Battle Frenzy
161 Chapter 161 – All In Roulette
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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161 Chapter 161 – All In Roulette

Chapter 161 – All In Roulette

When Luo Zhen stupidly rushed over, his head, ribs, and even his lower body had all been unprotected. To leave these vital points exposed to All-Mouthy King, one could say the power of his Second Drive could take him out in an instant.

But why did he hit him in the chest?

That was actually the most lethal spot of all.

Because Luo Zhen was so focused on attacking and had such over-confidence in himself, he thought his opponent was completely unable to beat him and this led to him putting less soul power into his defence. As such, All-Mouthy King chose this place that was the most lethal place to attack.

It all ended with a single strike victory.

To give up one’s life with a single strike, wasn’t this too big a hole to leave? Was he being a bit too stupid?

Kostan naturally avoided words like ‘stupid’. Even so, once the video was released Luo Zhen became the prime example of someone that shouldn’t be copied. One should maintain their focus and even become more focused as the match neared its end and not grow conceited. These were common lessons taught by seniors of every academy. As a known elite and also a heavy soldier, Luo Zhen actually left his front door open so arrogantly…

The opponent he faced was All-Mouthy King!

This was a man that could create miracle with just his legs alone!

The discussion forums that were just somewhat lively now exploded with questions. Kostan’s analysis video shot to the number one watched videos spot and even his own popularity rose by quite a bit. There was no way around this. Comparisons were bound to pop up and Luo Zhen’s loss to Kostan became reasonable. Although he had suffered through the holidays to patiently and successfully learn that new ability, his overall accomplishment in combat was still lacking by a level.

Did you take a look at All-Mouthy King this time?

What? He had an injured arm yet still dared to choose the random option?

What is this?

Wasn’t this taught in school!?

Then another question popped up. Who was able to injure All-Mouthy King?

As the discussions within the OP forums grew to epic proportions, Luo Zhen completely vanished without a trace. Even one made his facial skin a bit thicker, he still wouldn’t be able to appear right now. He hadn’t even lost due to the pressure from those combat techniques but because he made the mistake of being too much of an asshole. In this fight, All-Mouthy King once more refurbished his repertoire of combat techniques.

Within the Federation there were very few combat techniques that primarily involved the legs. No matter how strong one’s leg strength was, everyone was more willing to focus on their upper body while the lower body was mainly for defence and mobility. But All-Mouthy King surprised everyone again. Perhaps attacking with one’s lower half should be enforced to a stronger degree. Several teachers of the academies actually started to take notice of this.

But right now, Wang Zhong was rushing to the hospital. Matters pertaining to the OP no longer concerned him. Although fighting with his injury had been very dangerous, he didn’t really have a choice. Barran’s condition warranted no further delays. Originally he’d assumed he would have to fight another two rounds in the OP, but it seems that with the previous fight he managed to completely fill the Fate Roulette.

Wang Zhong was now clearer about how the Fate Roulette operated. Ever since Simba had passed it to him, he gained an intuition over several things. First was that when the energy was filled he would be able to make a judgement. Let’s use ‘A’ as the wish to be granted if the spin was successful and ‘B’ as the penalty for unsuccessful.

The harder ‘A’ was to achieve, the greater the price ‘B’ would require of the wisher. During the first spin, Simba’s sacrifice hadn’t been due to the judgement but due to him forcibly activating the Fate Roulette. Wang Zhong’s combat capabilities at the time meant that even with eight lifetimes he wouldn’t have been able to fill the Fate Roulette.

But right now the question was how great a price was needed to recover Barran’s soul sea…

Barran’s hospital room was quiet and still. He continued to stare outside his window, tired, living a life worse than death. Because he didn’t want others to worry for him, he usually acted tough in their presence. But… he was oh so very tired…

Wang Zhong saw Barran’s expression and understood his feelings. He truly did understand. After all, he himself had once lain on such a hospital bed and had the same expression. He wore that expression as though time was a luxury for him, death a kind of relief. But to seek death wasn’t possible as it would bring pain to those that cared for him. Thus, he would also laugh.

