Battle Frenzy
182 Chapter 182 – Edge of the Cliff
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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182 Chapter 182 – Edge of the Cliff

Chapter 182 – Edge of the Cliff

For pistols, utilising greater amounts of soul power equates to faster firing speed. By concentrating a higher amount of soul power into her pistols, her attack would be lightning fast! Furthermore, the previous attacks had slowed down Cecil, making him unable to evade the attack!

Cecil’s eyes lit up for a moment. In an instant, he threw his round shield in the direction of the incoming bullet without the slightest bit of hesitation.


The fast bullet failed to send the round shield flying back. The shield was thrown with an astonishing force, resulting in the round shield to not only block the incoming bullet, but also to narrow Scarlet’s field of view. The shield came shooting right towards her head.

This exchange caused many in the audience to cry out involuntarily. Anybody could see the terrifyingly immense force pushing the this flying shield forward. If it was to truly hit anyone’s head, it would absolutely crush it as though it was a watermelon. Additionally, once the shield had blocked the incoming attack, Cecil immediately launched into a dash at a high speed!

Strengthening a bullet would make it hard to deal with, but adding speed to it would change it into something monstrous to handle. However, to follow-up immediately after exerting that much control was immensely difficult, especially when one’s field of vision was suddenly diminished.

Scarlet didn’t grow flustered at the current situation. Instead, she made a forceful retreat, her face stoic without betraying her emotions. At the same time, the pistols in both her left and right hands launched the second barrage of attacks!

A huge amount of Soul Power erupted out and the icy crystal energy bullets that shot out arced in the air. The two bullets curved around the incoming round shield beautifully, leaving behind bullet trails, before hitting Cecil straight on even though he was hiding behind the shield!

Twin Arc Shots! The magnitude of the two bullets and the execution of the technique was simply perfect. She had completely anticipated that Cecil would follow-up with a high speed dash after throwing his shield. Not only that, she had even aimed at his temples!

“Oh my God! Twin Arc Shots!”

“Good Lord! That cannot be possible!” the students instantly turned fanatic at the sight before them.

Upon realising what had transpired, he narrowed his eyes in concentration. However, it was too late for him to dodge Scarlet’s attacks. He had been too presumptuous, assuming that he could have achieved victory with the stunt he had pulling and had lowered his guard…

Terrifying amounts of soul power erupted from his body. Forcefully rotating the forward force of his dash had caused his body revolved like a super high-speed top!

Ding Ding…

The twin arcing bullets ricocheted off the high speed revolving Cecil. At the same time, Cecil shot forward towards Scarlet in such an explosive manner that he appeared to have instantly disappeared from his original position!

“Pateroff’s spiral dash?” gasped Headmaster Greene in surprise stood up. No longer able to hide his emotions, her stood up. The Twin Arc Shot launched by his granddaughter had taken him by surprise. Never did he thought that Scarlet had already improved to such a level, and he was proud of how much she had accomplished. Her control over her bullets were remarkable, especially when she had forcefully caused the bullets to arc. Under such circumstances, He had thought that Cecil would have no way of resisting the Twin Arc Shots, regardless of how strong he was. Contrary to his beliefs…

He had unexpected pulled off the Pateroff’s Spiral Dash!

It was a combat techniques that allowed close quarters soldiers to simultaneously initiate an attack while defending against a sudden attack. Relying on inertia as well as rotating one’s Soul Power to instantly increase speed resulted in one to start rotating like a top. Not only could it be used to block extremely heavy attacks, it would cause the user to move along a predetermined path at high speeds. This combat technique was a skill oftentimes neglected within the Casted Soul Stage, but was something that was necessary to be mastered in the Heroic Soul Stage…

Who exactly were all of these students? Each and everyone one of them was already extraordinary before even casting their Heroic Souls….Greene’s old face became slightly stiff; he was ecstatic for the whole of two minutes.

