Battle Frenzy
205 Chapter 205 – God of Slaughter: Crosswheels
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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205 Chapter 205 – God of Slaughter: Crosswheels

Chapter 205 – God of Slaughter: Crosswheels

“This time, not even All-Mouthy King can come out victorious.” Kostan exhaled slowly. The girl currently in the battlefield radiated with limitless pressure. This was the sanctuary division.

To be frank, if anyone else were to face All-Mouthy King’s variation of the Flaming Lotus Dance, then they would’ve been scared shitless. Divian had no such reaction. She had witnessed more than the average person and possessed the necessary experience to both guard against it and even perform a counter attack. This wasn’t just simple talent.


As a heavy soldier, Kostan didn’t hold the slightest wish to go up against Divian. Meeting an opponent like Divian would truly cause a heavy soldier like he to feel death to the point where his mother may not recognize him. He wouldn’t stand the slightest chance. Divian probably hadn’t even used 50 percent of her strength yet.

As for weapons, Kostan didn’t feel much toward them. Using a short-ranged weapon and assassin techniques was the only method All-Mouthy King had if he wanted to have a chance at victory. With his skill in weaponry, he would definitely be able to control the crosswheels. It was a pity, however, that in this world, who else could understand the spear more intimately than the Seer Clan?

Divian’s spear swayed lightly, soul power radiating from her body like a torrential waterfall. She clearly hadn’t used all of her energy yet during the fight. In the end, a weakling wasn’t anyone worth wasting her time on.


Her figure disappeared as she instantly dashed toward All-Mouthy King. Dragon’s Terror simultaneously appeared before him.


Divian’s spear, which she’d assumed had a 90 percent chance to hit, stabbed nothing. The momentum behind Dragon’s Terror remained unchanged, and it sent out multiple successive thrusts.

Ceng, ceng, ceng.

Soul power exploded out as the three strikes formed a triangle. They looked simple, but actually sealed up all of the possible places All-Mouthy King could evade to. Even so, All-Mouthy King was like a leaf swaying in the wind; the spear attacks were lightly dodged by his weightless body.

Divian’s attack didn’t stop. Once a spear technique was displayed, it became the stereotype of incomparably overbearing attacks. That was the kind of weapon it was. Although Dragon’s Terror seemed to unleash ordinarily fierce and accurate strikes, the power condensed within could end All-Mouthy King in a single move. Such a combat technique couldn’t be ignored.

Every single one of her attacks showed the firm foundations that had been pounded into her since her youth. Her movements that were fused with the might of the spear was formed through incessant hard work and numerous revisions. Combined with the comprehension gained from her bloodline inheritance, and it would be extremely hard to find anyone who could dodge her attacks in the middle of a fight.

Nevertheless, none of those attacks managed to destroy All-Mouthy King as not a single strike struck home. Other than his Ghost Steps, All-Mouthy King was in possession of another move; Flowing Wind Steps. This step technique restrained any high-speed pursuit and helped against attacks directed at him.

Divian’s attacks combined power and a terrifyingly instantaneous attack speed. She was the most frightening opponent Wang Zhong had ever faced. Taking the initiative to attack from the start had been a mistake—his opponent was far too strong. He ended up being unable to properly pressure and suppress her.

Lacking any sort of high ground, trying to unleash combat techniques would end up being the death of him. There was simply no leeway given. When faced against such an opponent, one had to defend and counterattack only after waiting for his opponent to reveal a sliver of a gap between attacks. Only then could he win.

No matter how strong an attack was, it would be all for nought if it didn’t connect.

All-Mouthy King, who seemingly looked as though he would collapse with a single blow, once again displayed his tenacity. Divian’s thirty-some attack combo had been forcibly dodged by him.

The thought of counterattacking had come up in his mind a few times, but was quickly suppressed by Wang Zhong. His intuition said that if he dared to advance, all that awaited him would be a lightning-fast counter. Divian was very strong and the most crucial point was that she hadn’t yet shown her full strength.

