Battle Frenzy
203 Chapter 203 – Dragon Lady Diviana Seer
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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203 Chapter 203 – Dragon Lady Diviana Seer

Chapter 203 – Dragon Lady Diviana Seer

The large hall in the Tianjing OP training room had also became rowdy, with every discussion centered on Divian Seer. Facing against someone with such absolute strength, All Mouthy King had once again been relegated to being the clown. Despite the non-stop chattering and clamour around him, Ma Dong remained silent, a trait quite unlike himself. My misfortunate had spread even to my brother. I truly have a foul mouth. The reason why All Mouthy King was attracting all these attention was simply because of his mysteriousness and successive victories in a random weapon, random battleground setting. Once his streak had been broken, he would be seen as nothing special.

Could this be their destiny? To forever be just nothing but just specks of dust…

Perhaps, it was truly his fault. He should not have let Wang Zhong head here. If he had missed today, he might not have met Divian Seer. The chances of meeting such a person were close to zero. As a member of the Assassin Family, Ma Dong understood how these people operated all too well. Becoming a part of their circle was something he aspired to achieve, but he knew in his heart that it was something he could never accomplish. In fact, Divian Seer was seen as an existence that transcends the lowly humans. The higher one climbed in society, the clearer the distinction between each social class became. The most important thing to note was that Ma Dong understood how strong they were and their strength was what made insufferably arrogant.

In contrast to everyone else, Wang Zhong was not concerned about the golden name. Although he didn’t know who his opponent was, or what she had done, he could feel her immense strength from miles away. He could not care less about who the opponent was, for it did not change his will to fight.

Everyone looked at the two who were about to come to blows with much trepidation. The viewing gallery, the OP live broadcast… the students of hundreds of academies in the Federation were utilising any way they can to watch this match. This was someone bestowed with the title of ‘Hall Elite, the highest honor and glory one could get as a Casted Soul soldier.

Divian Seer had appeared.

The silvery white short hair that seemed to be the distinguishing trait of the noble blood lineage belonging to the Seer family glimmered in the light, her eyes a deep blue that was akin to sapphires. Her straight nose, with those thick and alluring lips and skin as white as snow granted her a beauty that went well beyond that of paintings. On her face was an expression of such coldness and callousness that fused together her beauty and temperament into one. A feeling of inferiority perfused the entire viewing gallery, as such beauty and strength was rarely seen in public, granting her the name of “Brother”.

Finally, there was someone who was more handsome and dashing. As a guy, Grai was a blend of beauty that tilted towards the feminine side. On the other hand, being a girl, Divian had a heroic spirit that had neutral undertones, giving her a allure that was more masculine. If the two of them were ever compared based on beauty, they would be on par with each other.

Divian’s presence was strong to the point of being overbearing, especially with her strength and status of being in the sanctuary division. Upon her appearance, an aura that would only suit an empress seemed to emanate out from her, affecting everyone in the viewing gallery.

Divian was surprised by the situation she was placed in. Never did she imagine that she would encounter such a situation, facing off against someone she was not familiar with.

This small group of people with the title of ‘Hall Elite’ of the Hall division were special existences within the OP. Their strength and power distinguished them from the Elite Division. Just like those observers sitting high up in the upper echelons, they were high up overlooking the mass of ordinary people below, with the possibility of interaction between the two close to nil.

All Mouthy King? Cannon Fodder Division?

The expression on her face did not change in the least, for being in such a division would mean that her opponent was one that went against normal conventions and had ambition in his heart. However, being unable to change his current situation had made him feel helpless. Thus, he should not had come from a strong family.

Cannon Fodder Division,… this meant that something miraculous had happened to this person. To be matched up against me meant that he had strength but mostly, it’s all due to luck. Amusement raised the corner of Divian’s mouth. She didn’t care much about such an unexpected situation. All she wanted was to be surprised by opponents. Although he had covered his face, judging from his physique, he should be a soldier that’s leaned towards the nimble and agile type. He should be extremely confident with his combat abilities. Generally speaking, of the occupations in the higher divisions, soldiers were greater in numbers than other occupations such as the assassins.

From a piece of information, Divian was able to gleam much from her opponent, with much of it right on the point. Perhaps other people might get shaken by All Mouthy King’s consecutive victories and prestige, but a high level person like Divian would not make such a simple mistake. Ever since she was born, she was destined to create many miracles. Those great figures that ordinary people were unable to see might just be drinking while sitting on her family’s sofa, while even seeking a request from the Seer Family. In her eyes, All Mouthy King merely an interesting side character that had did his utmost to climb all the way up here. There wasn’t any derogatory or negative connotation to her thinking. To be exact, her thinking was not affected by any emotion, for she had seen too many cases of this kind.

