Battle Frenzy
172 Chapter 172 – Overbearing
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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172 Chapter 172 – Overbearing

Chapter 172 – Overbearing

The Federations’ Elite Rail Forces was the where all the elites in the Federation converged at. The squadron consist of individuals from high rankings, with the lowest at the rank of second lieutenant. The current idol of the Tianjing Academy, Grace, had entered this Elite Rail Forces.

On fact, seven out of the ten most influential generals in the federation army were from the Elite Rail Forces! It was a dream for any soldier to have the opportunity to enter such a squadron.

Aside from outstanding army officers from various frontline troops, various renowned academies would be given a specific number of recommendation quotas to allow their star students to enter the squadron. The people recommended over would still have to undergo multiple examinations and evaluations set by the Elite Rail Forces. However, to attain these recommendations was the first step to such prestige. As such, every single recommendation quota was highly sought after.

Although Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy had declined over the years, old relationships were treasured by the squadron. After all, Tianjing Academy held great glory in the past and today, many individuals from Tianjing Academy, such as Grace, had attained a quota within the Elite Rail Forces. This had made certain that Tianjing Academy would always receive four quotas every year.

In contrast, though Adolf Academy far outranked Tianjing Academy, it was impossible to overcome well-maintained relationships established in the past. Because of that, they were only given two quotas from the squadron every year.

It goes without saying that the former glory that one had would not be able to support all future generations to come. For the past couple of years, Tianjing Academy had relied heavily on past relationships to retain their reputation as a well established academy.

However, regardless of the better treatment Tianjing Academy received in terms of recommendation quotas from the Elite Rail Forces or resources obtained from the Federation, there were rumors floating around that came from the higher echelons. If Tianjing Academy did not up their game, even their past relationships would not help them.

Greene couldn’t help but sigh. He clearly understood Bradley’s intentions. After beating around bush for so long, his real goal was the recommendation quotas Tianjing Academy received every year from the Trump Card Locomotive Squardon.

The truth of the matter was that with Reeves gone, it was unlikely for there to be another third year that can pass the numerous examinations and evaluations and be accepted into the Elite Rail Forces.

What about Lily? Or Colby? At most, they would make it to the third round before getting eliminated like those last year. In fact, they might even be kicked out at an earlier stage. After all, one was a woman, the other an assassin, both of which was not welcomed by the army. Under such circumstances, being able to enter the squadron would require an excellence that transcends the outstanding. While Hymin do indeed possess a unique talent that was highly sought after, the chances of her entering was still slim.

It was just as Bradley had mentioned. Regardless of who they gave the recommendation quotas to, it would just be wasted. If they were to give two of their quotas to Adolf Academy, it would come at no loss at all.

However, even if it was a waste, these quotas belonged to Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy. For the students, having a shot at entering Elite Rail Forces was a dream and hope that they had held onto for the past three years. Who knows what the future would hold.

If Bradley had requested for cash or credits, it would be easy for Greene to accede. However, to demand the recommendation quotas as a condition for this exchange was simply overboard. Bradley had made the wrong choice thinking Greene was a pushover.

“Don’t be so old fashioned in your way of thinking, old classmate,” Bradley advised while patting Greene’s shoulder. “After all, we are such old friends, and are sister academies to boot. Just a Skylink message from you requesting an exchange and I’ve immediately stopped training to bring my students over without a second glance. Furthermore, the point of the recommendation quotas are to bring outstanding talents into the Federation, is it not? Why is there a need to distinguish those from your academy and mine?”

Composing himself, Greene replied in a casual tone, “ Even without Reeves, we still have students Hymin, Lily and Colby. There are also many other outstanding third years with immense potential. I believe that if they put in sufficient hard work, they would definitely be able to enter the Elite Rail Forces.”

Bradley burst into laughter upon hearing those words. Once he had calmed downed, he looked at Greene in a contemplative manner before continuing on. “Old classmate, your “outstanding” third years aren’t even on par with the freshmen and second years. Those that were have already been expelled from your academy. How long will you continue to deceive those students of yours?”

“Just because our freshmen and second years are exceptional doesn’t mean that our third year students are weak,” Headmaster Greene replied smoothly.

“Old classmate, I know that you are an honest person. But you can’t simply just say something and expect the whole world to believe it,” Bradley responded in a mocking manner.

“What of these first and second year students of yours were to be beaten by my students in the exchange tomorrow? That would only mean that they’re not outstanding enough. As such, the third years, who are inferior to them, would be even worse. Would you then agree to the quota transfer, old classmate?” As he spoke, his tone became increasingly sharper and tinged with slight anger.

“ A competition is only just a competition, but a principle is something that should never waiver,” rejected Headmaster Greene, his voice filled with resolution. “I’ll not take the things that our children deserve and use it to make a bet with you. Even if you, Bradley, cancel this exchange, I’ll still not make any concessions on this matter.”

“Headmaster Bradley, they already know that they will lose,” the students of Adolf Academy chortled. “That is why they do not dare fight us. To even have the cheek to say that they are ‘outstanding’. How truly laughable!”

Everyone understood clearly what was transpiring between the two headmasters. Their headmaster was fighting for these quotas for their sake. It was natural for them to chime to help and do what was required to secure those quotas.

“Exactly! When they invite us, they lowered themselves and talked in a humble manner. However, when we accepted and came over, they aren’t even willing to give something as small as a quota to us,” someone exclaimed with a cold laugh. “To think that a ‘famous’ academy would act in this manner!”!

Headmaster Greene was stunned at those words. He could accept Bradley saying such harsh words. But for those adolescent students to speak out in such a condescending manner? That was something he would never have imagined..

Ah, has Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy already declined to such a level?

“Headmaster Greene,” said Wang Zhong as he took a step forward, “can i add in a word or two?” Wang Zhong held him in a composed manner, and even had a faint smile on his face.

The nearby students of Tianjing Academy felt indignant at the injustice they were suffering under, with each of them holding clenched fists. Headmaster Greene was a good natured elder in the academy, and had regarded with the highest of respect amongst the students. But to have not just Headmaster Greene but also the academy, which was like a home to every student, ridiculed and mocked by others was not something they can take lying down. If they weren’t esteemed guest who had travelled far for the exchange, a fight would have broken out.

Everyone instantly turned and looked at him. Bradley narrowed his eyes as he sized up this young lad. He had said those words earlier to infuriate Greene and those students, with hopes that they would agree to his request in a fit of rage. In fact, he came close to success. Other than Deputy Headmaster Moore along with a couple of the more mature individuals, the vast majority of the people from Tianjing Academy was tense and agitated. Only this male student had a calm expression on his face, and could even smile under such a situation. Wang Zhong’s calm demeanor made it difficult for others to see his true intent.

Who was that male student?
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