Battle Frenzy
174 Chapter 174 – Grand Gamble
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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174 Chapter 174 – Grand Gamble

Chapter 174 – Grand Gamble

Compared to the solemn and grave atmosphere within the Prodigy Society, the atmosphere was much more relaxed in Adolf Academy. They had also sent out scouts to gather information about the Tianjing Squadron. In all honesty, they had made their preparations for the fight beforehand, seeing that they had planned to engage in one during the exchange. The only thing that caught them off guard was how impulsive the members of the Tianjin Squadron was.

At this point of time, all twelve members of their squadron, including Cecil who was their star player, were all huddled around the sofa. Every single one of them had their eyes glued to the gigantic screen in front of them.

The video they were watching was the match between the Prodigy Society and the Saint Judgement. They watched the battle carefully, from the Emily’s and Colby’s confrontation using daggers to the wrestling match between Barran and Adams. They also paid careful attention to how Lily scared away Ma Dong and Grai instantly killing Adams along with Wang Zhong’s accurate arrow shots that easily overwhelmed Lu Zhantian, causing him to faint.

After the video had ended, they immediately replayed the video a second time. This time, each and every part of the battle was scrutinized meticulously. The video was slowed down to show each frame, and every single detail was inspected as though placed under a microscope. This sequence of events was replicated another two to three times.

If people were to know that Adolf Academy had all their members sitting together, earnestly researching on the combat videos of the lowest ranking squadron, they would definitely not believe their eyes.

However, for the students of Adolf Academy, it was common practice for them to engage in such conscientious analysis of their opponents during their combat preparation regardless of how strong or weak their opponent was.

To be careless and underestimating one’s opponent was not something that should be done. Any squadron that qualified to enter into this year’s competition and wished to get into the finals would never make such a rudimentary mistake!

Showing contempt towards their opponent was their strategy, and attaching importance to their opponent was their tactic. This was the approach that Adolf Academy had used all along to achieve their standing within competitions.

Headmaster Bradley was sitting nonchalantly at the side. He didn’t interrupt Cecil when he gave his instructions to the other squadron members as he only wanted to participate and observe their discussions. Being around these youths, he was able to feel hope for the academy. In fact, he felt a little bad for this old classmate. Although both of them were headmasters, the lives they led were completely different. At their age, they had done all they could. Other than hoping that their students would excel and bring glory to the academy, there was nothing much left for them to strive for.

Only after viewing the video for the fourth time did Cecil turn off the Skylink.

“So, how do you find them?” Bradley asked the student he was most proud of with a smile.

“They’re stronger than we’ve expected,” replied Cecil indifferently, “That would explain the confidence they had when they suggested placing such a huge stake in the bet against us.”

“Inform everyone your analysis and the conclusion you have arrived at.” said Bradley, feeling very satisfied.

With a nod, Cecil started to explain. “The strength of their squadron can be approximately segmented into three distinct levels. The first level would be focused on the third years. Lily’s and Colby’s strength can be considered as above average and would be on the same level as a core lineup in a second rate squadron. However, they have a fixed combat style that can be overcome with the correct strategy, and it is unlikely that they would make a breakthrough in their strength. Hymin, on the other hand, has an important ability that would be crucial to their team. Thankfully, it’s not combat-orientated and hence can be dealt with without many difficulties.

“The critical element for their squadron would be their second level: Emily of the Assassin Family. This is someone worth paying attention to. I’ve seen her match against All Mouthy King, as well as her fight that was shown in the video earlier on. When you compare the two, it is obvious that she made fast improvements within a short span of two weeks. She had deepened her understanding of the essence of being an assassin, which resulted in her assassination and dagger skills to undergo massive improvements. She has such an overbearing talent in comprehension. If we count in her fire special ability, as well as her potential upon entering the academy, I believe that she should be the core variable to Tianjing Squadron’s tactics for tomorrow’s battle!”

Cecil paused for a short while before continuing, “Grai is another one to look out for. This freshman’s very formidable and very confident. It’s a pity that there’s so little information on him. However, I feel that their strategy for tomorrow would center around the two of them.”

