Battle Frenzy
187 Chapter 187 – This is Called Strategizing!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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187 Chapter 187 – This is Called Strategizing!

Chapter 187 – This is Called Strategizing!

Furthermore, that fellow’s left hand had actually stayed behind his back the entire time!

Adonis and the audience weren’t the only ones with gaping mouths. Even those from Adolf Academy, such as Cecil, Simon, and the rest, stared at the scene before them. They were completely stupefied.

This… “

“But since you’re getting tired, I guess it’s my turn to attack.” With a gentle tremble of his right hand, a clear and melodic ring sounded out from the sword as the scabbard was tossed high into the air.


Before the ‘ing’ could leave his mouth, Grai’s sword was already resting softly against Adonis’ neck. ‘As faint as the clouds, gentle as the wind, I shall come over. With a soft touch, a wave of my sleeves, I can tear away the blood from your neck at any time!’

“You lose.”

The scabbard that had been tossed into the air fell back down and landed directly in Grai’s outstretched hand. That graceful posture, alluring smile, and briefly unsheathed rune sword!

Not a single person could see through Grai’s movements! It had reached a speed that appeared instantaneous!

Not a sliver of fireworks or the slightest trace of flare was seen. It was an incredicly fast dash that made Grai seem like a specter.

There was 0.01 seconds of absolute silence before waves of people went crazy and berserk. The entire arena exploded with cheers!

There were times when one had no choice but to admit that Grai had strength backing him. Even the male students of Tianjing Academy joined the chorus of cheers.

“Grai! My king!”

“My Grai!”

“Rairai! Please accept my petty and lowly love!”

Including Cecil, the expression of the entire Adolf Academy Squadron turned extremely grave. They had been forced into a group battle. Not only that, the entire flow and atmosphere of the competition hadn’t been right.

Headmaster Greene revealed a smile. Even if they lost the group battle, he wouldn’t care. He had already witnessed the bravery and hope within this group of youths. Tianjing Academy’s future will become strong.

“Old friend, I suddenly understand why Adonis went to your academy.” The wrinkles that creased Greene’s face began to smooth out. On the contrary, Bradley’s expression turned solemn. Was Grai too strong, or was Adonis just too weak?

This matter had gone just a bit out of hand. The issue was that Tianjing Academy could take such losses, but Adolf Academy could not!

The two sides began their half an hour rest period that was provided so that the squadrons could do their final preparations for the group battle. No one doubted that compared to the solo matches, the group battle would be the greatest test for providing the standard of the squadron. It was the best platform to display the strength of the academy.

Tianjing’s competition grounds were jam packed with people. Not only students, but even a few teachers not in the combat profession and other employees dared to arrive. No one believed that the Tianjing Squadron could force the powerful Adolf into a group battle. Furthermore, Tianjing was the one with the greater morale.

“Stop pushing! Stop pushing! Let me past! I’m a girl!”

“A girl with a beard? Fuck off!”

“I wanna see Grai!”

“Tianjing Academy is invincible! Grai is invincible! Our captain is invincible!”

“Wang Zhong has quite the way with things, huh? Let’s watch their group battle!”

Winners were kings while losers were bandits. Those voices that had scolded Wang ZHong had quickly disappeared, replaced with a chorus of cheers and jubilation. After all, only one result could come out of this test. If Wang Zhong wanted to continue sitting in the captain’s seat and gain recognition, he would need to show some results. There was simply no such thing in this world as obtaining love and trust without cause.

The atmosphere of the current arena was enthusiastic and fiery. To force the third-place squadron of the previous regionals into a group battle was definitely an outstanding achievement for Tianjing Academy. So what if they were down 3:2? Regardless of whether they won or lost the final group battle, Tianjing’s opportunities for the future had greatly increased. One could feel with the current atmosphere that luck was now completely on Tianjing’s side.

All of this noise and clamouring was unable to affect the two sides’ participants. Still, that tsunami-like cheering did bring about unprecedented excitement to the members of the Tianjing Squadron. It also, of course, put a bit of pressure on Adolf Academy.

Everyone stared at Wang Zhong with high spirits, confidence brimming in their eyes. Humin was busy trying to recover the energy of those who would participate in the final group battle. Although her special ability couldn’t treat certain wounds and injuries, it could still warm one’s soul sea and help them relax.

Everyone was currently waiting for the combat strategies Wang Zhong would arrange for the group battle. Trust wasn’t something one could display through words. Respect gained from regular training wouldn’t be enough. Everything still relied on attaining victory through successive fights.

Was it their time to win? Of course!

The audience outside could only watch this liveliness happen. Only the members of both squadrons understood how much superiority was expressed through that ‘3:2’ score.

Scarlet’s loss didn’t affect her state of mind. Rather, her gaze gained an additional sliver of respect and worship whenever she turned toward Wang Zhong.

Firstly, the five experts in their opponent’s main lineup, as well as their hidden ace, had basically all went up. Their strength had been completely understood by Tianjing’s side. Rosenberg was also in a heavily injured state, and the so-called genius Adonis had a mental collapse. While his body was fine, a soldier with low mentality dealt more damage to their own squadron than to the opponent. Anyone with a bit of reasoning wouldn’t bring him along for the group battle. In the end, Adolf’s two great experts had been essentially wasted.

On the other hand, Tianjing Academy’s Wang Zhong and Emily hadn’t yet gone up. This method of holding back cards was very vicious. They kept hold of two unknown factors that would be of very good use for the group battle. Lily’s slight injuries was completely unable to affect the squadron’s capabilities in the group battle.

True, Wang Zhong could have chosen to send in all of his elites and enter a life and death struggle with Adolf in the solo matches. The issue was that trying to beat Adolf with a perfect score was a very difficult task. There were many variables that could come into play, and it would’ve revealed their own strengths to their opponents if it came to a group battle. Who could say their core strength could guarantee no losses in such an all-out situation?

What if Barran hadn’t met Rosenberg, what if Cecil managed to seriously injure Scarlet during their match-up, what if Simon and his opponent came up and went all-out, only to suffer mutual defeat…

There were too many ifs. In the end, such decisions would have affected the arrangement of the group battle.

Furthermore, Scarlet knew that Lily and Colby had volunteered for the battle. To arrange such a lineup while still respecting the feelings of the third-years, Wang Zhong took care of everything without the slightest oversight!

Too amazing! Only those who were involved in the competition understood how frightening Wang Zhong’s battle formation arrangement was. He utilized the smallest of fulcrums to pry open and tip the scales of the entire competition to their favour!

Giving him the captain’s seat was indeed the right decision. If she hadn’t changed their positions, then don’t even talk about gaining some slight advantage, she would’ve caved long ago and become flustered and nervous..
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    《Battle Frenzy》