Battle Frenzy
183 Chapter 183 – Let Them Understand
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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183 Chapter 183 – Let Them Understand

Chapter 183 – Let Them Understand

“Let’s see exactly who that moronic captain will choose for the fourth match!”

“Grai is the only one he can pick,” said a member of the crowd. This was the common consensus of the audience after looking past their anger and retaining their sense of reason. “The strongest members of Adolf, their captain, and vice captain, had already gone up. This can be considered as a saving grace. If Grai is able to win the fourth match, we will then have the opportunity to chose later for the fifth match.

“That’s right! Besides Grai, we still have the assassin Emily, who can counter long ranged occupations! Or senior sister Milami with her cannon, and even the long ranged Wang Zhong that can counter the opponent’s heavy soldiers…Ugh. Saying the words ‘Wang Zhong” filled me with so much disgust that I want to vomit!”

“Though he lacks any brain, his usage of the bow and arrow is still impressive. The five arrows that he shot to attack Lu Zhantian were at a level that surpassed the average. Compared to hot weapons, the arcing arrows are more effective at countering heavy soldiers… if we’re able to enter the fifth match with a counter, we would still have a chance.”

Everyone had understood that since both the captain and the vice captain of the Adolf Academy had already went up, the only experts left for their side were not as threatening. Compared to Cecil and Simon, they weren’t on the same level. Although Milami was somewhat weaker than Simon, she would still be able to put up a fight.

Hymin and Barran were completely disregarded by the audience. Barran’s soul sea had collapsed two months ago, and was placed in the squadron to honor his actions. This was known throughout the entire academy. Although everyone had heard about his miraculous recovery, it was clear that he would lose out in a competition such as this based on his previous performance. As for Hymin, she only possessed a water element special ability. Although a person with such a special ability was absolutely essential for a squad, they would only take up the role of a backline healer. She would naturally be quintessential when placed in a specific terrain in group battles but sending her out in solo battles would be an absolute no-go.

“…Yes. If you put it this way, we still have a small chance of winning. It all depends on this match. Choose Grai!”

“Yes! Choose Grai!”

“Grai! Grai! Grai!”

“Grai! It’s all up to you!”

The cheering for Grai had already reached a crescendo, with wave after wave of cheers surging forth. However, even though the person being cheered on was Grai, everyone’s eyes were all focused on Wang Zhong.

Even if choosing Grai to fight for the fourth match was their only option, that fellow could still make a stupid mistake! His stupidity had already caused us three matches!

Everyone was attempting to use their gazes and chants to pressurize Wang Zhong into choosing Grai. No matter how moronic this fellow was, this immense pressure coupled with the ear-piercing chants won’t be ignored by him, right?

It was then that Captain Wang Zhong made his move.

Captain Wang Zhong stood up!

Captain Wang Zhong extended his hand out!

Captain Wan Zhong had made his selection!

It’s Grai! Thank Buddha, thank the lords, thank the Federation and the empire! His stupidity had not acted up again!


He was pointing to the person beside Grai! My god, I’m not blind right? He…he pointed at Barran?! That freshman Barran?!

The entire arena was deathly silent, as everyone was waited for that finger to veer towards the left. He was definitely pointing with too much emotions! We have to be more tolerant towards this moron!

However, what Wang Zhong said next sealed Tianjing Academy’s death verdict. “Barran, I shall leave this match to you.”


“This person’s f***ing crazy…”

The single proclamation that rang out throughout the grounds incited the entire audience to burst out in anger.

He had actually chosen Barran! In the most critical fourth match, he had actually sent the freshman Barran out into! The Barran whose soul sea had collapsed two months ago, the Barran who was stupid and always the last in group training!

“Hello? Abnormal human research centre? We’re from the Tianjing Heroic Soul Academy. We’ve discovered an abnormal human with a severe abnormality in his brain! Please send your people over here quickly!”

“Hello, Tianjing legislative committee? I’ve discovered a traitor! Yes, I’m in the arena! I’ll keep a watch on him! He’ll not be able to run away!”

“Hello, is this the Tianjing Central Hospital? Please send an ambulance over! There will be a dead person here! Yes, no one’s dead at this point of time, but I can see that he will be dead soon.”

“All you do is observe! Now, look! It’s all over!”

“There’s no need to fight the fourth match. What’s the point of solo match anyways? Let’s just head straight to the group match! Let the whole academy beat that Wang Zhong up!”

“Let’s go! I can’t take it anymore!”

The entire arena had turned into chaos. There’s already no hope left. How could they continue to watch the competition as per usual?

Your previous selection of Lily and Colby was fine. Even choosing Scarlet for the 3rd match was acceptable. We can attribute the losses to an oversight on your part. However, you’ve selected Barran for the most crucial fourth match. This selection isn’t a question of your intelligence. Your choice had declared yourself as as a spy! You were the one who was ranting about betting with Adolf, you brat! How much did the Adolf offer to you? Once this competition is over, we will come and get you for this!

No one, not even Headmaster Greene, fathom what Wang Zhong was planning.

However, the people of the nine man squadron were abnormally calm. No one doubted Wang Zhong’s decisions. The trainings they had undergone together for the past two months built tacit understanding amongst one another. Wang Zhong had gained their unwavering trust and respect in these two months. It was impossible for them to think of Wang Zhong as a spy.

Placing him in the role of a captain of the squadron was a unanimous decision. Since they had all made their decisions, they would believe in him to the end without the slightest bit of regret.

Barran wasn’t surprised, as senior Wang Zhong had informed him that he would be going up. However, he never thought that it would be in such a critical and disadvantageous fourth match. He had assumed that it would guarded by senior Wang Zhong and Grai. However, for the fate of Tianjing Academy to be placed in the palms of his hands…

He understood that his body and underwent a number of changes over this two months. His soul sea had not only simply recovered; it had magnified by leaps and bounds. Even then, he still felt nervous. After all, training was vastly different from real combat. After experiencing the great battle with the mutated red spiders, Barran was made aware about this point. Furthermore, the students from the Adolf Academy seemed powerful.

He wasn’t afraid of losing face or of losing the match. He wasn’t even afraid of the outcome of the match. However, he was terribly frightened of disappointing his senior. Senior had really paid too high a price for him.

Looking towards Wang Zhong, a sliver of doubt appeared within Barran’s eyes.

Wang Zhong only patted Barran’s shoulder and said, “Don’t mind what others say. You just have to perform your usual standards as per your training and it will be alright.”

Upon hearing those words, Barran simply nodded his head. In many cases, people who had near-death experiences would undergo a metamorphosis. Ever since coming to Tianjing, the he had experienced far more things that he could had imagined, far more than he could count. He had never imagined that his life would be this spectacular and wonderful. Never did he thought that interacting with others would be this interesting.

The help provided by his seniors made him feel that he was no longer alone. He was grateful to them for everything they had done. However, amongst them, there was one who was to most important to him. He had never said it out before, and if he was his past self, he would never had dared to think about making a request!
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