Divian Seer’s appearance had exceeded everyone’s expectations, causing the atmosphere to become slightly tense. Whispers filled the viewing gallery and OP broadcast region, while the discussion forums had exploded with discussions about the match. In fact, even everyone’s way of gossip had changed. The ordinary soldiers were overwhelmed with awe and intimidated by her presence, causing no one to give a second thought to All Mouthy King. A change had quietly appeared in everyone’s hearts as they all came to the same conclusion that All Mouthy King had finally met his match.

The majority of the people were admiring Divian Seer, for a chance like this was truly too hard to come by. The freedom with the Federation had its boundaries, as well as its numerous divided social classes. A person like Divian Seer would be at the top of the hierarchy, or perhaps even higher than that. This wasn’t just purely due to her coming from the Seer Family. It was mainly because she was the Divian Seer!

While everyone was still starstruck by Divian Seer, All Mouthy King still did something that rendered everyone speechless. In the past, All Mouthy King had always done it this way. However, doing so again in this match left everyone confused as to his reason for doing so.

Randomized weapon, randomized battlefield!

That’s right! This was All Mouthy King’s style. He had always been like that. He would never change, even if his opponent was Divian.

Although her expression did not change, confusion arose in Divian’s heart. Doing such a thing when faced against her would mean that either her opponent had given up, or he had absolute confidence in himself. Frankly speaking, she knew all of the most elite experts in the younger generation, even those that the outside world had not heard of before. However, none of them had dared to be so brazen in front of her.

However, a fight was still a fight. Divian had always maintained her respect and earnestly faced towards her opponent in a fight, no matter the circumstances. She picked her Dragon’s Terror rune spear. With a length of three metres, this cold weapon that possessed ample killing intent was the signature weapon of the Seer Family. This in turn resulted in its title as the king of weapons. Hefting her Dragon’s Terror, Divian was portrayed as a goddess of war, piercing her way into people’s hearts and souls.

“All Mouthy King had chosen randomized weapons once again…Could he have simply given up on this match?.” Chen Yu’er was slightly at the loss on how to explain his decision to the audience. She had hosted many Elite Division competitions before. However, this was the first one with a ‘Hall Elite’ from the Hall Division. At first, she was filled with excitement and had thus spoken incessantly. After all, anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence would not do such a thing for it was seen as being very outlandish in the Elite Division, for it felt as though you were ridiculing one’s opponent. However, faced against a ‘Hall Elite’ and choosing randomized weapons…who in the world would do that?

If any commentator had dared uttered those words, they would be cursed and sweared upon. However, the only reply to Chen Yu’er’s words were only waves of whispers. At this moment, the viewing gallery in the OP was extremely quiet, and many discussions in the forums agreeing to her view on this matter. There were even more people who were questioning All Mouthy King’s intent, while others about Divian’s beauty and family lineage. A thing like gossip would never be differentiated by eras.

At this moment, the live broadcasts shown within and outside of the OP training grounds of various academies had sparked another round of furious discussions. The OP training grounds of every academy had a hall specialized to viewing battles that would broadcast the most popular fights at any given moment, hence allowing the students to engage in discussions. Seeing popular fights and discussing them often produced results that were comparable to self-training. Compared to the casual nonsense in the discussion forums, the topics discussed by the students here were more specialized and focused. Everyone were enthusiastically analyzing various possibilities of the match. However, in all honesty, there wasn’t a single person that felt that it was possible for All Mouthy King to win. For him to choose such a setting made everyone in the hall admire him for his bravery. Regardless of the impending loss, why should one change their style?! Even if he was about to lose, he had chosen to randomize till the very end!

Although Ma Dong was standing in the large hall, he behaved in a manner that was in contrast to the general atmosphere. He didn’t know what he was doing, his mind a blur. Why did I come here? If Wang Zhong didn’t come here today, he wouldn’t have bumped into Divian. If he had not faced up against Divian, he would abe able to continue pursuing his dreams. Even if he was to fail in the future, the fact that he had made it so far would be already seen as a success for Wang Zhong. However, he had brought along his brother into the quagmire of failure. This wasn’t just about failure; this loss would result in a heavy loss of self-confidence.

He had harmed Wang Zhong.

As Ma Dong’s expression changed with his thoughts, he felt as though this heart was being tugged at its seams, being pulled in all directions. He truly felt extremely useless at this moment, as though fate was playing a joke on him. When he had heard that Wang Zhong was All Mouthy King, a sliver of hope had risen in his heart. However, just like a candle that was faced against a gale, that little bit of brilliance could be easily be extinguished at any moment.
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    《Battle Frenzy》