnt’ Act Like a Pretentious Prick
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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158 Chapter 158 – The Alien Who Will Die If He Doesnt’ Act Like a Pretentious Prick

Chapter 158 – The Alien Who Will Die If He Doesnt’ Act Like a Pretentious Prick

Now, those who still held some doubt were convinced. All-Mouthy King was truly injured… Big bro, can you not recover from your injuries before battling?

Fans in the King Family felt a bout of pain in their hearts as they thought, Why carry the injury here? Once injured, a person should rest and recover. Fight after recovering! How much injustice and resent would there be if he lost here? The most crucial point was that it would be to a trash like Luo Zhen. It’s still fine to lose to Kostan since heroes were heroes. But to lose to Luo Zhen, this kind of rampant, brazen bastard. This was simply…

“What’s this, brat? Where’s all that prestige you showed when you punched that waste, Kostan?” Luo Zhen’s ridicule endlessly sounded out. Talking trash was one of Luo Zhen’s greatest specialties. Being the Great Earth Soldier was just his second title. What he was truly famous for in the OP was his first nickname; Great Trashtalker King.

Juan really couldn’t endure it any long and spat out a mouthful of saliva before glancing at his brother. Contrary to his expectations, Kostan still had a calm, tranquil face. He paid close attention the fight and ignored all of the derogative words being said. What Kostan watched was how the two used their soul power, the ways and methods they employed as they fought.

In the aspect of soul power control, All-Mouthy King was the absolute winner. His soul power was weak yet his persistence in controlling it reached such a great height. On the other hand, this was fatal in close-quarters combat, especially with that right hand of his. Luo Zhen was very strong, and both his mental state and mentality was first-class. There weren’t many who could endure his trash-talking and were easily influenced by him. Once they lost control of their emotions, it was very easy for them to commit a fatal error in judgment.

Even as he trash-talked, Luo Zhen threw seven to eight punches out. His fist techniques were different from Kostan’s and weren’t inferior in the least. Yet, every move had its own style and each tried to take down All-Mouthy King.


Wang Zhong’s left fist had been battered from all the blocks, but he had no choice but to continue using it to welcome Luo Zhen’s next attacks.

He was very clear on the condition of his right arm and of the injury. While it was slightly better in the OP than in the real world, it was only to the extent of being easier to move. To try and use it to attack and defend against Luo Zhen’s fists wasn’t something realistic.

He launched his fist with the intention of defending, avoiding a head-on confrontation with Luo Zhen. Even so, those attacks made his left arm incomparably sore. Soon enough, his body began to show signs of wanting to create some distance between them, but how could Luo Zhen give him such a chance?

Luo Zhen was fundamentally different from Kostan. While Kostan had the slight disposition of a hero, Luo Zhen had a stomach full of thug-like tendencies. After achieving some superiority he would be like a maggot to one’s tarsal, immediately burrowing in. Where would All-Mouthy King find the time to fling him off?

“Competitor Luo Zhen’s assault has been exceedingly ferocious and intense from the start. It seems he wants to uphold those words he said previously! To end the fight within five minutes! From the looks of it, All-Mouthy King seems to be rather passive.” Chen Yu’er’s eyes were akin to torches as she relayed the fight over the live broadcast.

“His right arm basically has no combat might. Luo Zhen has obviously known this from the start as each of his attacks has been aiming for All-Mouthy King’s right side. His Life Insight ability is far too practical. Auxiliary support techniques are usually neglected by people during fights since they’re assumed to be of little actual value. But in the hands of a true expert, this kind of technique is fatal toward the enemy…”

Chen Yu’er didn’t really need to point this out as experts on Sharmie and Laura’s level instantly noticed this point when the two fighters crossed fists. The practicality of the technique wasn’t limited to just during fights. So long as a person entered the OP world, one’s injuries couldn’t be masked from the other squadrons. While having a dysfunctional hand was bad, it was worse when it influenced the other side’s future arrangement of skills, techniques, and strategies.

Luo Zhen’s attacks were focused on All-Mouthy King’s right hand. While the latter continued to evade, this couldn’t go on forever. Even when All-Mouthy King blocked a hit by Luo Zhen, his right arm would begin to tremble uncontrollably.

The injury was far too obvious.

