Battle Frenzy
164 Chapter 164 – Rebirth After Tribulation
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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164 Chapter 164 – Rebirth After Tribulation

Chapter 164 – Rebirth After Tribulation

As Wang Zhong’s soul was tethered to the Fate Stone, he would continue to reform upon being destroyed. Naturally, this became a pattern; some higher dimensional force would forcefully summon him and afterward he would shatter by some dimensional lifeform and then reform. This became a cycle of destruction and reformation, a tragedy for Student Wang.

As a tag-along, Simba also met with the same end. Regardless of how ecstatic and excited he was to meet up with Wang Zhong, when faced with such a cycle he felt he would rather continue sleeping.

After getting killed a few more times, Wang Zhong and Simba found that the summoning force had grown weaker. The intervals between each summon became longer, giving them a bit of hope.

Even so, the two simply lay paralyzed on the small island. They were already unable to muster up the slightest bit of strength to either move or retaliate.

“From what you said, it seems I’m being targeted by some unimaginably strong hyperdimension creature, right?

Simba coughed awkwardly. “It actually isn’t that simple. Although higher dimensional beings are powerful, they can’t enter the lower dimensional world. They aren’t even capable of entering the hyperdimension world. It’s like how you guys on Earth can’t enter the 2-D world. Think of it another way; even those higher dimensional beings covet the Fate Stone. This shows it’s something good. You should be happy!” Simba giggled.

Wang Zhong rolled his eyes at Simba’s words. A thing like the Fate Stone wasn’t of any real use to him and had instead become a liability. But then again, he would not have met Simba were it not for the Fate Stone. This was the most important thing to Wang Zhong. Regardless of all the ridicule he’d endured, given the choice he wouldn’t give up Simba no matter how miserable the outcome was.

The vortex appeared once more. This time, however, the attraction force wasn’t that powerful. In fact, that strange light radiating from the Fate Stone had also grown dimmer. Wang Zhong suddenly felt his consciousness leave him once more…

When he woke up, Wang Zhong discovered he was still lying on his dormitory bed. He was overwhelmed with so much relief that he was on the verge of tears. It was really just a nightmare! But that was far too realistic a nightmare for him. His body ached and felt sore, as though he’d personally experienced those deaths last night…

God, my soul power actually broke past 70!

Recently, his soul power had encountered a bottleneck and was stuck at 69. Yet, he had unexpectedly broken past it without him knowing?

Could it have something to do with the death and rebirth? Did all that improved his soul power?

With that line of thought, Wang Zhong felt that the nightmare hadn’t been all that bad. Right at that moment, his skylink beeped and started to ring.

“Wang Zhong! Wang Zhong! Hurry up and come! Barran has fully recovered! Yes!The heavens have eyes! This fellow’s luck truly is heaven-defying!” Ma Dong shouted through the skylink, his excitement reaching the point of madness.

“Is he still in his hospital room? I’ll head on over immediately.” Wang Zhong was also elated. Having a boost to his soul power was something to celebrate over. Now with the good news about Barran fully recovering as icing on the cake, such joyous news would refresh a person. The nightmare he’d experienced last night had already faded from his mind.

Wow, that fierce? Barran had only just recovered his soul sea. It seems he’d been truly stifled during his time at the hospital.

With a flip, Wang Zhong was out of bed and heading out!

As it was the weekend today, it was no surprise that no one was at the academy. When he arrived at the society grounds, Emily and Grai were already present. They were gathered around Barran and Ma Dong. Both Emily and Grai looked as though they were seeing an exquisitely rare treasure for the first time as they gently prodded Barran in various places..

“Looks like you really made a full recovery!” Grai spoke with an inconceivable look on his face.

Barran just scratched his head and laughed foolishly, which made Ma Dong feel at a loss. As a member of an aristocratic family, he knew stuff that wasn’t privy to normal people. He was aware that Barran’s injuries was not something that even fabled top tiered medicine that was only heard in legends could cure.

“What did the doctor say?” Emily was extremely happy as she could feel the vigorous lifeforce radiating from Barran’s body.