Obviously, relying on just being on the defensive wouldn’t be enough. It was just that Wang Zhong wasn’t able to muster up any sort of opportunity against such a firm and powerful soldier. The longer this continued, the more one had to remain calm and unflustered. Wang Zhong devoted all of his mental capacity into dodging.

Fighting didn’t just mean a clash between combat techniques. It was also a contest of the mind. He waited for his opponent to mess up. If one’s face was involved in the fight, then it was obvious that his opponent would pay attention to how they looked.

After seeing her twenty-over strikes all land on thin air, a slight change had indeed appeared on Divian’s face. It had been extremely subtle, but Wang Zhong still caught it. As a bloodline successor to the Seer Clan, an observational target for the sanctuary division, as well as having an opponent on a completely different standard in comparison to her, Divian’s spear paused for just a split second. Her soul power then began to visibly rise from her body. She was about to erupt.

Seemingly the best chance to escape, All-Mouthy King had actually launched his attack. This hadn’t just been the best time to dodge, but also to attack. Once her full might was displayed, it would’ve been even harder for him to actually close in on her.

His wind-like movement turned into a lightning dash. The switch to an offensive posture that grabbed hold of any opportunity wasn’t something anyone could achieve. He traveled along Dragon’s Terror and didn’t give Divian any opportunity as he wildly kicked out. Second Drive!

Everyone’s eyes were now wide open. They all knew about All-Mouthy King’s strengths and weaknesses. When fighting against powerful opponents, he would always close in and avoid the lethal attacks while unleashing his own fatal ones. There were many who had neglected his actions and suffered defeat. Even Divian wouldn’t dare to proclaim that her soul power could defend against every attack.

Second Drive’s destructive effect against soul powered defenses was rather effective. At the very least, all of the fights up until now had revealed its capabilities. Furthermore, anyone could tell that the force behind a kick was higher than that of a punch. As long as he unleashed his full strength, this kick may create a miracle.


Soul power burst in all directions. Inside and outside the OP, everyone turned silent. All-Mouthy King’s Second Drive, which had been successful every time he used it, had unexpectedly been blocked by Divian with a single hand. Right after, a brilliant light flashed and All-Mouthy King was sent flying back. A mouthful of blood trailed after him.

Divian slowly pulled back her extended hand. It was a pity that the atmosphere was like so, that even lechers failed to pay attention to her actions.

All-Mouthy King’s destructive kick had been used all along his journey. It was in fact his strongest move and the core of his close-combat prowess. He succeeded every endeavour with his tyrannical fleshly body and terrifying combat techniques that were supplemented with his inadequate soul power. But this time he had ended up smashing against an iron wall.


All-Mouthy King crashed into the floor, causing the ground to shatter and split. This showed he was unable to completely dissipate the force of her counterattack. In the past, All-Mouthy king had always been unhurried and carefree. Even under dire situations he would always keep control over the fight.

But this time he was up against the powerful sanctuary division’s Divian Seer. He’d been forced back into his original form of a clown with an extravagant hope of creating a miracle.

Everyone stayed quiet inside the viewing gallery. The OP discussion forums and even the numerous viewing lobbies of the various academies were the same. They had all heard about this and that of the sanctuary division, but most of those inside said division disdained from revealing themselves to the ordinary masses. Such an attitude led to doubts and even suspicion that All-Mouthy King was from the sanctuary division.

Now that everyone understood the absolute standard raised by the sanctuary division, they knew All-Mouthy King stood no chance. A sliver of thirst welled up within the dark recesses of everyone’s heart. Either All-Mouthy King had something left to play, or he would lose in a heroic fashion.

Ma Dong lowered his head and gazed at the OP combat room beside him. While he didn’t know how Wang Zhong felt, but he himself thought his own weakness had caused harm for his brother. He shouldn’t have revealed his depressed thoughts to Wang Zhong.

