Battle Frenzy
180 Chapter 180 – Fight Between Aces
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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180 Chapter 180 – Fight Between Aces

Chapter 180 – Fight Between Aces

“It’s Scarlet!”

“Fuck, they have finally unleashed the nuclear weapon!”

Needless to say, Scarlet’s popularity and strength was well-known within the academy. Additionally, it was common knowledge that the promotion from freshmen to second year would induce a metamorphosis that would improve their strength by leaps and bounds. This was particularly so for those that were talented and outstanding individuals. With this in mind, the crowd was holding much anticipation for the match against Scarlet.

Taking off her jacket, it was revealed that Scarlet had donned a black coloured combat outfit underneath, with two runic pistols made from Kalam ice crystals hoisted at her waist. She looked exactly like a hero standing upright with pride, emanating waves of charisma and courage.

Those ice crystal runic pistols of the Kalam series were a notch above the runic pistols typically used in practice. The Kalam series had better specs in terms of power and abilities.

They were able to undergo continuous firing without heating up, and had a immense increase in power as compared to the normal runic pistols. It also possessed the freeze property, which power would be enhanced by manyfold when combined together with Scarlet’s ice special ability. It goes without saying that this was a weapon made by Dean Moore.

At the sight of Scarlet, hope began to blossom once again in the hearts of the students, causing the atmosphere to heat up with passion once more. But Adolf Academy had made preparations to counter this ‘hero’.

Seeing Cecil walking out with a sword and shield, a sliver of admiration flashed within Wang Zhong’s eyes.

It appears that their opponents have done their homework. Based on their choice of lineup, it was clear that they had analyzed the strength of their Tianjing Academy thoroughly. That was expected considering the close relationship between Headmaster Bradley and Headmaster Greene. It would had resulted in Adolf gaining an even better understanding of this young lady of the Greene Family. Adolf’s Simon and Elena had already went up. Other than Cecil who had been sitting behind all along, Scarlet wasn’t afraid of any one of them.

This selection made by Adolf was an intelligent once indeed. However, though things seem to have gotten harder for them, Wang Zhong appeared increasingly relaxed. With the threat of Cecil removed, it would be much easier to implement his plan. As for Scarlet, she was looking forward to this fight. Scarlet, by nature, was very gentle and would care greatly for others. However, within the depths of her heart laid a stubborn and unbending will.

This fight was what she had thirsted for!

Though Wang Zhong’s mind was at rest, the crowd, however, was cold with fear and trepidation.

They’re not giving any leeway! This fucker is really vicious!

Scarlet was indeed very strong. If that was not the case, she would not had been chosen by Grace to be the captain of the squadron. However, it was still important to note who she was up against.

Her opponent was Cecil! A super soldier on the same level as Laura and Sharmie! Furthermore, he was a sword and shield soldier, granting him both offensive and defensive capabilities that was at high level! What could Scarlet with her two pistols to him?

The atmosphere that had just warmed up instantly plummeted down like a rollercoaster. Furthermore, this decline was even more severe than the one after the second match had ended!


The atmosphere of the entire competition grounds had turned solemn. In everyone’s eyes, it was clear that even the almighty Scarlet felt a sliver of nervousness when pitted against Cecil. However, it was then Wang Zhong made his move. “You can do this!” Wang Zhong yelled with a grin on his face while punching his fist in the air. ”

“You can do it, senior sister!” followed Barran and Emily in a loud voice. The cheers of the two sounded abrupt and awkward coming from a silent crowd that emanated with dread.

The squadron was placed under the killing gazes of countless people from the crowd. Obviously, they weren’t directed towards Barran and the rest, but at Wang Zhong.

Considering what we had seen, you are the last person who should cheer, you moron!

The students were trying their best to restrain themselves. Thus, they had only glared at Wang Zhong to show their unhappiness. The fact that they had not scolded Wang Zhong so openly in the competition grounds was a sign of unity within the Tianjing Academy.