“They didn’t understand how this could have happened, simply calling it a miracle. They even asked me to go and get a weekly checkup efrom now on.”

The group surrounding Barran continued to shoot curious looks at him while asking questions. All who knew about Barran’s ‘luck’ would be shocked and astonished. It was said that the chances of naturally recovering with those conditions was a one in ten thousand. Barran fully recovering was like hitting the biggest jackpot ever, and to think that he actually did was mind-blowing. Ah, such was life.

Emotions ran high in Barran’s heart. Yet, without senior’s permission, he wouldn’t tell anyone what had transpired.

When he arrived and saw the lively Barran jumping about, Wang Zhong felt shock and astonishment. He had originally thought that his actions would only treat Barran’s injuries. He never imagined the results to be so good. Looking at it now, although he’d taken some risks, the result was definitely worth it.

Wang Zhong patted Barran’s shoulder and said, “Looks like you’ve recovered quite well? Not bad!”

“Senior…” Barran’s eyes turned slightly red. Wang Zhong’s actions had single-handedly pulled him out of the miserable world that was to be his future.

Smiling, Wang Zhong asked, “Did the doctors discover anything wrong? You recovered so quickly and started training again.”

“Senior! I had rested in bed long enough. I’m as fit as a bull now!” After recovering from death’s door, Barran learned how to joke around more. He experienced a drastic decline in power and major upheaval in his life and was now more free and relaxed.

When she heard news of Barran’s discharge, Hymin had rushed over hurriedly. She was actually in disbelief at the news she had heard. This was like a fantasy tale to her. As someone in possession of healing abilities, she had helped Barran calm his state of mind every day. Yet, with her capabilities, all she could do was to help ease his pain. She was unable to treat the root of his injuries at all. Unexpectedly, Barran had overcame all odds and had in fact recovered. Such a miracle was only ever heard in legends.

Hymin was currently still wearing her tight-fitting blouse used for her morning run. Panting and covered in perspiration, it was clear that she hadn’t even finished the run before rushing over after getting the news from Ma Dong.

This was a rare moment where Hymin didn’t scuttle over to Grai’s side in the first instant. Instead, with incomparable joy she held Barran’s hand and circled around him while saying, “You’ve truly recovered? Did you eat some kind of immortal elixir last night? Ha ha! Not bad, not bad at all! You really look vigorous and lively!”

“You guys are all here?” Scarlet and Milami had also arrived with Lily and Colby in tow.

Genuine smiles were displayed on their faces. The news about Barran’s selfless act in which he had sacrificed himself to protect everyone had spread far and wide thanks to Hymin.. No one could have imagined Barran, the one everyone had assumed to be a liability, would display such a degree of heroism in protecting his groupmates during such a dangerous moment. Although there was still some disparity in strength, only a person possessing courage and bravery could be called a true man and a reliable heavy soldier.

Regardless of the friendships and relationships that he had formed, his display of willpower was enough to gain everyone’s respect.

After the group training had ended, Teacher Grace had picked out eight people from the entire group to form Tianjing Academy’s Squadron based on their performances: Lily, Colby, and Milami from the third years, Wang Zhong and Scarlet from the second years and Grai and Emily from the first years. Additionally, at the request of everyone, she included in Barran to the group as a reward for his selfless actions.

“I’m sorry, Barran.” Regret was clearly shown on Colby’s face as he said, “The people scheming against you were members of Saint Judgement. We were unable to prevent it at all…”

Lily also nodded her head in agreement. Although the senior sister wasn’t one to talk often which gave off an impression of being aloof and cold, she was actually a kind and caring person on the inside. After Reeves’ departure, she had been elected as the president of Saint Judgement.

Once in that position, Lily mobilized the society members and third years in order to make reparations to Barran and even used the society’s savings. The amount was no small sum and would be ensure that Barran’s parents would be able to enjoy a nice retirement should Barran be truly unable to recover. Although using money was quite a vulgar thing considering Barran’s previously dire situation, it still given with good intentions.
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