Battle Frenzy
163 Chapter 163 – Fate Summon
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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163 Chapter 163 – Fate Summon

Chapter 163 – Fate Summon

Creatures like him and Simba were nothing to Level 8 dimensional lifeforms, not even as ants. It was commonly said that dimensional lifeforms were temperamental beings, but for it to come to an extent that they would be interested in ants like them?

Since they had been discovered by the Level 8 dimensional lifeforms, escape was no longer a viable option. Right now, the most important thing was to communicate with these lifeforms!

Wang Zhong showed what he thought was a radiant smile as he waved his hand and said, “Hi—”


Perhaps his way of greeting wasn’t correct, or the act of waving was somehow seen as an act of provocation, but in a blink of an eye, white flames were shot towards them.

Before he could start cursing, the white flames were already directly in front of him. It hadn’t made contact with them but the heat from the flames instantly caused the fluids within Wang Zhong’s body to immediately boil. Wang Zhong felt immense pain racking his entire body… within a few milliseconds, Wang Zhong already lost consciousness.

Instant death!

Interestingly enough, even after suffering through such an ordeal, Wang Zhong slowly became aware that his existence had not faded away. Yes, this was the doing of the Fate Stone. His consciousness seemed tethered to it.

Currently, his consciousness was drawn towards the Fate Stone as he flew towards a deep and far place where the living did not exist. As this was happening, Wang Zhong found that his body was gradually reshaping itself around the Fate Stone. Wang Zhong confirmed that he was currently in his spiritual body, a situation similar to whenever he entered OP. But right now, there was only one pertinent question in his mind… how was he forcibly dragged to this place?

Right when his body was fully reformed, he experienced an intense feeling of weightlessness as the Fate Stone descended, dragging his consciousness along with it. When they dropped to the ground, he seemed to feel waves of anger and frustration radiating out from it.

Wang Zhong touched the ground and found that he was on a spatial fragment similar to the one present on the deserted island. Suddenly, Simba mysteriously popped out from nowhere and shouted, “Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong! The omnipotent Simba finally knows where we are! This is a Fifth Dimension World!”

Wang Zhong nodded his head upon hearing Simba’s verdict that had confirmed the conclusions he had arrived at. He was about to question what had just happened when a strong suction force began drawing him in

Simba and Wang Zhong looked at each other with bitter looks on their face. “It’s happening again?”

Even as they said those words, a vortex erupted out of thin air, generating a terrifying suction force that dragged both Wang Zhong and Simba. They had just escaped one world, only to enter another so soon.

A bubbling creek flowed beside him. All that surrounded him were bamboos and in a distance, he could see a small green hill. Above him was a sea of clouds that meandered freely. When he took in a breath, he found the air to be clean and filled with the fresh scent of rain. This was an outstandingly beautiful and magnificent stretch of scenery.

Wang Zhong was quickly captivated by the view before him. Such a picturesque scene could only be seen in the pages of old books.

Was this the rumoured old era? That can’t be right.

Even in the old era there wouldn’t be such a spectacular scene. Before he became fully engrossed with the view before him, a rustling sound broke the silence. The sound was rapidly headed in Wang Zhong’s direction.

It was a horrifyingly large python that was about ten metres long. Just its head alone was about the size of a round table. When the python raised itself up, it reached a height of three to four stories…

Four sets of claws could be seen along its body, and there were even two limbs that resembled wings. The bright, purple dimension crystal on its forehead sparkled and radiated with light.

Purple dimension crystal. Was this a Level 7 dimension creature?

Its appearance didn’t seem as terrifying as the Level 8 dimension creature they’d seen in the volcano. Even so, it was still as menacing in the eyes of the two. Wang Zhong and Simba shot a glance at each other, the tacit understand they had built over the years allowing them to instantly understand what the other was thinking.

What the hell are you waiting for? Run!

Wang Zhong’s sprint was extremely smooth and quick, and Simba’s flying was even faster. But as good brothers that shared all happiness and pain, he remained by Wang Zhong’s side. “Hurry up! Faster, go faster! The thing’s chasing after us!”

