Battle Frenzy
201 Chapter 201 – As in Mouth?
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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201 Chapter 201 – As in Mouth?

Chapter 201 – As in Mouth?

“As in this mouth?”

“That’s the one I’m talking about. And the greatest aristocratic member I know is named Ma Dong,” replied Wang Zhong.

“Cough, cough… are you fucking with me!?” Ma Dong’s face twisted with disbelief. “That All-Mouthy King…”

“Do you recall the match between All-Mouthy King and Luo Zhen?” asked Wang Zhong. “It happened precisely two months ago and All-Mouthy King’s right hand was injured.”

Ma Dong instantly closed his mouth. Two months ago Wang Zhong had left the restricted region with a broken right hand.

“Around three months ago, I came to you asking for your help in acquiring crosswheels. That was also the time when All-Mouthy King just destroyed Hanged Ghost.

“Now think about all the other times when All-Mouthy King appeared in the OP.”

Ma Dong was now stupefied. Every single time All-Mouthy King appeared in the OP, Wang Zhong just so happened to have matters to attend to. During the day Wang Zhong needed to train, so All-Mouthy King’s fights always happened at night. Then there was the time he had disappeared for an entire month; that was precisely the period when Wang Zhong and the rest went and participated in Teacher Grace’s group training.

But the elation and happiness that had erupted in Ma Dong’s eyes quickly dimmed. His moment of surprise and amazement continued as he truly felt joy and happiness for his brother. If he had been told this a while ago, then his gossipy nature would have immediately been aroused. His excitement would have reached a point where he would’ve felt both surprise and fright, and his actions would have been exceedingly exaggerated.

At this moment, however, he couldn’t muster up the excitement or emotion that was proper for this confession.

“I’m happy for you, brother. You were able to achieve your dreams,” said Ma Dong. Now he understood why Wang Zhong possessed so much confidence during the exchange competition. If he were All-Mouthy King, then he definitely possessed the right to be self-confident. However…

Without the support of a clan, what could one All-Mouthy King do? What could ten of him do? The world was just too big.

“If I am able to become All-Mouthy King, why can’t you become the head of the Assassin Clan!?” pushed Wang Zhong.

With a sigh, Ma Dong answered, “Then I’ll tell you the truth. The largest reason why All-Mouthy King is so popular and well-received is that of his mysterious identity. This mystery led to countless guesses and predictions. Another reason is his chain of successive victories. As long as you lose a single match, this legend stops. Lost two and you become an ordinary person. And in the end, no one can truly continue such a victory streak.

“I’m not trying to strike you so you’ll fall to where I am. I’m just saying there are many experts in the world. One day, you will lose; those clans and influences will not simply accept their losses.”

Perhaps it was depression, or perhaps it was because the mystery had been broken, but the revealed identity did nothing to inspire confidence in Ma Dong. As one born into a large clan, he was all too clear about the strength behind a clan. It just wasn’t something that a single person could contend against.

This towering mountain without any weakness became a stifling pressure against him. If he loses the support of his clan, Ma Dong didn’t know what he could accomplish. Would he even be considered anything?

Not saying a single word, Wang Zhong suddenly waved and footed the bill. He then grabbed Ma Dong and pulled him along as he left the bar.

When he found he was being dragged by Wang Zhong toward the academy’s OP training room, Ma Dong had a rough understanding of what his friend wanted to do.

But the reality was, Wang Zhong’s stimulation did not have the effect he so desired. Rather, it increased the feeling of inferiority within Ma Dong. He felt he was even more useless now, simply allowing Wang Zhong to drag him around.

Once a person enters a pessimistic state, their thoughts toward problems became miserable and full of despair, traveling down a path toward self pain. And the more one digs down the rabbit hole, the deeper the pain and misery became.

It was only 9 PM when they arrived at the OP training room. There weren’t many people inside, and there was just a screen broadcasting a match within the elite division.

“Wait for me here,” said Wang Zhong. Ma Dong simply nodded his head. He wasn’t willing to disappoint Wang Zhong’s good intentions. But what could a match change? So what if he was All-Mouthy King? Was there any use to such an identity? Could it change his family’s plans?