All the other squadron members nodded their heads in agreement. Analyzing them to such an extent can be considered as placing high regards for their opponents.

“The third level would include both Scarlet and Wang Zhong. I’ve originally thought that with Reeves gone, Scarlet would replace him as their captain. She has decent talent and is able to see the big picture easily. Regardless of that, I’ve confidence in our ability to overwhelm them and win the battle,” said Cecil. People that only appear to be experts shouldn’t be considered to be variables. As such, Cecil was confident that they would be able to suppress Scarlet. “As for Wang Zhong…”

Cecil gestured his hands helplessly as he continued, “ Frankly speaking, even I don’t understand why he was placed as their captain. Combat abilities wise… How should I put it, he has some skill. However, it’s average at best. Furthermore, based on the information we have obtained, though he placed first in theory last year, his actual combat scores are extremely poor. He even had to undergo remedial lessons and retake the exams due to his abysmal grades. I don’t know whether he was placed on a screen, or perhaps he might have a unique talent in commandeering. Tentatively, we’ll just have to wait for tomorrow to gain a better assessment of the situation. For the competition tomorrow, if everything goes smooth, we can end it in a single shot. If any complications arise, we’ll let Grai off and destroy the others.”

Hearing Cecil’s explanation thus far, Bradley gave a satisfied smile.

A lion still had to use its full strength to hunt a rabbit. If one relied solely on luck to attain the top position, the day when one would be defeated by others would come by quickly. If one truly wanted to stand at the apex for a long time, one had to rely on one’s cautiousness and brains!

That person would be Cecil, his most outstanding disciple! With him there, there was nothing to worry about in tomorrow’s competition!

“Adolf Academy will win!” exclaimed Bradley as he patted Cecil’s shoulders.

“Adolf Academy will win! Adolf Academy will win!” the room instantly erupted into simultaneous roars!

Adolf Academy against Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy. Their exchange had morphed into a fight where both academies had placed their future on the lines. This had sparked the start of a big fire in the hearts of the students.

In contrast to the deserted stage during yesterday’s welcome ceremony, the entire Tianjing Academy was abuzz with excitement at the crack of dawn. It was only half an hour before the start of the competition when the competition grounds were packed with people as far as the eye could see, and not an empty seat in sight.

Seats for distinguished guests had been erected the previous night at locations with the best of view. Other than Bradley, Headmaster Greene and Deputy Headmaster Moore, various teachers and quite a few other distinguished guests were already present.

Yesterday, Tianjing Academy had challenged Adolf Academy, placing their four recommendation quotas to the Trump Card Locomotive Squadron as a wager to a bet. This matter not only raised storms within the academy, the entire Tianjing City was perturbed by this gamble.

In chaotic times like this, resources are something that are valuable and should not be freely given away. However, past the dark era, what was most important to the Freedom Federation, which had already recovered back to its vitality?

It was human talent!

Therefore, in this era, any famous academy would undoubtedly be labeled as the icon of the city they were in. Nothing, not even the government, could compare to the importance of a famous academy. What’s more, this matter not only concerned the reputation of Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy, it also had implications on the four precious recommendation quotas to the Trump Card Locomotive Armed Forces! If there was one more person from Tianjing Academy that entered an elite organisation like the Trump Card Locomotive Squadron, it would bring numerous benefits to the city itself.

For members of the city council and big-shot merchants such as the sponsors Qian Duoduo, there was no reason to sponsor such a small society like the Prodigy Society. To them, funding them tens of thousands was akin to throwing it down the drain. However, now that this competition was being held, it would be a good opportunity for them to gain popularity. As such, sponsors from all around were taking time off their schedule to watch this competition.

Headmaster Greene and Headmaster Bradley were undoubtedly the main characters in the viewing gallery. As the two of them were sitting together, joking and laughing around, their demeanor made it hard for people to imagine that they were the ones who were currently in the bet.
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    《Battle Frenzy》