Whenever experts crossed hands, such an injury was akin to falling back thousands of kilometers. All-Mouthy King’s right hand was unable to challenge Luo Zhen and had become a burden for him. It was continuously the target of his opponent’s attacks and required immediate rescue.

“All-Mouthy King’s close-quarters combat skills is absolutely above Luo Zhen’s. Even with just a single hand, he could rely on his skills and techniques and keep the fight at a stalemate.” Lara was a specialist in this aspect and could make an accurate deduction. Every since she lost to All-Mouthy King, the distance she was from becoming his outright fan had narrowed into a single step. But even as she watched this fight, she had to give an unbiased and fair observation.

“His right hand has become a burden for him. So long as Luo Zhen moves to attack it, he would subconsciously start to dodge and evade. This affects his originally smooth and consistent fighting intent and actions. He’ll just grow increasingly passive… Really! He clearly has an injury, so what is he doing running to the OP for? This is so infuriating!”

When they saw Laura’s furious appearance, the satisfied expression on Arnold Teuton and Anlor who stood beside her was wiped clean. With a guilty conscience, they thought, Captain, you have to keep calm. We’re both innocent…

At the same time, they both felt a bit dumbfounded in their hearts. Does All-Mouthy King have a problem with his head? He has an injury so he should just properly recover. The differences between those in the elite division isn’t small. If I lose today, then I could just as easily win tomorrow. Isn’t doing this just asking to be suppressed?

What was most aggravating was that he would lost to a troll like Luo Zhen. This would only fuel his personality and make him more cocky and smug for the next year. Not only would people who lost to All-Mouthy King feel miserable, they would definitely be mocked and ridiculed by Luo Zhen.

On the battlefield, Luo Zhen’s consecutive attacks continued to send All-Mouthy King retreating. Then a sinister smile appeared in his eyes. While All-Mouthy King tried to stabilize his body, Luo Zhen threw out a feint. Then in the next instant, he leaned forward and threw down his elbow against All-Mouthy King’s left arm!

A muffled explosion rang out as All-Mouthy King supported the blow with his left hand. But with their bodies so close, Luo Zhen didn’t hesitate to throw out his right fist.

There was nothing flashy about this fist. The only thing it carried with it was an extremely powerful force. Wang Zhong didn’t dare use his right hand to block it and could only try to evade and dodge once more. But this was one movement too many and Luo Zhen’s descended left elbow suddenly turned into an unavoidable fist that violently smashed into All-Mouthy King’s chest.

With a bang, Wang Zhong was thrown back like a cannonball. His body hurled through the air until it landed seventeen to eighteen meters away.

The entire viewing gallery was instantly silenced. Most of those here were All-Mouthy King’s supporters, so to suddenly see their idol suppressed from the top-down and then tossed away with such ease made them unable to muster up the slightest positive emotion.

Close-quarters fist techniques were just like this fight. A single wrong step would lead one to enter a bottomless state of passiveness. Luo Zhen’s fist techniques were strong, not inferior to Kostan’s. He grabbed at All-Mouthy King’s weakness and forced him to become intolerably passive. To reverse this fight would be extremely difficult. Luo Zhen couldn’t be blamed for his actions, though, as once a fight started there wasn’t anything called ‘courtesy’ left. To grab a weakness and beat it to death was something every academy taught over the four years where one was a student.

But All-Mouthy King wasn’t one to let Luo Zhen continue his beating. The instant his back touched the ground, a force from his waist sent him flipping back to his feet, standing upright.

Even though the rebound had been powerful, it was as if nothing had happened to him! He moved his head a bit, causing a few creaks to sound, then rotated his shoulders.

A sliver of appreciation flashed in Luo Zhen’s eyes. All-Mouthy King’s body and control over his soul power really is the best of anyone I’ve met. The force of my last attack must’ve been completely nullified. It was like I was beating against a spring.

Even as he thought this, his mouth continued to fire away. “Not bad, not bad! I, your brother, don’t want to continue bullying you. Come, come! I’ll give you a chance. I’ll let you have one move! Didn’t you use that Doubled Force to deal with that waste, Kostan? Let I, your brother, see it! I’ll show you what true invincibility is all about!”
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    《Battle Frenzy》