Battle Frenzy
202 Chapter 202 – Sanctuary Division!
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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202 Chapter 202 – Sanctuary Division!

Chapter 202 – Sanctuary Division!

When people with outstanding genes came together, it would be inevitable that they would become the building blocks for the development of a new exceptional bloodline. It does not take a genius to figure out that such union between people with natural talent would eventually give rise to a number of extraordinary individuals in the future. Indeed, those bornt from such a bloodline would have remarkable talents that distinguished them from those were not as lucky.

Furthermore, those that came from families with strong bloodlines would not only possess strong talents, but would be bestowed with the resources, techniques, and influence attained by their predecessors. It would be hard to find ordinary new humans that can match up to their level.

The Federation would not openly advocate the glamor of bloodlines, and had even tried their best to promote equality between people of different social standings. However, even then, it went without saying that being born into a well-established family would generally be beneficial and would open multiple doors of opportunities.

Hence, to be selected for promotion into the Hall Division was not only a matter of personal honour; it was a form of recognition of status and potential. This proved to be a major point of attraction for every expert in the Elite Division. Although All Mouthy King was able to breeze through the Elite Division as though he was invincible, there were others before him that had done the same. In fact, many had done so in a much better fashion. The only reason why All Mouthy King attracted so much attention was because he was still in the Cannon Fodder division. This was a classic example of a loser who went against all odds and managed to rise up to the top in the process, which only magnified his accomplishments. For experts that were already at the Hall Division level, beating Laura and Kestan up wasn’t something that was worth getting excited about.

What Laura and the rest were not simply fighting to win. Victory meant little to them. What they hoped to achieve was the awakening of their bloodlines through combat. As such, every fight was a precious opportunity for them to spread their wings and fly. Every soldier in the Hall Division all came from a large family; even the orphan Grace came from a large family, albeit one that had a weak bloodline. During the previous great war, all of her other family members had perished at the front lines. Soon after the war had ended, Greene decided to adopt Grace. Based on her current performance, there was no doubt that she came from a family with a bloodline. Additionally, talent she possessed was often the type that would skip a generation or two. However, the lack of resources and support that can only be provided by large families resulted in her late blooming.

Having a professional explain would make it easier for others to learn, and realization would dawn on quite a number of them.

While giving an explanation to everyone, Chen Yu’er tried sending yet another friendship request to Wang Zhong. She was starting to get peeved. She did not believe that All Mouthy King would continuously ignore her like that!

Right at that moment, Chen Yu’er became speechless. Oh my lord, is that…

Divian Seer.

The appearance of the name caused a wave of bewilderment to spread across the viewing gallery. It was a name that everyone was familiar with, and yet, it was hard to remember who exactly the person was for it had been too long since they had last heard this name.

The arrival of Divian in the combat preparation area banished all doubts in everyone’s minds.

That’s a golden colored name..

A cacophony of voices immediately erupted from the viewing gallery, the broadcast area, and the training grounds of countless academies.

“Gold, golden name?”

“What, she’s a Hall Division soldier?”

“Is that real or fake? I’ve heard about it but I thought that those were just rumors. Is there truly such a classification?”

Numerous newbies did not know or understand its significance. However, a considerable portion of the Elite Division knew that possessing a golden name signified that one had obtained the title of ‘Hall Elite’. When one was promoted to that position, the power one wield was exceptional. The individual even had the right to conceal an entire fight from the eyes of the public. Therefore, it was extremely difficult for ordinary people to catch a glimpse of them.

Basically, one with a golden name would be able to hide the entire fight when they met with their matched opponents. However, All Mouthy King didn’t have this special right as he was only a cannon fodder.

This fight that was not supposed to have occurred have indeed happened.

“Brother Vian?”

Far away at Copperfield City, Laura instantly turn numb at the sight before her. Laura had the feeling that All Mouthy King’s successive victories would eventually lead him to him meeting such monsters on the battleground. After all, this was something she herself had aspired to achieve. However, relying solely on her soul bear was not enough to get her to that level. Divian Seer. She only needed ten matches to attain such qualifications and that was mainly due to her possessing one of the most outstanding bloodlines in the Federation. Her reputation has earned her the respect of everyone, who now called her Brother Vian though she was a lady, and a beautiful one to boot.

In the Stoleg City, Kestan involuntarily swallowed his saliva, while saying a silent praying for All Mouthy King in his heart for three seconds. Getting Brother Vian as his opponent…All Mouthy King’s luck sure has ran out.

Even Juan, who was beside him, had turned starstruck. He himself did not possess the qualifications to meet with Brother Vian. However, he had heard from his elder brother that the Elite Division was something that every member of their family should enter, with the title of ‘Hall Elite a goal for each and every one of them to pursue. From another point of view, attaining the title of ‘Hall Elite would place you amongst the top echelons of the family and be treated as the main successor to the family.

No one had expected that All Mouthy King would actually meet such an opponent.

“Big bro, All Mouthy King’s bloodline doesn’t seem to be that strong. How is it that he can encounter such an opponent?” asked Juan, no longer able to hold down his curiosity.

Hearing his question, Kestan gawked for a moment before realization dawned upon him. “Randomized weapons, randomized battleground.”

Having successive victories was simply not enough to meet such an opponent. People with twenty, thirty successive victories were not a rarity. However, being able to achieve successive victories while constantly being placed in a randomized weapon and randomized battleground setting was never seen before, and All Mouthy King was the first to do so!

It wasn’t long after her name had appeared did everyone understood the significance of her golden name. Divian could be said to be one those that stood at the apex of the current younger generation.

The Stuart and the other four great families were indeed the top families in terms of power and influence. Their power was not attributed solely to their family bloodlines; they also have immense control within the Federations. However, when it comes to combat prowess, there were none other than the ten great families. The Seer family was one of them, and was a staunch comrade of the Stuart family.

The Seer family was a strong one, with an even stronger bloodline. It was said that the ancestor of the Seer family had the opportunity to bathe in the blood of a Ninth Grade Dimensional Life form!

Even if you do not mention about dimensional life forms, any mutated beasts or monsters that were able to reach the Ninth grade would be labelled as a dragon. Thus, the Seer Family would be called as the dragon family, having the genetic traits only possessed by “dragons”. Within the Federation where the power of bloodline inheritance was well established within the various large aristocratic families, the Seer family was still said to be the crème de la crème!

As for Divian Seer, she was considered as a super genius. With her status and background, there was simply no need for her to display any of her skills in public. On the contrary, she had maintained an extremely low profile. After all, she had inherited the bloodline of a dragon.

Once her name had appeared, all information about her became revealed. Chen Yu’er began introducing the meaning behind the name Divian Seer with great vigour and emotions. Therefore, everyone finally understood exactly what was going on now. In other words, due to All Mouthy King’s “rampancy and arrogance”, he had been matched against the ultimate opponent: a Hall Division soldier!

Dragon girl, Divian Seer!

Within a short span of five minutes, the viewing gallery had reached its saturation point, holding a grand total of a hundred thousand people with many more attempting to seek entry. There had never been a case in which the viewing gallery had been packed to the brim before. The number of people watching the Skylink broadcast had already broken six hundred thousand. This was all because of the might and prestige of the Hall Division. The appearance of Divian Seer had rendered All Mouthy King to be seen as nothing more than trash at the side of the road. In front of Ms Perfect, any opponent would only serve as her background to let her shine more brightly.

It wasn’t only the OP that had erupted forth with emotions;everyone in the OP training room of Tianjing Academy was instantly petrified.
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