Battle Frenzy
162 Chapter 162 – A Great Monster
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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162 Chapter 162 – A Great Monster

Chapter 162 – A Great Monster

Just like the course of history, the strength of a single person appeared exceedingly tiny before the Fate Roulette. Wanting to shake this and change the rotation of the Fate Roulette would be harder than stepping to the heavens.

Exactly what kind of intellect and energy was needed to create such a heaven defying item? This definitely wasn’t made by mankind. Did this prove the existence of beings from the higher dimension?

Wang Zhong took a look at Barran and cleared his meandering thoughts. This is just an item. Regardless of where it came from, I can’t get confused. It is only an item!

The strength of humans came from their determination. One shouldn’t get entranced by the appearance of power, but dominate it.

Barran’s smile and calm demeanor rubbed off on Wang Zhong and slowly calmed him while also increasing his own confidence.

That revolving black and white object spun faster around the room, growing increasingly dazzling. Wang Zhong already closed his eyes due to it and relied on his senses instead. Perhaps he couldn’t interfere with the result, but as the user of the Fate Roulette there was a chance for him to interfere with it, maybe even dominate it.

Finally, a ‘ding’ rang out softly.

That endlessly changing black and white world disappeared. Opening his eyes, Wang Zhong saw brilliant rays of light without a hint of darkness.

There was no change to the interior of the hospital room from how it was a few moments before. A gentle wind blew in through the window and fluttered faintly along the windowsill.

Barran maintained his previous posture and lay on the hospital bed without moving an inch. Despite preparing his heart beforehand, Wang Zhong felt his pulse race as he quickly stepped forward. He lifted and hand toward Barran.

Warm, calm breaths could be felt brushing his hand, and he could feel the strong ‘badump, badump, badump, badump’ of his heartbeat. That collapsed soul sea had already condensed back together and radiated with an exuberant vitality!

Finally, Wang Zhong heard Barran’s heavy snore echo throughout the room and exhaled a long breath. His body was completely drenched from the short affair. While he was usually indifferent about himself, he was very worried of the others around him. He couldn’t help it any long and smiled. “Rest up well, brother. It will be a fresh start when you wake up tomorrow!”

Wang Zhong returned to his dormitory and felt he was about to collapse.

This hadn’t been due to his fighting in the OP with his injury, but rather from using the Fate Roulette earlier. It had consumed much of his strength and felt like a balloon, his entire body soft and flabby. He felt something was off somewhere, but what could it be?

While the energy within the Fate Roulette had been used up, it was still an item that was absolutely worth holding on to. Nevertheless, Wang Zhong felt a bit strange. It was as though someone was observing him.

That’s right. It was like he was being spied on. This feeling was similar to what happened during the OP battle recently, when Luo Zhen used his Life Insight and locked onto him.

Since Simba wasn’t around there wouldn’t be any answer even if he thought about it for the entire day. As such, he scrapped the idea to contemplate it. The Fate Roulette was too mysterious after all and there were many things he didn’t understand. That weird feeling might be a common occurrence that happens when making contact with it.

My body feels tired, but it was worth it. I managed to save Barran. I better get a good night’s sleep!

When Student Wang Zhong’s head landed on his pillow, he immediately fell asleep. Soon after, a darkness appeared before him. It was like he’d once more entered the world of darkness of his past. In the next instant his body began to float on the spot and he was dragged somewhere.

What the hell?

Wang Zhong felt those strange eyes and was shocked awake.

The little bed he’d slept on the for the last two years was gone. That dormitory ceiling was also gone. Everything around him was replaced with a flat, small island no wider than 300-400 meters. Countless megaliths floated around the island, unmoving. This world before him was lifeless and spiritless.

Was this not the spatial fragment he’d entered once before?

“Wang Zhong!” Simba seemingly popped out of nowhere and did a backflip in front of Wang Zhong from its excitement. “Oh god, what have you done? Why are we back in this place? Didn’t the entrance to the spatial fragment erupt and collapse? It’s impossible to re-enter if that happened!”

Seeing Simba once more, Wang Zhong was both surprised and happy. “How would I know? I was just sleeping well before this happened. Sigh. Am I dreaming?”

In response, Simba hurtled over with a ‘whoosh’ and pinched Wang Zhong with all its might. “Does it hurt? I hear pain can wake people up. This great Simba will lend you a hand!”

Unfortunately, the trickster’s hands were too small, and Wang Zhong was stuck between laughing and crying. Nevertheless, he understood in his heart that this definitely wasn’t a dream.

He wanted to stop Simba when he suddenly felt a mysterious change in the Fate Stone. It sparkled, which had never happened before. Just as he was about to research this with Simba, the space above his head suddenly twisted into a terrifying vortex. An attraction force then radiated from the vortex and easily sucked Wang Zhong and Simba in.

“Ah! Simba doesn’t want to die yet!”

“Grab my hand and hold on tight!”

The vortex’s suction was powerful to the point that they couldn’t resist it at all. Wang Zhong could only grab onto Simba before they lost consciousness within the crazed swirl.

When they opened their eyes afterward, they found themselves in another place. The entrance to a gigantic volcano was before them!

Calf-sized bubbles erupted up from the rising lava as terrifyingly hot waves of clear gases gushed out endlessly. Wang Zhong was roasted by the heat and could feel his hair curling up.

Simba gave an ear-piercing shout, “Hot! Hot! What the hell is this ungodly place!? Simba doesn’t like it here!”

Wang Zhong had nothing to reply with. What happened to them this night was just too strange and odd. In the beginning he’d arrived at the previously closed-off spatial fragment, and in the next moment they arrived here for some unfathomable reason. This could be explained off as a dream, but then why couldn’t he wake up?

They examined their surroundings. To their left was the volcano entrance with lava at the botton. To their right was a steep rock cliff over a hundred meters tall. Wang Zhong felt his head grow heavy. Should I take a leap off here? If it’s a dream then I’ll definitely wake up!

“Wang… Zhong. Wang Zhong!

As he pondered over his decisions, Simba suddenly tugged at his shirt while crying anxiously with his squeaky voice.

“What?” asked Wang Zhong. He turned his head to look and found a pair of fiery-red eyes answering him.

This was a strange creature. It was like a humanoid flame with a height of ten meters. The being lacked legs and just hovered there in the air. Its eyes were opened wide as it stared at Wang Zhong. A conspicuously deep-black dimension crystal sparkled on its forehead, radiating with unimaginably terrible pressure.


Wang Zhong couldn’t help but swallow his saliva. What the hell is that?

“So, it seems to be an elemental dimension creature.” Simba’s voice trembled slightly as he finished his findings, “A-a Level 8…”

Level Eight… a buzz went through Wang Zhong’s mind. What kind of fucking luck do I have? And what the hell is this thing?

Of the information available in the library, he’d once seen information of a Level 7 dimensional creature that entered Earth through a spatial crack. It had immediately destroyed a medium-sized city. Even when the Federation mobilized its army, it couldn’t even threaten the thing.

And now this thing in front of them…

That was a black-coloured dimension crystal! Level 8 only existed in the history books, yet that sparkling, lifelike crystal was right in front of him! The thing was even staring at him without blinking its eyes!

“Don’t get so nervous. This is just a dream. Furthermore, the thing doesn’t seem to have any evil intentions…” Wang Zhong’s calm reminders rang out.

Calm down. Calm down!
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