Battle Frenzy
159 Chapter 159 – Super Grade Defense
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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159 Chapter 159 – Super Grade Defense

Chapter 159 – Super Grade Defense

“Can this fellow not act so pretentiously? Will it kill him to not do so?”

“He still wants to let Brother King have a move! If not for Brother King injuring his right arm, he would’ve long sent you to the heavens!”

“Fuck, don’t fucking believe him! Brother King, he doesn’t want to see your Second Drive! Don’t believe him! He’s more irritating than that mutated Kostan!”

But to the side, Laura didn’t feel Luo Zhen was acting at all. He obviously discovered during his earlier probe that wanting to prevail over the nimble and agile All-Mouthy King wouldn’t be an easy task. This was just one of his crafty tricks.

However, Wang Zhong didn’t care about such matters. It’s said heavy soldiers in possession of the earth special ability had an impenetrable defence. This was something he wished to experience.

When All-Mouthy King took the initiative to attack, Luo Zhen’s pupils enlarged as a peculiarly brilliant flash of earthen-yellow appeared in them.

Life Insight not only allowed one to observe the target for injuries, it also allowed them to sense the circulation of soul power. Its greatest use was to differentiate between the real and the false. Luo Zhen didn’t want to be made fun of by others, and those fellows with assassin techniques were the ones who loved to play around with illusions.

Luo Zhen’s greatest interest in All-Mouthy King was his so-called Second Drive which managed to take down Kostan. Yet, when he activated his Life Insight he found he couldn’t sense any information that was useful to him. His opponent’s soul power was circulating normally, and there was simply no sensation of any soul power being stored up.

Could it be he doesn’t plan to use Second Drive?


Just as Luo Zhen’s forehead wrinkled faintly, his opponent’s fist rushed toward him in the blink of an eye. It was that moment before Life Insight disappeared that Luo Zhen saw it. A white soul power fluctuation akin to a surging wave rose out of thin air before furiously bursting from that fist.

An enormous pressure instantly washed over him. It resembled the fist that had defeated Kostan, the one Luo Zhen had researched!

Luo Zhen’s pupils contracted violently as he understood it all in a flash. His opponent’s Second Drive didn’t need to be stored up at all. Even the soul power used was just to transfer and display it. This was a move that completely relied on a genuine eruption of force from one’s own fleshly body.


Luo Zhen’s body turned stiff as an exceedingly terrifying sensation emerged. It was even more horrifying than what he’d felt when he first saw it. That monstrous force emanating from the fluctuations of that fist went through a fundamental change with the inclusion of that minuscule soul power.

This was the true Second Drive!


Cang, cang, cang, cang~

The large man’s eyes shrunk as an earthen-yellow soul power exploded from his body. It was like his body was encased in a suit of armor cast from rocks!


That fist hit its target, Luo Zhen’s body shook ever so slightly. It was like the blow just scratched an itch for him. But it was that muffled sound that echoed from within that caught one’s attention. His body was thrown back over ten meters and blood flowed from the corners of his mouth.

Even as he felt the pain rocking his body, Luo Zhen stayed very calm. If my opponent’s right hand was still working, that would’ve been really dangerous. Second Drive has the mysterious effect of breaking through defenses. It’s not like any normal skill or technique. Interesting, this is too interesting!

The impulse ignited a fire within Luo Zhen’s body. He felt this close combat technique called Second Drive was really too interesting!

Wang Zhong was slightly surprised by the results. His opponent actually received his attack without the slightest injury. The most formidable part of Second Drive was the unavoidable hidden blow that couldn’t be guarded against. Yet, that earth special ability actually seemed to subconsciously protect the body, allowing Luo Zhen to endure through the attack.

Even though he knew there was no such thing as an invincible skill or technique, to have to broken like that made him slightly helpless. Furthermore, it had been broken by something called naturally-born talent.

“This was that Second Drive that defeated Kostan?” Luo Zhen roared with brazen laughter. That previous attack hadn’t much effect on him and this made his confidence skyrocket. Among the various great academies, Kostan had always been ranked quite high among the heavy soldier ranks, but when faced against this similar fist Kostan had fallen! He himself had managed to endure without a trace of damage!

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the two fights, strength was strength!

A deathly silence filled the viewing gallery as everyone watched the fight. They all agreed that the earth special ability was indeed effective when used in defense. Even so, when they all say how rampant Luo Zhen was, they couldn’t help but grow uncomfortable, like he was hitting them with his words.

A bright light flashed within Luo Zhen’s eyes as he shouted, “I have to say, that fellow truly has fallen. He actually lost to a waste like yourself!”

Raising his arms and spreading them wide, Luo Zhen entered an offensive stance. He looked at Wang Zhong with a bit of pity in his eyes. “Since you’re only worth so little, it seems I can’t accompany you to play any longer.”

That earthen-yellow light reappeared in an instant and covered his entire body like a layer of mutated skin. It was easy to notice the absolute defensive nature and might from it. As it appeared, Luo Zhen roared, “There’s still a couple minutes left, newbie!”


Luo Zhen launched his furious assault. Coupled with his earth special ability, Luo Zhen’s speed actually rose and his charge contained even greater force behind it. In the blink of an eye he was already before All-Mouthy King. Since my earth special ability is effective, this guy isn’t a threat anymore.

There was no order or flow to his punches. Unlike Kostan who combined mechanics and techniques or Laura who used ancient fist techniques that merged man with the heavens, Luo Zhen’s fist pursued the extremities of only two aspects: Speed and Power! This was a fierceness akin to a savage beast!

Wang Zhong’s expression turned solemn. He twisted his body high into the air and launched another attack, but his opponent completely ignored it. His fist landed on Luo Zhen’s chest but before the power could be doubled a leg was already whipped out toward Wang Zhong’s right arm.

A crack rang out as the two were thrown back. But Luo Zhen just tapped the ground with a toe and launched himself forward!

Bang bang bang bang bang!

Collisions rang out continuously from the battlefield. Although All-Mouthy King only suffered slightly in the first round of exchanges, he was now being hammered in all directions and looked miserable.

Second Drive was formidable, but since he was pressured to defend he was simply unable to muster up any power to use it. Furthermore, even if he used it all that awaited him was Luo Zhen’s continuous attacks.

That thick layer of armor made through the earth special ability gave his opponents a feeling of despair. Luo Zhen’s figure was currently towering while All-Mouthy King seemed increasingly small and puny. That aura of miracles around him was slowly dwindling away.

But the most critical point of all this was his own mistakes. Why enter a fight with an injury!?

A person like Ma Dong would’ve been angered to the point of vomiting blood while simultaneously cursing, Fuck! If Luo Zhen did win, he would have grown angry to the point of being unable to sleep. This was too uncomfortable!

Since he couldn’t fight back, he could only dodge.

All-Mouthy King started to move to a peculiar cadence and retreated calmly. He relied on his body’s natural inertia and even borrowed the force of his opponent’s fist as he weaved left and right like a specter, retreating before that berserk storm of heavy fists raining down.

“Dancing your little clown steps?” When he saw this, Luo Zhen chuckled with laughter before saying, “You sure have quite a few gaudy acrobats. But before absolute strength, it’s worth nothing!”

After saying those words, he suddenly leapt into the air. All of his soul power and special abilities were brought out as he switched from fists to elbows, hurtling toward All-Mouthy King.

Those illusory footsteps were dazzling as All-Mouthy King dodged and evaded, his opponent’s elbow attacks striking air as expected.

But did he make such a large attack just to leave empty-handed?
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    《Battle Frenzy》