Battle Frenzy
185 Chapter 185 – Run Youth!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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185 Chapter 185 – Run Youth!

Chapter 185 – Run Youth!

Blo… blocked!?

For the first time since the start of the match, Cecil’s expression changed from his perfectly maintained faint smile.

On the podium, Headmaster Greene and Headmaster Bradley both had their mouths gaped open.

Those fellows in the audience, the ones who had just ridiculed Barran and thrown those mineral water bottles at him, were all stunned! Even those unruly shouters and cussers wishing to encircle Wang Zhong outside the main doors were shocked by the astonishingly loud collision.

This was Barran? The lowest-ranking freshman and noted as weakest, noobiest student in Tianjing Academy?

Impossible! How was this possible!? How did he do it!?

Rosenberg wasn’t weak. On the contrary, he was very strong, much stronger than any heavy soldier in Tianjing Academy. The force of that impact had already reached a heaven-defying level. Shockwaves had even been formed!

He was actually blocked by this lowest-ranking student?


A sliver of dread suddenly flashed past Rosenberg’s eyes!

The instant the two collided, Rosenberg felt an eruption of strength that wasn’t inferior to his own being emitted from his opponent. The feeling was strong enough to shock the people watching. But now, that explosive force actually increased by a fold!

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The deadlocked lasted just half a second.

When that terrifying power was unleashed, Barran was like an out-of-control wild horse. He took a fearsome step forward, then a second, third, fourth… he had unexpectedly pushed Rosenberg back as he charged forward!


Rosenberg’s teeth seemed about to shatter as he gritted them. Yet, he was unable to resist this tremendous strength. It was like Barran were trying to topple mountains or overturn seas with this explosion of strength.

Wasn’t he the main heavy soldier of Adolf Academy? Other than Captain Cecil and Vice-captain Simon, he was the strongest male present in the squadron. But now he was being pushed back as easily as a tricycle by this first-year newbie!


Bang, whoosh!

Despair and dread filled Rosenberg’s eyes. That terrifyingly strange strength and momentum made him unable to keep his standing posture. In an instant he was flung off and sent flying… very high… and very far away.

Bang! Rumbling…

He flew for over fifty meters before smashing into the ground like a chunk of rock. His leg twitched slightly before he grew still.

The referee was shocked into idiocy. The two headmasters had blank expressions on their faces. The entire Adolf Academy Squadron was stunned. The whole 6000-7000 member audience was frozen stiff. And outside the arena, the school’s 10,000 spectators were completely speechless.


We won, just like that?

It was such a perfect and graceful 365-degree heaven-defying reversal as the spectators went from being in a dead end to being struck blind!

Silence pervaded the entire arena. Other than Wang Zhong… and perhaps Grai, no one expected this match to end with such a result. Not in the slightest did they expect this.

Tears began to flow from a number of students.

“W… won!”

“Won! We’ve won!”

“We’ve truly won! I don’t dare to open my eyes!”

Every started cheering and some even wanted to hoist up the trophy cup with tears streaming down their faces. They had really been on the brink of madness!

Right now, the squadron members of Adolf Academy regained their sense of clarity after their initial shock. Their blank looks receded as they stared at the spectacle before them. “They’re fucking crazy! You guys only won a single match!”

A hush fell.

“That’s true, we’re still down 3:1…”

The mass of people started to blush as they realized the truth of the matter. Even so, the atmosphere was once again very lively.

After being suppressed all afternoon, the energy of youths returned!

“We’re able to win such a match! It seems luck has returned to our Tianjing Academy!”

“This is called a true eruption. What luck…”

“So does that Wang guy really have a day where a blind cat can kill a rat?”

“There’s still one more match. If we win that then we’ll be able to enter the group battle and decide the victor there!”

“This is our first opportunity to choose last! This time we can pick as we wish. Who will Adolf send up?”

Cecil’s face was now a bit ugly. From start to now, it had been a green light for him. Their progress had been very smooth. This made it so that even a serious person like he felt nothing but contempt for his opposing captain’s lineup. Then suddenly, he was struck with this sudden attack, sobering him awake.

He crossed gazes with this Wang Zhong fellow across the arena and felt a bit unhappy. Still, their squadron had the absolute superiority. It had just been an unexpected mishap, that was all.

That guy is just a bit unreadable…

“Let me go up for the last match, captain!” A handsome and dashing youth with curly hair walked up before Cecil. He had a slender long sword hung at his waist, and a gorgeous aura seemed to follow him.

Cecil gave the youth a look. Everyone in the squadron had done an extremely deep and thorough analysis of their opponent’s lineup and composition last night. Other than Scarlet, Grai’s strength could be said to be the strongest in the group. Emily was in second place behind him. The two had their unique points and were both considered the nimble, agile type.

Originally, it was supposed to be a heavy soldier like Rosenberg that was the best weapon against them. But he had unexpectedly fallen in the fourth match

This guy before him might truly be his only option. At the very least, Grai, Emily, and Wang Zhong won’t be able to counter him.

Cecil didn’t feel as though his opponent had the ability to achieve a reversal. What was weird was that he felt as though the fourth match had been used to scheme against him. It made him feel slightly disgusted as well as a little apprehensive. He didn’t want to decide the victor loser with a group battle.

Instinctively, he felt that Wang Zhong fellow to be a bit frightening. After all, he was able to remain completely calm while throwing out a 3:1 losing streak. Not even the jeers and shouts of seemingly the entire academy fazed him. It was like he had the entire competition in his hands. With that universal return in the fourth match, he was able to throw this passive ball game back into his court, effectively dispelling all that Cecil had built up in the first three matches.

No one could achieve such a thing without absolute trust in themselves.

“How confident are you?” Cecil asked coldly. Compared to his opponent, Cecil had the greatest understanding of his own members. This brat before him could erupt with such might using just the barest of stimulation.

The youth laughed confidently and said, “A hundred percent!”

“This kid is still quite repulsive…” Simon forcefully resisted the impulse to give the brat a kick to the back. But when he remembered his terrifying sword skills, he reined himself in. This kid was crazy enough to draw his sword against his vice-captain.

“This hidden ace was supposed to be left for Copperfield Academy to feast on,” Cecil said as he watched the youthful figure enter the arena. “From the looks of it, Tianjing Academy can have a small taste first.”

“Oh? Who is this little guy?” Headmaster Greene’s current mood was quite joyful. Although the academy’s squadron’s reversal came slightly late, it had still come. Furthermore, it showed quite the irresistible force.

But while he had some understanding of Adolf Academy’s squadron members, especially those in their main lineup, this little fellow was clearly not someone he knew of.

Bradley felt some admiration toward Cecil’s arrangement. He never would’ve imagined that their hidden killing machine would appear so early on. But since this was the case, and he’d already stepped forward, there wasn’t any more need to hide him. “That’s Adonis. He’s a first-year freshman of our Adolf Academy. He’d only been in the academy for three months but his new ID in the OP system has already reached the Elite Promotion Competition… Haha. Old classmate, it isn’t just your academy that is able to acquire a Grai.”
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    《Battle Frenzy》