Scarlet couldn’t help but smile. Regardless of the situation, Wang Zhong’s voice had always granted her a peace of mind, giving her a foothold to ground her and be steadfast.

With a nod, her anxiousness disappeared without a trace. At this moment, with her hands on the gun hostlers at her waist, she looked towards Cecil and said, “Please advice!”

The corner of Cecil’s mouth turned upwards in a smirk.

So this was the granddaughter of Headmaster Greene. Not only that, her mother had came from a well-established family. With her status, she would definitely be placed in the higher levels of the Federation after her graduation. It was thus common for people to overlook a student like that in the combat arena, as they would not spend their time in their youth to train their bodies. Their physical levels would not differ much from the average soldiers, though their tactical abilities would be much better as they would be trained in that aspect.

However, Headmaster Bradley had revealed a crucial piece of information that shocked him badly. It was pertaining to Scarlet’s ID within OP. Approximately a month ago, she had gained a string of gorgeous victories that had allowed her advancement from the Elite Division into the Hero Division. Interestingly enough, t she maintained a very low profile, which was typical, and had not use her actual name.

Upon seeing the video recordings of her in OP, Cecil came to the conclusion that this lady might be the true trump card of Tianjing Academy!

Without a word, Cecil returned a knight’s salute to Scarlet, before standing still without moving an inch.

While waiting for the bell to go off, the two faced each other in a confrontation. They seemed to be engaged in a battle of the mind, turning the atmosphere on the competition stage frigid.


The bell rung out, signifying the start of the match. With a bang, Cecil dashed forward at an extreme speed!

To the new humans that possessed superior speed, a distance of a hundred metres would be covered in ten seconds. With the use of dashing techniques, they would attain a greater speed, completing the distance in mere seconds. Furthermore, closing the distance between him and the opponent was the basics for any close quarters occupation. Cecil’s small shield was placed in front of his face to protect himself. It goes without saying that he did not plan to charge forth mindlessly.

Scarlet focused with rapt attention at his movements. Immediately upon him entering the range of her pistols, gun shots fired out.

Bang Bang Bang Bang…

The Kalam series pistols were the universally acclaimed king of guns. Other than their power and their continuous rate of fire, their bullet trajectories were the best among the other pistols. Their flight paths were more stable than even normal sniper rifles. Utilizing the Kalam series pistols in various combat arrays was seen as an artform to gun experts, as it brought about an indescribable sense of beauty in the eyes of these experts.

Naturally, if the person who used the pistols was a beautiful girl, the appeal of the pistols would be enhanced.

Scarlet’s elegance during her attack was enough to make people’s heads turn. The frost runes flashed from the muzzles of her ice crystal runic pistols, creating icy blasts that shot out at her opponent. In a blink of an eye, sixteen bullets had been fired off continuously without a hitch at Cecil. As the amount of soul power required to control the bullets was small, it was easy for someone like Scarlet to ensure that all sixteen bullets would maintain a straight flight path. This resulted in the sixteen bullets to strike Cecil simultaneously!

The bullets left behind white trials that were visible to the naked eye formed sixteen intersecting lines, appearing as though they formed a giant net. Scarlet’s attack was no different from an array attack!

A flash of admiration sparked within Cecil’s eyes. Being able to launch an attack using sixteen separate bullets to form an array attack wasn’t such an high level technique, and was considered to be a basic ability for those occupations that relied on hot weapons. However, the soul power needed to control the attack, along with the ability to calculate the bullet’s trajectory and accurately determining the distance between one and one’s opponent were all required for the attacks to strike the opponent simultaneously.

However, it was commonly said that being able to launch four simultaneous attacks was already considered average, while launching six was seen as decent and eight was more difficult for the common man. For one to be able to do so with sixteen bullets, the individual would be considered to be at an expert level. This lass was someone that could be easily dealt with!
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