Battle Frenzy
189 Chapter 189 – Face the Sun
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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189 Chapter 189 – Face the Sun

Chapter 189 – Face the Sun

Hit where it hurts and attack the weak points. During confrontations of lineup, one would usually try to find an opportunity to destroy the defensively weaker back lines. This was the proper course of action in a group battle. Yet, Cecil actually wanted to destroy their front lines?

It was hard to really note how strong Emily was, but the survivability of an assassin was very high. Grai’s strength was already revealed to all, so that left Barran. This honest freshman was still an unknown, and it was difficult to determine whether he was at Cecil’s level or not. Even so, he was a ferocious person who managed to use brute strength to take out Rosenberg. Was Cecil’s decision to take out the front lines truly correct?

“The explosiveness and firepower of our opponent’s long-range attacks aren’t sufficient. Arrows and pistols required time before they can unleash a string of continuous attacks. The threat they pose to our own front lines is minimal at the very start.” Cecil’s analysis hit the nail on the head. He quickly went down his lineup. “Elena, you are in charge of Grai. Use a feint and trick them into thinking you’ll be charging the back. Lure him away. Regardless of whether or not he takes the bait, you’ll still have to take the initiative and sneak-attack him. Draw him away from the front lines of their formation. Don’t clash head-on with him; your goal is to restrain!”

During the match between Grai and Adonis, the latter had purposefully courted disaster and attacked recklessly from the start. This made him waste large amounts of soul power and strength. Grai’s own strength was not clear for all to see.

Even so, restraining him should be possible. If it were Elena, she should be able to succeed. Group battles and solo matches were different, and the way one defended and attacked was also different. If Elena put her all into defending, even Cecil wouldn’t be able to deal with her within a short amount of time.

“Berlean, you’ll have to restrain that Emily. If you get the chance, finish her off!”

Although Emily’s strength was still relatively unknown, she was still just an assassin. As the main soldier of Adolf, regardless of the superiorities between occupations or the strength one held, Berlean definitely wasn’t afraid of a freshman assassin. Even if she were to be regarded as someone on Elena’s level, he definitely wouldn’t be inferior.

“After all that,” Cecil’s arrangements for this stage and his goal was clearly presented, “we will just have to block the first round of attacks from their ranged fighters. Wait for a gap in their attacks before focusing all our firepower on their heavy soldier first!”

Using Elena’s feint lure as the core, their fake 1:3:1 lineup was still, in fact, Adolf’s most familiar 1:4 lineup.

This was an absolutely vicious tactical arrangement!

Aiming to instantly take out their opponent’s heavy soldier, the one who possessed the greatest defense, was in reality an extremely difficult task. Heavy soldier Barran was very powerful, but in the end he was still just a freshman. Although he had learned that counter-charge combat technique from somewhere, his foundations and usability in squadron cooperation would definitely be weaker by a notch. If random freshmen popping up were truly that all-rounded, then there wouldn’t be any point in having others mix around.

With these arrangements, it could instantly turn the match into an advantageous three against one. As long as Qi Lian Shan was matched up properly against Barran, then with Simon and Cecil’s strength they would definitely have the chance to take out Barran.

Right now, a three-dimensional image of the fight had already been formed within everyone’s mind. The arrangement was very bold and violated common sense, but it produced instantaneous results. This was violence that couldn’t be met head-on. Their captain had finally gotten serious!

“This is a possible tactic!” Simon pushed up the glasses that rested on his nose. “Our arrangement of targeting their heavy soldier is definitely abnormal and won’t be easily seen by them. Interweaving truth and lies is a part of the art of war. The best result is when it’s hard to tell apart the truths and lies. If we can achieve our goal, the rest of the match will become easier. But will Qi Lian Shan really be fine?”

This was the critical element of their strategy. It would require, at the very least, that Qi Lian Shan wouldn’t be countered by their opponents. This substitute heavy soldier faced quite the disparity compared to Rosenberg, while Rosenberg had been dealt with by their opponent in just a second.

“Qi Lian Shan, you’ll have to display a charging attitude in order to confuse Barran. That’s it. Still, you’ll need to put all of your soul power into your defense.” Cecil further explained, “Resist for three seconds and victory will be ours!”

