Battle Frenzy
188 Chapter 188 – Game of Combat Strategies
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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188 Chapter 188 – Game of Combat Strategies

Chapter 188 – Game of Combat Strategies

Naturally, the person who could be called the greatest variable and surprise was Barran. No one could have imagined that this honest Barran would actually erupt, creating an inconceivably brilliant feat that would shock the world. Even so, everyone tried to rein in their emotions as the competition had yet to finish. The final group battle was, after all, the hardest match.

As she thought about that, Scarlet’s gaze toward Wang Zhong gained another sliver of emotion. She wasn’t able to identify exactly what that emotion was. Admiration? Worship? Those didn’t seem likely. How about adoration?

Scarlet felt her face reddening when that idea popped up.

“Regardless of what the opponent has planned, we have to follow up with our own rhythm. The most critical element in a group battle is maintaining a complete formation. Control and positioning of members is crucial, and the strength of an individual has little to do with gaining victory in the group battle. Unless you’re forced to the edge, please don’t try and be a hero.”

The nine squadron members were gathered together with Wang Zhong giving them a briefing on the more important points of the group battle. “There’s no need to hurry and snatch away the superior position. Even if the enemy is on death’s door, keep up the strict formation and maintain superiority. Turn a blind eye to the easy prize! There are too many examples to name of people who destroyed their superior position just to snatch at that easy fame. That enormous prize being dangled before you is most likely to be a life-threatening trap!

“Forget about your own strengths and prominent points. You are a part of the squadron! Trust in your squadmates! For the sake of the squadron, create a superiority and build on it. We will turn this superiority into victory!”

The words poured out of Wang Zhong as he continued his lecture. To the side, after recovering the majority of her strength, Lily listened and wrinkled her forehead. “I think I’ve heard those words before. They’re quite familiar…”

“Yep. It’s from a very specialized thesis on group battles.” Wang Zhong nodded in approval.

Scarlet couldn’t bear it anymore and with a ‘puchi’, she started to laugh. “Oh, Sir Great Captain, wasn’t that paper the one you sent to the academy’s newspaper last year? It really is specialized. But, is it alright for you to boast and sell yourself like that?”

“Well, my surname is Wang…”1

Everyone instantly gawked. What did that mean?

“Every potter praises their own pots!” Ma Dong instantly exposed Wang Zhong, causing a bout of hearty laughter to ring out from around them.

Even Grai, who was usually the toughest to get laughing, couldn’t help it anymore and joined in. Usually, Wang Zhong was a very earnest individual, but there were times when he could be a bit humorous and entertaining without being unreasonable. He also possessed a lot of strength. Cooperating with such a person definitely made people happy and delighted. After that bout of laughter, the originally solemn and nervous atmosphere was swept away.

While Tianjing’s side was relaxed and cheerful, Adolf Academy really was wallowing in a more grave atmosphere.

Just half an hour ago, their 3:2 lead still left them with some energy. But right now, everyone there had heavy hearts and a slight feeling of disgrace. Adolf had sent up all of their elites during the solo matches. Yet, their current situation left two elites wasted while their opponent didn’t have a single person injured. Now they had to decide the competition with a group battle. It was unknown exactly how sullen they felt in their hearts!

Was their captain stupid? No! He wasn’t stupid. This entire situation was his creation, and Cecil had only noticed it after the fifth match ended!

They’d been played with since the start…

Cecil wasn’t one to dwell on the past. Since matters had progressed up to here, there was no point in talking of what already happened. Feeling angry and indignant now was useless. Their incorrect data had preordained this result.

What they could only do now was try and find their footing during the group battle!

“We still have the advantage! Don’t forget, even Copperfield Academy had been pushed to the brink of despair by us during the group battle! Group battles are what we excel at! No matter how smart the opposite party’s commander is, they’re still just a hastily formed squadron. The cooperation between them isn’t something that could be formed with just commands!”

“The ones to go up will be Simon, Elena, Bernie, Qi Lian Shan, and me!”

Berney was originally their main swordsman, so that wasn’t much of an issue. A 1:4 arrangement was the mainstream for Adolf, with one heavy cannon long-ranged soldier and four close-ranged soldiers. Basically speaking, their main lineup hadn’t changed with the exception of heavy soldier Rosenberg being replaced with the substitute heavy soldier Qi Lian Shan.

Cecil’s expression was as still as the surface of a tranquil lake, emotionless. He was as calm as he was during regular training as he said, “We have already revealed too much information, but they have also done the same! Lily and Colby were just smokescreens tossed out to confuse us. Their core lineup originally consisted of their first and second years!

“Scarlet, Barran, and Grai have already gone up. Emily and Wang Zhong managed to stay hidden in the dark. We have a rough understanding of the strength of the first three. As for the final two, Emily should be somewhat stronger than Colby. Treat her temporarily as on the same level as Elena. Wang Zhong is a long-ranged archer. Those five will be the main core strength of their squadron.

“Tianjing’s conditions are limited. The battlefield used for the group battle should be that arena we’d seen before. There is no need to consider it a ‘capture the flag’ battle. The most critical point is still the advancement of the formation. Against this lineup, does anyone have any ideas or comments?” Cecil looked toward his squadmates around him. This was the standard practice for Adolf Academy. Even though Cecil had absolute control over the strategic decisions of the squadron, he wouldn’t just ignore the thoughts and privileges of his squadmates.

True group battles were not something that could be succeeded with simple obedience to the commander. Most required every squadmate to have a deep understanding of why the tactics were employed. Only by doing so would it allow the five members on the battlefield to have a kind of automatic cooperation in reaction to sudden counterattack situations that could occur at any time. When that happened, late commands could cause the squadron to be completely wiped out. It was thus necessary to let everyone participate in the discussion of the strategies being used.

“Our opponent consists of two long-ranged soldiers. That means a 2:3 formation.” Simon pushed up his glasses and continued, “Their long-ranged attacks will be arrows and dual pistols. It is an abundance of range but a lack of firepower. As for the three vanguards, their offense and defense is comparatively more balance. It is a very standard formation with strong sustainability. What it lacks is explosiveness.

“So do we use our standard strategy? Our 1:4 lineup means we have the stronger vanguard. If we use our three against their three, then Elena can go behind and launch a sneak attack at their ranged soldiers. Elena’s assassination ability against their ranged soldiers allows us to deal with their ranged soldiers first. Afterward, we’ll have the absolute superiority!”

“It won’t be that simple.” Cecil cooly rejected the suggestion. “Everyone should have already seen Scarlet’s strength in the solo match. Using Elena’s speed would be difficult if it’s against her. Furthermore, there’s still the unknown factor known as Wang Zhong. Our standard strategy of destroying the backline won’t be suitable. What’s more, our opponent is definitely not stupid. If we can think of this, chances are they’ll have seen it as well. Once they’re prepared against such a strategy, we will be hard-pressed to make another move.”


“For this fight,” Cecil said in a calm and unhurried manner, “we shall use the roughest and crudest method. They won’t expect us to destroy their heavy soldier vanguard first.”


Everyone was astonished. Group battles consisted of a 5 versus 5. People wouldn’t usually aim for the frontlines at the very start. Nimble assassins, soldiers balanced in offense and defense, or the powerfully defensive heavy soldiers, each of these professions possessed their own survivability method. Group battles allowed for mutual support so trying to quickly take out a person in the lineup was basically an impossible task.

1. Wang means King in Chinese. A pun…
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