Battle Frenzy
170 Chapter 170 – Different Levels
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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170 Chapter 170 – Different Levels

Chapter 170 – Different Levels

After chatting with Vice-Headmaster Moore as they waited patiently for over ten minutes, the large coach bus slowly arrived.

A tremor quietly shook Headmaster Green’s mind before he calmed down.

The first to get off the bus was an old man over fifty years old. He was Adolf Academy’s headmaster, Bradley. Getting off behind him was a line of students. Ten males, two females. They all wore the uniforms of Adolf Academy and, from the looks of it, should be the main cast of this exchange.

The CHF didn’t put that strict a control on the number of members required of the various academies. Other than the five core members in the lineup as well as five substitutes, they were allowed an auxiliary group to accompany them. The accompanied group wasn’t allowed to fight, but could have members with healing abilities or with the task of analyzing combat strategies and gathering information on their opponents.

Regulation stated that squadrons could only have twelve members. The nine people Grace chose in the end was well within the boundaries of this rule. Her choice, however, wasn’t because she didn’t want to choose more people, but because there just wasn’t enough qualified options to choose from. Quality was far more important than quantity. Simply desiring to have the max number of squadmates without a care of the quality meant the extra members would just drag down the rest of the team.

This was the same for other academies. Other than a handful, most chose to stick with ten members. The number of people sitting on the bench did not represent the face of an academy. As long as they had an adequate number of geniuses, they were allowed to switch out their rosters at will. This gave them the ability to maintain their utmost strength before participating in a difficult match.

Wang Zhong carefully observed them and could tell that they were indeed pretty good. One look at the confidence displayed on their faces and anyone could tell they were forged from the accumulation of countless combat victories. Such confidence couldn’t just arise from ignorance.

This was especially true for the male student leading them. His eyes possessed a reserved essence that indicated the high realm his self control reached over his soul power. They indicated that he was an expert on the level of the OP’s elite division. It was no wonder Adolf had managed to achieve third place in last year’s regionals. Their individual abilities and overall strength was sufficient to leave the old Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy lying face-first bitterly in the dust.

Right now, this squadron was curiously sizing up the beautiful school gates of Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy. Although the academy had declined over time, they had once been hailed as one of the most famous schools in the Eastern China Region. The imposing aura emitted from the gates of Tianjing Academy far exceeded the likes of a second class city like Adolf.

But regardless of how big the gates were, the academy was definitely on the decline. When the squadron looked around and saw how the sparse number of students couldn’t even add up to eighty, the students of this second class Adolf couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“So this is that famous school of our Eastern China Region? Too funny! Such a big gate but so few people!”

“As if they’re still famous. They’ve long since decline and actually placed tenth last year. I estimate they were scared shitless after finding out we were their opponents.”

“Ah. To actually get tenth place in the regionals under such good conditions. Truly a waste. If these kinds of treasures were placed in our Adolf Academy, we might have already grabbed the regional championships!”

“Enough. Our hosts are already standing there. Make sure you pay attention to your words,” Cecil reminded them as he frowned. He spoke with an indifferent tone that contained unquestionable dignity within them.

The captain of the Adolf Academy Squadron was this third year, Cecil. He was an all-rounded soldier and was the undeniable uncrowned king for the last three successive years at Adolf Academy. In his freshman years he already reached a level that astounded everyone. Whether it was his personal strength or his ability to control the field during a group battle, he gained quite the famous reputation within the entire Eastern China Region.

In the last regional competition, he had led Adolf Academy and fought against the Wild Beast Squadron where he had finally lost to Laura by just a small difference. Although their final result was third place within the Eastern China Region, the absolute majority felt Adolf Academy possessed the strength to take second place. The only issue was that they had been unlucky enough to meet Laura before the finals.

This year’s CHF would be their chance of a reversal. He had been preparing for the competition for the entire year. To beat up a third-rate squadron like Tianjing Academy’s felt like a complete waste of time to him. He was, however, unable to escape from coming as he was instructed by Headmaster Bradley. This didn’t mean he intended to participate, though.

So regardless of their recent journey and arrival here, Cecil’s heart wasn’t anywhere near this exchange with Tianjing Academy. What filled his mind instead was the recollections the fight between Laura and All-Mouthy King. He had studied and analyzed the match for many, many days. All-Mouthy King’s every move, every detail of the fight was recorded in his thoughts.

Without a doubt, Laura was the greatest mountain pressing down on Cecil. To accomplish a reversal like what All-Mouthy King displayed during their fight was something he needed to invest all of his time into. As for this Tianjing Academy…
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    《Battle Frenzy》