Before long, Barran noticed Wang Zhong and propped himself up excitedly. “Senior! Why did you come here?”

Wang Zhong just smiled in reply as he noted that Barran’s mental state was still quite good. This wasn’t something that could be maintained for a sick person whose soul sea was starting to collapse. He didn’t know how painful it was, but for new humans it was possibly the worst thing that could happen.

Hymin came regularly to treat Barran, and although it was like using a cup of water to douse a burning cart full of firewood her water special ability indeed comforted him.

“I said before that I would find a way.”

“Senior, did you really find a way?” Barran’s voice shivered as he reaffirmed the statement. He was already despairing, and only this sliver of extravagant hope, one that existed because of what Wang Zhong said, existed.

Sometimes, this so-called hope allowed Barran to find reasons to continue living on. Regardless of whether it was to live on for his parents or for those who cared about him, he was still here because of that hope.

But… he never would have thought that Senior Wang Zhong would actually find a way! And furthermore, it had been so fast!

“To be precise, it wouldn’t be considered a good way as it’s still very dangerous,” replied Wang Zhong.

Smiling, Barran said, “Senior, you should be the one who knows me best. My current condition makes death enviable. Also, I heard my doctor saying it would just continue to grow worse. I may either become a madman or simply die off. Reality states I have but a few months left to live as a human.”

Having heard his firm reply, Wang Zhong nodded and said, “Alright. I won’t say any more useless words… but just in case, do you have anything to leave behind?”

Barran stilled before saying with a faint smile, “Senior, do you remember the words you said to me in the small forest?”

Hearing those words, Wang Zhong gawked slightly.

“‘Barran, you have to be their wall!’” Barran’s expression was incomparably firm and calm, without the slightest ripple of agitation on it. “I did what you said and I’m very proud for doing so. There is nothing else I could have done that would have made me feel any more confident of myself! Although I have laid on this hospital bed since that day, I always think about that battle and feel my blood boiling! I don’t regret it!

“Therefore, senior, I don’t want to become a waste again.” Barran spoke unwaveringly, “I want to be a soldier, regardless of if I die or live!”

Wang Zhong nodded at his firm stance. He noticed the changes to Barran after that fight and knew he was someone completely different to the person that first entered the academy, the one that shied away at any moment. While he may still be the straightforward, honest Barran, his eyes told Wang Zhong he wouldn’t ever possess that previous self-inferiority and cowardice.

It was like he’d experienced a baptism, one that changed him completely from the inside to the outside.

This was a blessing that arose from disaster. Wang Zhong suddenly thought this may not have necessarily been a bad thing.

“Then I wish you all the best!”

Wang Zhong’s soft voice filled the room as he closed his eyes. In an instant the Fate Roulette within his soul sea started to spin.

It was like the whole world suddenly turned sluggish as a black and white light radiated from Wang Zhong’s body. It flooded the hospital room and seemingly split it into two. The left half was completely white while the right side was black!

Barran’s pupil grew large, and their surroundings quieted. At the same time, the Fate Needle made of both black and white started to spin within the room. With its motion a wave of information suddenly entered Wang Zhong’s mind.

Recovery of the soul sea.
Life force dries up.
This was the judgement. It wasn’t too surprising to see. While the price was definitely great, Barran wasn’t afraid of death. There was even a trace of a self-confident smile on his face.

Wang Zhong could feel that the alternating black and white represented all kinds of mysterious rules and energy. It was as vast as the open seas. It felt like just grasping the tiniest of this information would allow him to make an unfathomable leap in strength.

White represented a fortunate judgement. With it, Barran’s soul sea would recover! Black represented the a miss, and its price was endless darkness; death!
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    《Battle Frenzy》