Battle Frenzy
186 Chapter 186 – Disparity between Pretty Boys
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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186 Chapter 186 – Disparity between Pretty Boys

Chapter 186 – Disparity between Pretty Boys

Headmaster Greene gawked, his forehead beginning to wrinkle. He thought about the origin of this slightly familiar name and suddenly patted his head, exclaiming, “Isn’t that Adonis of the Sion Clan? He’s one of the seventeen freshman with a soul power growth of 9.5 and above, no? Wasn’t that brat supposed to be in Copperfield City? To not enter the number one academy of his own hometown, was he actually snatched up by your academy?”

Bradley gave a hearty chuckle and said, “One has to look at matters from all angles, old classmate! Don’t you know the Sion Clan and Potter Clan aren’t exactly friendly toward one another within Copperfield City?”

“True. Copperfield Academy Squadron’s captain is that lass, Laura.” A flash of understanding appeared in Headmaster Greene’s head. “Since their Sion Clan can’t win against those perverts of the Potter Clan, they decided to send the brat over to you in an attempt at beating Laura in the CHF, right?”

“Our Adolf Academy is their only option!” Bradley replied with a very satisfied smile. He was their killing weapon, and in reality he didn’t really care of they lost one match. The flow of the competition was a bit weird, so sending up this Little Sion would just be insurance.

“Please send Grai up!”

“A handsome guy versus a handsome guy!”

“Please, oh god, please! Don’t let your chuunibyou disease act up again! Mr. Captain, my heart can’t take it!”

“Grai! Grai! Grai!”

The voices of countless people from inside and outside the arena came crashing together to form a tsunami of a chorus. Tianjing Squadron’s last selected member had to be Grai!

Those landslide-causing shouts came together to form a united cry as twenty thousand people cheered for one name from inside and outside the arena.

Wang Zhong smiled. This was the final match so he didn’t need to play the villain anymore. He looked toward Grai and made a gesture.

“Haha. Leave this to me, senior.”

The most handsome guys of each squadron walked toward the arena and faced each other.

One couldn’t help but say that these talented youths seemed to have been pre-installed with lady-killing halos. Adonis’ smile was alluring, akin to the brilliant rays of the sun. It managed to put up a fight against Grai’s transcendent smile. The issue was the words that emerged from that sunny grin.

“So you’re Grai, the so-called Freshman King?” Adonis’ expression was brimming with self-confidence as he continued, “Not bad, you are really quite handsome.”

“Fuck you! As if our Grai needs your evaluation! You pretty boy1!”

“You can only act pretentious when you have something to compare to, handsome kid from Adolf! You’re still miles apart from wanting to compare with our Grai!”

“You’ll be flung hundreds of miles away if you’re comparing strength!”

Those ladies on the viewing gallery shrieked at the top of their lungs. When faced against this life and death enemy, even those girls who were a bit smitten with Adonis’ looks stood unswervingly on the side of the academy. What’s more, the one being ridiculed was Grai!

Grai smiled faintly but deigned to give a reply.

Adonis’ mouth opened once more, “Are you a mute? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

Grai continued maintaining his faint smile.

“Are you so nervous that you’re unable to talk? Haha. I heard that when you entered the academy, your soul power growth reached 9.8? Sorry, but mine is 9.9!”

Grai’s faint smile was still there.

“Your expression is truly repulsive!”

Grai seemed to like his faint smile.

“There’s really no point in talking with you!” Adonis was at his wit’s end. He rarely saw such a supporting character that could actually be unaffected by his main character spotlight. He could usually toss out a few ridiculing remarks and make the other party feel indignant and full of injustice. They would then start to shout about beating and killing him while rushing forward. The end result was them being beaten with just a single swing of his sword.

“I feel the same,” Grai finally replied with a gentle laugh. “Really, it’s best to just fight.”

“Ah! Grai is so handsome! So kind-hearted!”

“Why do I always feel this uncontrollable bashfulness whenever I see Grai? He’s so hot!”

Irksome fellow! Irksome crowd! Irksome women!

Adonis’ face changed slightly as his eyes furiously contracted.

