Battle Frenzy
181 Chapter 181 – Outstanding Goddess
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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181 Chapter 181 – Outstanding Goddess

Chapter 181 – Outstanding Goddess

The small round shield and longsword were used simultaneously to block. Six bullets hit the small round shield while the longsword sliced apart three. Another five were then dodged, leaving only two to hit home.

Graham Ice Crystal rune pistols couldn’t be underestimated, but when faced with Cecil’s guard it clearly wasn’t enough. The two shots only caused his body to shiver a bit and leave a bit of an icy stain on his leg.

That perfectly done sixteen-shot seamless array attack had barely any effect on Cecil’s charge.

But what followed closely after the array attack was a hurricane-like hail of bullets that rushed berserkly at him.

An array barrage, be it single-shot surprise attack, or even a controlled node of shots, all of these techniques had the ability to seal an opponent’s ability to weave through while advancing.

Scarlet’s marksmanship was displayed to their maximum level without any restraint. Various kinds of attacks rumbled out in a natural and smooth wave. While the large majority could be blocked or evaded, one out of seven-to-eight bullets still managed to land on Cecil. A single shot couldn’t injure Cecil much, but whenever they landed a small icy stain was always left behind. Cecil ended up looking like he had somehow blossomed with flowers.

Those energy bullets contained her ice special ability and had a slowing effect behind them, but this effect didn’t seem to show on Cecil’s body. His fleshly body and soul power was too strong and exceeded Scarlet’s by at least a level.

Cecil’s speed continued to stay at its absolute maximum, those ten bullets that hit having only just tickled him. He wasn’t slowed by even a tenth of his speed and in a flash he narrowed the gap between them to around forty meters. With a step, his body flashed and disappeared!

Bhander’s Layering Dash! It was a common dashing technique of soldiers and was sufficient to allow one to step past a ten-plus meter distance. In Cecil’s hands, it wasn’t a problem for him to move forward forty meters in a sudden dash.

But at that moment, another bullet struck him. It was a very simple bullet and not any different from those earlier bullets that left their marks on Cecil’s body. It didn’t suddenly contain any eruption of power or other special effects. What it did, however, was land coincidentally atop one of those marked icy stains.

This was different from All-Mouthy King’s overlaying that he used to defeat Anlor. Scarlet was, after all, not All-Mouthy King and Cecil wasn’t Anlor.

The effect of overlaying just two pistols didn’t reach a level that allowed her to simply disregard her opponent’s defense. But this move did allow her special ability to shine. That small icy stain suddenly grew to the size of a palm and the slowing effect increased!

Cecil’s speed slowed, a movement that was visible to the naked eye. The effect of his dash was made negligible and he couldn’t continue using it.

The slowing effect had increased!

This was an intricate use of her ice special ability!

His dash failed, and the rhythm of the fight quickly returned to what it was at the start with its balance teetering back and forth. Scarlet maintained her steady suppression and calmly took the opportunity to widen the distance between them. She returned to a safe distance of fifty meters.

At the same time, her ice attacks continued to overlap and the slowing effect continued to increase.

This was the first exchange between them and Cecil had unexpectedly suffered a loss! Furthermore, he was being suppressed in all aspects!

Scarlet’s movement speed wasn’t fast, but there was nothing to criticize concerning her positioning. Compared to the subconscious movements made by Cecil, Scarlet’s movements were considerably more precise, clear-cut, and goal-oriented.

As the times became more modernized, bouts between soldiers relied more on precise calculations and plans. This was especially true for those that walked the path of long-ranged attacks. Even the most tolerable of errors had to be calculated precisely and in great detail.

Even with an extraordinary brain and outstanding theoretical knowledge, it would be impossible to achieve such an aspect. But this was the standard for a modern long-ranged soldier! Compared to types like Cecil with an innate talent, such smart soldiers could achieve victory in tasks of higher difficulties because they wouldn’t make any mistakes in their calculations!

Scarlet hadn’t made any errors. Seemingly from the first shot until now, every action she made was done with a textbook level of precision. Even an expert like Cecil could only be attacked by her and left in a state of being emotionlessly suppressed at fifty meters without a chance to inch closer!

Those watching from the viewing gallery was left with their mouths wide open. It was obvious that they were all shocked by Scarlet’s performance. They knew she was strong, but they never imagined she was strong to the point that she could suppress Cecil!

This… was this the tempo for her upcoming counterattack!?


“My goddess! Oh my god, I’m completely fallen for her!”

“Our saviour! Scarlet, I love you!”

“Look at that precise positioning, those flashy bullets, that intense and flirtatious gaze…”

“Scram! What flirtatious gaze are you talking about!?” Chaotic voices rang out.

“Wu wu wu wu. It was a slip of the tongue! Just a slip of the tongue, brothers!”

“Screw that captain! Long live our goddess!”

After being suppressed for an entire two matches, the emotions of the crowd finally erupted like the fall of a tsunami!

Who said our Tianjing Academy lacks experts!? Who said our Tianjing Academy was just third-rate!? Who said our Tianjing Academy would definitely lose today!?

The one who always kept a low profile within the academy, Scarlet, finally erupted!

Even if they had a moronic captain, they still had the golden couple. With Scarlet and Grai, it was enough for them to level out everything! Was this their goddess’ intent? To purposefully arrange a moron and play lousy strategies before shining brightly in times of danger? When the building falls, rush out like flood waters!

Without green leaves, how could the stem support the tender and delicate flowers? Without the display of a moron, how could they experience the importance of their goddess!?

This was a sequence of events and all of that had just been a part of the sequence! This was the acting tempo!

Look, that moronic captain is actually frowning! Does he finally realize he’s just a dead leaf used to make Scarlet shine?

Contrary to everyone’s view, Wang Zhong wasn’t actually frowning. He had just a slightly stern expression on his face. It wasn’t just him, even Grai’s expression was similarly solemn. They remained quiet, unlike the cheering squad members present around them and the close-to-fanatical students in the viewing gallery.

Scarlet’s marksmanship was indeed very outstanding, and her fusion of it with her ice special ability was also done extremely well. The issue, however, was that it could only provide an abundance of control and had no real killing power. It also consumed more soul power compared to Cecil.

In the end, there was still a difference between their strengths. If Scarlet’s soul power was just 30 grassos higher, the ending would’ve been different.

A smile rose from the corner of Cecil’s mouth. He now had a rough estimation of his opponent’s strength. It was time to end this.

His soul power erupted and his speed furiously increased by a third.

Scarlet’s Graham Ice Crystal rune pistols fired off with greater speed. The bullet trails grew ever denser. Although she was able to maintain her suppressing state, the consumption of her soul power also grew increasingly faster.

She hadn’t thought to deal with Cecil with a single bullet from the start. Rather, she maintained a perfect amount of soul power for each bullet and controlled her consumption to keep up a balance. It had been manageable for her at the start, but from the looks of things it hadn’t made much of an effect.

Her current attacks could not break Cecil’s defense. Although he did consume some soul power to block her attacks, she wasted far more soul power in the end.

Soul power of greater might was suddenly pushed into her pistols as she pursued higher killing power!
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