“If you are merely at this level, then the most you can achieve is staying put inside the elite division.” Divian’s tone was indifferent. That gap in her attacks had been something she’d done on purpose.

Fights were meant to act as an accumulation of experience, and she didn’t just want this fight to become some hot piece of news. It was a pity her opponent was too disappointing. He was a mish-mash of different paths and didn’t have his own defined road. Obviously this person hadn’t undergone any systematic training and just dabbled a bit here and there. Second Drive was definitely a brilliant move, but at her level it wasn’t considered anything secret. It was just a hidden move of the old era, that was all.

Wang Zhong didn’t have the slightest intent of underestimating his opponent, but her strength still exceeded his expectations. Very good! This was precisely his goal. He wanted to continuously grow strong! Only when facing such a powerful opponent could he truly improve.

A sliver of a smile surfaced at the corner of Wang Zhong’s mouth. “Then I will have to apologize for my rudeness!”

He began to pour soul power into his crosswheels. Everyone had seemingly forgotten that they were actually ranged weapons. With the influx of soul power, the crosswheels began to revolve rapidly.

Divian shot a cold glare at her opponent and snapped, “Acting so pretentiously!”


Soul power enveloped her body. Don’t talk about some old weapon like that; not even an old cannon with its highest firepower could do anything to her. A clear and melodious sound rang from Dragon’s Terror. The girl and spear fused into one and pierced toward All-Mouthy King like a bolt of lightning. Divian had finally unleashed her true strength.

Then, All-Mouthy King’s crosswheels left his hands. Although Divian hadn’t ever faced such weapons before, she had battled against revolving weapons in the past. Dragon’s Terror knocked away the two weapons.

Warning bells suddenly went off in her head. The two crosswheels had unexpectedly flown back toward her after spinning away. Furthermore, they were aiming for her most vital points.

Boom, boom…

The crosswheels were sent flying off once more. Not a bit of their powerful revolving energy had reduced in the slightest when they returned to All-Mouthy King’s hands. In the next instant, the two crosswheels were sent off once more at different angles and speeds. Even their howling sounded different. Two ear-piercing revolving crosswheels spun toward Divian in the blink of an eye.


Divian’s thrusts had actually struck thin air! The flying orbit of the crosswheels possessed an astonishing floating effect the instant they made contact. One of them headed toward Divian’s eyes while the other fluttered toward her throat.

With a small explosion, Divian retreated rapidly but still couldn’t extricate herself.


Divian’s face was slashed and her soul power had actually been unable to stop the crosswheels. Her spear swept out at the same time and the crosswheels smashed into the body of Dragon’s Terror. Nerve-rending grinding sounds screeched out as sparks and soul power blossomed explosively. The crosswheels were once again thrown into the air.

After carving through the space at high-speed, they settled back into All-Mouthy King’s grasp. He didn’t even look at them before sending them flying out in alternate waves toward her.

Divian had no choice but to retreat once more. After successively clashing with the crosswheels, she realized just how severe her situation was. The crosswheels had different roles. One spun to break her soul powered defence while the other revolved and created a strong impact. Then the attack after actually focused on quick attacks. This person understood crosswheels like he possessed an entire encyclopedia dedicated to it.

Wang Zhong’s use with the crosswheels grew increasingly more accomplished and reliable as he launched his attacks. He had finally comprehended the use of those five depressions. Every single depression could be used by inputting varying strength into them and this corresponded with its own revolution method. This allowed the crosswheels to achieve different effects. Moves like creating strange orbits, breaking through soul defense, breaking through physical defences and other methods could now be unleashed.

If he hadn’t comprehended the mysteries behind those revolutions within the spatial fragment, he might have been forever been unable to grasp and understand this point. A lack of understanding would have meant being unable to let the crosswheels reveal their true might.
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    《Battle Frenzy》