“Fuck, why don’t you try to run with two feet instead of flying?” Wang Zhong spat those words out with a laboured breath. He had never run so fast in his entire life. Luckily, they were inside the bamboo forest with countless large and tall bamboos that obstructed the advance of the giant python. If the terrain had been different, the python would have already caught up to them. “Did you just say this was the hyperdimension world? Is this part of the world in the OP system?”

The hyperdimension was commonly called the spirit world. It was the world that can only be entered with one’s consciousness, leaving the physical body back in the real world. The OP system was constructed based on this theory of spirits and consciousness.

“Bullshit! OP is just a low quality replica made by low-grade dimensional lifeforms using principles of the hyperdimensional. OP is just the tip of the iceberg!” Simba shouted in a loud voice. “This is the true, genuine hyperdimension world! This principle world connects the lower and higher dimensions together, a place where souls and physical forms co-exist! Praise me~!”

As they flew, Simba didn’t forget to strike a pose. Wang Zhong smacked Simba and said, “Stop acting all high and mighty! I’m asking how we ended up here!”

“How should I know? But then again, I am the amazing and omniscience Simba that knows everything… Wa! Brother, I’ll go ahead and make my move first. In any case, our souls can just undergo rebirth. Let’s talk some time later!”

Simba suddenly shouted and accelerated ahead. Only in the next moment did Wang Zhong suddenly notice the sky darkening. He looked up and saw the incomparably gigantic tail of the python falling on his head like a small mountain.

“You fucking piece of shit…”

Student Wang Zhong’s face was filled with sorrow and misery before being smashed into smaller pieces soon after. Such pure power. With its fleshly body, would it have reached a power that was over ten-thousand grassos? Wang Zhong couldn’t give an exact measurement of its power but it was strong enough to make Wang Zhong instantly explode upon contact!

It was an instantaneous explosion, with blood splattered everywhere!

Simba had actually guessed it correctly. Wang Zhong managed to undergo rebirth.

Not only did Wang Zhong underwent rebirth, Simba had as well. Simba hadn’t been able to escape successfully and was caught in the shock wave of the energy unleashed by the dimension creature. He was shattered into pieces. It was needless to say that Simba was more afraid of pain than Wang Zhong so such an end was a miserable one for Simba.

The two had once more returned to the little island.

Wang Zhong and Simba lay paralyzed on the ground, their eyes opened wide. The two were entirely devoid of energy. However, after just a moment of rest, that black vortex appeared once more in the air above the small island.

“Fuck! It’s still coming!? It isn’t done yet!” Wang Zhong shouted out and grabbed onto a rock like his life depended on it. Simba held on to Wang Zhong’s ear and resisted against the powerful suction force with all his might. “Even if you kill me, I won’t go in this time!”

“Me too!” sobbed Simba.

But no matter how much they resisted, it was all in vain. The large rock that Wang Zhong had grabbed unto broke apart, causing both Wang Zhong and SImba to be swept into the vortex. Soon after, the skies were clear once more.

What appeared below them was a large ocean!


Glug, glug, glug.

The magnificent oceans were something most new humans had never seen before. They had only seen its beauty in videos. Now, the oceans had become a forbidden zone for humans, and the once beautiful sand coasts and shores no longer existed. It was now a long forgotten relic of the past.

Before Wang Zhong could fully comprehend the magnificence of the oceans, he was licked by something. Suddenly, they heard a creaky sound and tried to think of a creature that made such a sound. However, before they could do anything, they were eaten alive..

When they came back to life again, Simba finally understood what was happening. It was all due to the Fate Stone. Previously, Wang Zhong had entered the spatial fragment and accidentally revealed the Fate Stone. It must have been something important to the higher dimension so all of this was due to the energy of the higher dimension summoning it.

The problem here was that the Fate Stone was locked within the flesh of a human. Physical bodies did not follow the principles of space, but Wang Zhong’s consciousness or soul could be brought along by the Fate Stone to the hyperdimension. But since his soul couldn’t reach the higher dimension, it was instead trapped within the hyperdimension.

As for the places where the Fate Stone could appear in, these were places that had higher dimension energy. Such places, however, had stronger and more menacing ‘dimensional friends’. The result of meeting such ‘friends’ was clear to see.
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    《Battle Frenzy》