Qi Lian Shan, who sat beside them all, appeared slightly nervous. He was, after all, going up against the one who had gotten rid of his most respected senior, Rosenberg.

To the side, Rosenberg lay flat on a stretcher. He could only move his upper body, but still interrupted the briefing to say, “A’Shan1, there’s no need to be so terrified of that fool. He isn’t as strong as you think he is. At most, his soul power is at 130 grassos. I, your brother, was just too careless that time—”

Before he could finish his statement, Cecil tossed him a chilling glare that caused him so much fright that the rest of his words got stuck in his throat.

“The strong are strong, the weak are weak. You better not be trying to find an excuse for losing!” Cecil said coldly. “Qi Lian Shan, you’re not necessarily inferior to your opponent, but there’s no need for heroes in the core of this battle. Tactics and strategy will suffice. Your defense isn’t weak and you’re also a member of our Adolf Academy! Remember your task well! Don’t underestimate your opponent like some fool.”

Rosenberg’s mouth was shut tight, not daring to utter any more nonsense. As for Qi Lian Shan, he firmly nodded while shouting, “Understood, captain! Leave it to me. I’ll focus completely on defending and block him even if I die!”

The half-hour preparation time quickly ended. Currently, the audience watching from the stands had already calmed down by quite a bit, but there was still a level of excitement within them all. Even so, the loud roars and shouts had already died down, and only the lingering rumble of discussion could be heard within the competition grounds.

In reality, everyone was feeling very nervous and a bit apprehensive within their hearts. Group battles was the highest test of a squadron’s strength, and it was also the most difficult test. Tianjing’s squadron had been established not so long ago and had even gone through a bout of chaos. Would the group battle go well for them?

Could Wang Zhong truly command this squadron? All everyone could do was choose to believe him. Just, they didn’t have a lot of confidence.

As they watched Wang Zhong lead his group of five onto the arena, it seemed as though he’d given them quite the long discussion as he decided their lineup. The competition grounds quickly grew quiet.

After a moment, reporter Little Mei of the academy newspaper raised her microphone to her mouth. “Our lofty academy, and brilliant heroic souls…”

Countless voices rose in accordance to her voice.

“For our lofty academy and brilliant heroic souls,

No fetters can bind our Tianjing students.

We students will ride the winds,
We students will crest the raging waves.

Our runes are extraordinary and beautiful,
Our century-long history in science will rise to the skies.

For centuries Tianjing souls have stayed with us,
For centuries they have propped up and lifted our Federation’s roof.

Give us bright and resplendent wings.
Let us break through dimensions and space.

Bring us on a voyage through our dreams…”

The singing voices fluttered across the entire competition grounds. This was Tianjing Academy’s school song. It didn’t only echo throughout the arena, but even outside as tens of thousands of people sang in chorus.

When the over twenty-thousand people began to spontaneously sing the school song, even Headmaster Greene couldn’t help but echo them in a low voice alongside the professors and teachers sitting behind him.

Headmaster Bradley, who was originally supposed to be his enemy, couldn’t help but feel deep respect. At the very least, in this moment, he witnessed and remembered the splendor and glory of Tianjing Academy.

This song had been sung by Headmaster Greene in his youth. Tianjing Academy was his alma mater while he was pursuing his studies and he’d once seen its splendorous and glorious period that was reflected in this song. For example, there was the time when Grace had led the academy to rush into the top eight of the CHF. It was a situation where over ten-thousand people had spontaneously gathered in the public square to start singing the school song as they watched the broadcast from a large screen. Headmaster Greene would never forget that till the day he dies.

But how long ago had that been? Ten years? Twenty? The song had already become an ‘accompanying’ song regularly played during academy get-togethers. There weren’t many who felt the song was nice to hear, and even fewer truly felt that the song brought them glory and honour. On the contrary, they would be ridiculed as ‘hillbillies’ when they were heard.

Yet now, everyone sung it. This wasn’t some request from the academy, and this definitely wasn’t some get-together. It had happened because they wished to sing it!

Greene suddenly felt that their academy, which had declined after so very, very long, finally came together for the first time today. It was a feeling of having emerged to shoot toward the rising sun!

1. Using A’ in front of a person’s name is usually done as a term of endearment.
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    《Battle Frenzy》