The gazes of both Headmaster Greene and Headmaster Bradley stayed on the match. In the end, regardless of the result of this match, regardless of Greene’s confidence in Grai or Bradley’s confidence in Adonis, they both knew this fight wouldn’t be so easily dealt with. The two freshmen were the trump cards for this year. Wanting to beat the other party easily was just a beautiful dream.


At the instant when the bell rang, Adonis disappeared from his original location with a flash!

Instantaneous movement?


This was just a very fast movement speed. His surroundings was pervaded with the energy of his wind special ability and he was able to move as fast as the wind. This was Gale Steps!

The audience’s sight was a bit slower and could only catch a glimpse of Adonis’ figure before the shadow of his sword followed the gale of his movement and swung out ten stabs toward Grai’s entire body.

Windspeed Sword? Gale Steps?

This seemed slightly interesting.

The attack was fast, but Grai was even faster. He dodged the oncoming attacks by a hair’s breadth.

“Did you think that was it!?” Adonis was like his shadow as he suddenly appeared, his sword becoming more swift. “That was just the start! Enjoy it all to the fullest!”

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh whoosh!

A succession of colliding crashes between weapons linked up to form a long, continuous cry of steel. The audience couldn’t even count how many times the two attacked and crossed hands.

Adonis’ sword techniques were too fast, his movements swift! With his wind special ability, both his attacking speed and movement speed gave everyone a much greater impact than Cecil’s Pateroff’s Spiral Dash. After all, that had just been an instant burst of strength while this was a continuous eruption!

Grai didn’t seem to have the slightest opportunity to counterattack and was forced to stay on the defensive against that storm of attacks.

A series of jeers sounded out.

“A genius that can only hide? Where’s all that previous prestige? Didn’t you say you wanted a fight?

“I’ll show you what a true genius is all about!”

Adonis’ crazy and arrogant roar of laughter increased along with his rampancy!

But one had to admit that he was a genius. The speed of his sword had already been enhanced to the extreme of human limits as he fused his special ability with his own speed.

The countless cheers for Grai had already disappeared. It wasn’t that they stopped believing in Grai, but because that fellow’s speed had reached a realm that made their hearts get stuck in their throats! Other than Headmaster Greene and a few others, 99 percent of the students were unable to follow the guy’s movements. All that could see were numerous after images of his figure encircling and attacking Grai at the same time!

Their eyes were filled with the image of his sword, their ears with the sound of colliding metal.

But the sword wasn’t the only thing they couldn’t see. Grai had also become just a blur to them.

Grai’s actions couldn’t be considered fast. At least, people didn’t feel he was fast. His feet stayed within a two-meter radius of his original position, and his body seemed akin to a tumbling doll as it continuously shook and weaved in place. His waist and legs were obviously straight and sturdy, but he was unexpectedly able to lean back at a sixty-degree angle easily. He was even able to turn and rotate…

Only a few recognized exactly which body method he was using, but those with better eyesight than normal could at least recognize that this movement method could put up a fight with All-Mouthy King’s Ghost Steps, the hottest thing recently. Both methods allowed one to have control over one’s center of gravity!

It was a method that used slow movements to dodge fast attacks. His opponent had sent out tens of stabs but not a single one had struck him! Half of them had been parried by Grai’s sword while the rest was easily dodged with that tumbling doll-like swaying movement of his.


Yet another collision between their swords. Adonis was gently pushed away, somewhat in disbelief. How could his sword, which had already been so fast, be completely evaded by his opponent?

He had used thirty percent of his strength at the start and assumed it would be sufficient to defeat this fellow. Now he had increased that to 60 percent and then 90 percent in his previous attack. Yet, that actually hadn’t been enough!

Was he actually being forced to use one hundred percent of his strength in his very first fight? How could he continue to act pretentiously if so? Also, his opponent still had that calm and collected expression on his face. When he looked at it, Adonis felt extremely pissed!

“Aren’t you tired from all that acting?” Adonis couldn’t help but start up his ridicule once more. “If you’re tired, then show it! No need to hide it all under that relaxed facade of yours!”

“Sorry, but I’m really not that tired,” Grai replied with a faint smile. He raised his sword in an extremely courteous manner.

Huh, that…

Everyone, including Adonis, finally took note. Did the sword in Grai’s hand actually have its sheath on this whole time!?

1. Little white face. Quite the derogatory way in Chinese to call a handsome person.
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    《Battle Frenzy》