He was a new human with good potential. If his luck was good enough, he would be able to mix around and obtain a good position within a large clan. But so what? In the end he would still be selling his life to others. Bloodlines were the number one requirement for success.

Wang Zhong knew the current state of Ma Dong’s mind. While he was usually very smart, he was now drilling himself into a deeper abyss of misery and despair. There was no point in trying to talk sense to him. What Wang Zhong needed to do was tell Ma Dong that the reasons humans were humans was because they were unwilling to give up. Things like miracles and the like required people to believe in them. This belief was for the off chance that one day it may materialize!

This time, regardless of who his opponent was, Wang Zhong would destroy them completely!

He wanted to tell Ma Dong that the starting point for failure was the moment a person renounced their desire to win. Before that, every ‘impossibility’ was meant to be broken!

Very few fights could flare up the anticipation within Wang Zhong. He truly hoped he would be matched up with a stronger opponent.

Countless reminder beeps began to ring. At this moment, those brothers engaging in procreation were already tying up their pants while those cannon fodders hastily buried their hatchets before rushing off to join the viewing gallery.

Mothers stopped calling people home to eat and weird uncles stopped selling their sweets and lollipops; everyone had received the same transmission.

All-Mouthy King was online!

After his fight with Luo Feng, All-Mouthy King had seemingly disappeared once more. Since Wang Zhong had packed his entire day to the brim with training, it led to his many fans growing unbearably impatient.

Who would be his opponent after Luo Feng? Incomparable anticipation filled everyone’s thoughts.

Exactly who was left that could stop this fellow?

“Brother King is invincible!

“All-rounders have no weakness! He’ll beat everyone until there’s nobody that can deal with him!”

“Even if it’s Laura or Kostan, those two had represented the strongest fighting strength inside the OP! Since they lost, what else can others show?”

“Aiya. You’re still so ignorant and inexperienced! The waters of the Federation run deep. Brother King isn’t the only one to have successive victories under his name.”

“Don’t you know the OP still has the sanctuary division? Brother, the elite division only represents the entrance to a higher division.”

“Sanctuary? Isn’t that just an honorary namesake given to those who’ve cast their heroic souls?”

“Speaking about this, I’ve only heard about this sanctuary division. Can anyone give a clear explanation about what it is? What exactly is the sanctuary division?”

Everyone in the audience excitedly discussed this topic. According to the OP’s current trend, All-Mouthy King’s chain of successes would mean his next opponent would be very, very strong.

“Hi everyone! I am Chen Yu’er and it’s nice to meet you all again. Hehe. I just heard some friends discussing sanctuary division soldiers. Most students won’t be too clear about them so let me, Little Yu, give everyone an explanation.”

Recently, Chen Yu’er had become the special host arranged by the OP officials for Brother King. To be frank, Chen Yu’er slightly disliked All-Mouthy King. To her, he was an overly popular, but cold and detached person. She’d sent three friend invites to him but was completely ignored. Even those younger generations of the Five Great Clans weren’t so arrogant and stuck-up.

But as a host, the knowledge required of her was extremely broad and deep. “In fact, the sanctuary division is the division one would each upon being promoted from the elite division. It is an incomparably high honor for soldiers and is given only to those of the elite division who possess outstanding results.

“Please take note that an outstanding result does not mean just achieving victories. One’s quality of opponents is also very important. Therefore, one must also possess extremely high potential. Simply speaking, one should be in possession of a heaven-defying special ability or something similar in other aspects before the officials can decide for a promotion to the sanctuary division.

“Naturally, most of those who have cast their heroic souls would also be properly identified as a person of the sanctuary division. An example is Grace from Tianjing Academy. She entered the sanctuary division a year after casting her heroic soul. As for those who have yet to cast their heroic soul, they are mainly grouped as ‘observational targets’ for the sanctuary division.

“If a person is acknowledged to be such a target, then I will have to congratulate you as you will become an outstanding figure of this era—an undeniable king of the younger generation.”

In fact, this potential would generally be referred to as one’s bloodline. The first ones to be transformed by the dimensional energy were known as the first generation. No matter how talented one was now, one’s physical potential would always be limited. Only those with bloodlines that had been passed down through years and generations could be regarded as a true leader of the new humans.
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    《Battle Frenzy》