Battle Frenzy
160 Chapter 160 – The Kick That Won it All!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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160 Chapter 160 – The Kick That Won it All!

Chapter 160 – The Kick That Won it All!

Danger warnings suddenly flashed in Wang Zhong’s mind as a berserk earthquake violently rippled from the place those two elbows landed!

Bang, rumble, rumble…

“Earthquake Eruption!”

The shock force’s spreading rate was both terrifying and astonishing!

Wang Zhong only felt the ground beneath his feet sway as the force of that earthquake, which had scattered in all directions, converged in an instant toward him. He felt as though he’d suddenly been tripped and nearly fell down. Just as it happened, a shock rippled across his brain, causing his entire head to feel faintly numb as he entered a state of absentmindedness.

Two terrifyingly huge hands suddenly lunged for Wang Zhong’s neck. The ground beneath him was unstable as that entire stretch of land surged and churned like a wave. He didn’t even have time to use Ghost Steps to evade and could only raise his hands to protect his neck. In but a moment those large metal hoop-like hands clamped around both his arms and neck and lifted him like he was a small chick.

“Great Bear Suspension Kill!” Luo Zhen’s eyes brimmed with excitement and fever. He loved the fighting style of bears as they were filled with savagery and power. He wanted to squeeze his opponent to death!

When one compared the two’s in pure strength and soul power and ignored the use of techniques, Luo Zhen held the absolute superiority. His continuous soul power output reached 180 grassos and this was backed by that tyrannically suppressive physical power.

“Die!” Disdain flashed within Luo Zhen’s eyes as the strength in his hands increased!


A clear sound rang across the battlefield!

“Oh god!”

“His arm’s warped!”

Gasps broke out among those watching in the viewing gallery. That ‘kacha’ hadn’t been a simple dislocation, but a true breaking of an arm!

At that moment, the hearts of everyone turned cold. All-Mouthy King had never looked so miserable before… His right arm couldn’t exert any force which made his defence unstable. Upon being grabbed, the hopes of many was dashed. Sharmie couldn’t stand to watch anymore. The ‘man’ she approved of was actually going to lose in such a place. This was truly…

Laura’s face turned grave. Mankind always pursued perfection. Everyone knew All-Mouthy King would eventually lose, but he shouldn’t lose like this. Not to an opponent like that.

Perhaps only Anlor and Arnold Teuton felt a bit of happiness. They felt their boss would not be able to regain her sense of normalcy and lose that infatuation with this imaginary figure. Now she could notice all the handsomeness around her.

Right when his hand broke, All-Mouthy King’s head suddenly sank down. He forcibly dragged his body to the ground and everyone could see that miserably distorted arm.

But this wasn’t enough for him to escape danger. Luo Zhen revealed the faint smile of victory and smashed his fist down. Victory is mine!

All-Mouthy King wasn’t one to sit still and wait for death, however. He descended to the ground and suddenly flipped back up like a sparrow, sending a kick toward Luo Zhen’s chin. The chin was a weak spot of humans and Luo Zhen felt a moment of dizziness in that instant.

When he landed, All-Mouthy King’s right leg instantly swept up and…

Bang, bang, bang, bang…

Over ten blows fatally struck Luo Zhen’s chest. His earth special ability was concentrated in his arms, which continued to glow an earthen-yellow, and couldn’t be moved in time. Right then, the earthen-yellow glow around his chest was at its faintest. It was finally smashed by the sudden attack and the gigantic force sent Luo Zhen flying back twenty to thirty meters before planting head-first into the ground.

That originally lethal situation was instantly reverse and made those inside and outside the battlefield tongue-tied. Dead silence filled the air.

Luo Zhen shoved himself out of the ground like a torpedo and flipped himself upright. He stood facing Wang Zhong ten-plus meters away.

With a slight wiggling of his mouth, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood and two of his front teeth. I thought I had complete control over the situation. Never expected I’d actually be flipped around like a kid against the waves. Seems I was too careless.

Wang Zhong didn’t show a trace of emotion. His two hands lay by his side like two long pieces of dough. Five deep finger gouges could be seen on each of them. They’d completely changed shape and, from the elbow down, swayed haphazardly with the wind.

The atmosphere turned cold and tense as everyone knew both parties reached their final moments. That chain of attacks should’ve done heavy damage to Luo Zhen, but from the looks of it his soul power and earth special ability were extremely synergistic. Perhaps only Kostan with soul power could produce similar results.

“I have to say,” Luo Zhen spoke slowly as he licked the blood that stained his lips, “you’re much stronger than I initially thought. There aren’t many who can remain calm after getting squished by me. It’s a pity your luck stops here. In the elite division there will always be mutual restraint. I am your nemesis. Now I will use my strongest attack to blow you away!”

Luo Zhen simply didn’t care what others said. Although this method drew hate toward him, it allowed him to grow stronger as a result. People without a path of retreat commonly erupted with greater strength while also promoting their sense of danger. To him, strength was everything.

A fierce laugh accompanied his soul power eruption. Luo Zhen charged toward All-Mouthy king once more. Techniques became superfluous by this time. His opponent’s agility was higher than his own, so what he wanted to do was endure through the attacks and grab him again. As long as he managed to successfully grab him, he would definitely be able to squash the other person to death!

Such a combat strategy allowed one to contend against ten with one’s own strength. Gaudy skills and techniques were all useless. All-Mouthy King’s current conditions weren’t so helpful either. His so-called Ghost Steps would be of no use. Once he entered Luo Zhen’s attack range, those steps would be useless. And with All-Mouthy king lacking his hands, he couldn’t even use Second Drive. He was like a tiger without claws or teeth. Even lacked his two arms…

All-Mouthy King seemed to understand this point as he just stood there, unmoving, looking as though he’d given up. This fight was a warning to all that they shouldn’t fight while injured. This wasn’t just a competition as it would very likely make one’s self-confidence drop.


That loud sound echoed outward, forcing the entire world into silence. Even Luo Zhen turned quiet.


Luo Zhen’s waist looked distorted as it buckled. His lumbar had been punctured…

“My… how can the legs… also use Second Drive… fuck me…”


All-Mouthy King, victory!

The entire viewing gallery stayed silent for a while. All-Mouthy King stood frozen on the battlefield before shaking his head faintly. His figure then slowly disappeared.

What just happened?

He won again?

Why did he shake his head?

During the latter half of the fight even Chen Yu’er had grown silent. She had completely sunk into the match between the two. All of a sudden, she felt she couldn’t understand this man, this All-Mouthy King. It would be reasonable for anyone to be happy after winning the fight. Yet, even after such a huge reversal and with such injuries to boot, why did All-Mouthy King shake his head over this miracle?

At the same time, Kostan also sighed faintly.

But in the end, all of the supporters in the King Family were happy and started to celebrate crazily. This fight’s conclusion was extremely satisfying. Pummeling Luo Zhen was the dream of every cannon fodder since that guy was known as the king among trash-talking kings. His nonsense spread in all directions, yet he finally had such a day.

The discussion forums turned into a sea of flames as the students of the various academies who watched the broadcast grew excited and high-spirited. But, it was a bit regretful to them that All-Mouthy King didn’t seem so happy. Such an attitude was rarely seen.

While Luo Zhen’s himself had a lot of problems, he really wasn’t a weakling.

Finally, the appearance of an analysis video came out. This one was actually from Kostan. He didn’t needlessly analyze the first part of the fight and instead gave a few points of analysis for the final blow.
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    《Battle Frenzy》