“Old classmate, you’ve lost yet another match.” chuckled Headmaster Bradley with a smile as he patted Greene’s shoulder, “That child, Scarlet, was quite formidable. It’s a pity that she was matched up against our Cecil. The captain that’s in charge of arranging the lineup for your squad lacks foresight. Had he placed Scarlet in the first match, she would be able to match up against Simon and win a point for you.”

Green was held speechless against Bradley’s words. Previously, he had assumed that Bradley was simply trying to provoke him. Thus, he had continued to maintain his firm and resolute heart. However, just watching this match…

Wang Zhong! You were the top in theory last year! Are you a truly only a theoretic strategist?

While Headmaster Green was left speechless, the students in the audience were shocked at the spectacle before them.

Their goddess, who had carried the beacon of hope for everyone, had lost!

Scarlet was still maintaining her retreating posture without firing any bullets. However, a sword was already pressed against her body, with its tip pointed towards Scarlet’s delicate throat.

Cecil didn’t plan to force his opponent to activate her soul defenses. Before Scarlet could do anything else, he withdrew his long sword before saying, “Thanks for the win.”

WIth a smirk, he turned around and walked off the arena.

Upon his return, Simon and the rest of his squadmates all started speaking at the same time. One of them said, “That lass is quite formidable indeed. She had actually forced you to use your killing move, boss.”

Cecil gave a faint smile before replying , “In all honesty, Tianjing Squadron’s strength is about average. However, their captain has no brains and foresight!”

Hearing his reply, Simon, Elena and the rest of them could not help but to laugh out loud. He was indeed quite stupid. However, even if they had sent up Scarlet was sent up in the first match, so what?

“I truly wanted to face up against her,” said Simon as he clenched his fists. “Only having faced against an expert would the feeling of euphoria be even greater! It’s a pity that I’ve to be the vanguard…why didn’t their stupid captain think harder and arranged for an expert to be lined up first?”

His words reverberated across the grounds, causing a bucket of cold water to be poured once again on the fiery atmosphere, silencing everyone in the audience.

Had Scarlet been weak, there was nothing else that could have be said. As they said, the strong would prevail over the weak. However, Scarlet anything but weak, and was even able to suppress a peak level expert like Cecil! There was no reason whatsoever to blame Scarlet for the loss! If there was someone to blame, there could only be one person!

Out of the 6 thousand people in that arena, at least half of them were glaring at the same person with hatred. A few of the students standing at the aisle who were originally displaying fervent emotions held the impulsion to beat Wang Zhong up. This did not only include them. If you count in those that were outside of the competition grounds as well, over ten thousand students held feelings of anger towards Wang Zhong!

Twenty thousand eyes all staring with intense anger at the one person, Wang Zhong!

It was all the fault of that stupid idiot! You’ve such an awesome person like Scarlet in your arsenal. Why did you have to send Lily up in the first match?

If only Scarlet was placed in the first match. As the first match was a closed door selection, it would mean that Scarlet would be pitted against Simon! The nimbleness and agility provided by her dual pistols as while as her terrifying control would allow her to play with Simon as a predator does to its food! With this first win, Tianjing squadron would have the later selection for the second match, which they could had used to counter the occupation of Adolf’s selection. Maybe, as of now, it would already be a score of 2:1 or even a 3:0 in their favor.

The abysmal situation that they were all in was all because of that stupid captain! Moronic captain! Waste, idiot, retarded, dumb… there was not enough words within the Federation’s dictionary to describe the level of idiocy this moronic captain had! How stupid can one be to have led Tianjing Squadron into a loss like this? Even randomly choosing names while blindfolded would result in an outcome thousand times better compared to what this dumb idiot had done!

“Calm down! Calm down! Everyone must calm down!”

Everyone’s faces were red with anger, each of them breathing heavily. However, they were still open-minded individuals who were good natured at heart.

“There’s no use in making a fuss now. Lamenting the arrangement of the squadron is also redundant! We still have two more matches! As long as we can win the next two, we’ll still have a chance of victory in the group battle!”

“Everyone definitely has to endure! Don’t give extra pressure to our squad!”
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    《Battle Frenzy》