Battle Frenzy
206 Chapter 206 – Might of the Bloodlines
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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206 Chapter 206 – Might of the Bloodlines

Chapter 206 – Might of the Bloodlines

When the crosswheels were flung out, all opponents became fleeting. Divian, who was recognized for being incomparably overbearing, had unexpected beel forced into retreating time and time again. Furthermore, her soul power had already reached 180 grassos and had been used to reinforce her defense. Even so, she was still forced to dash to the left and slide to right with numerous injuries peppering her.

Not only did All-Mouthy King not end up retreating, he was even beginning to press forward and attack. His two crosswheels showed no signs of stopping and their speed had risen to an astonishing level. Even as they neared All-Mouthy King, their terrifying revolutions seemed to want to devour him. But with a flick of his wrist, he sent them back out in separate directions toward Divian.

Divian was unable to endure the situation. That was right, she was actually unable to endure the pressure. A mere cannon fodder division weakling had actually used a ranged weapon to suppress her! This was simply like a fantasy story!

After clashing head-on against a crosswheel attack, her arms began to bleed. Yet her block managed to win her some space. Soul power once more burst out and her unyielding Dragon’s Terror exploded out, seemingly blotting the skies.

Heavenly Dragon Falling Rain Spear!

With space-shattering soul power backing them, numerous spear images covered the skies and fell toward those two crosswheels! She wanted to end this farce with a single move!

Bang… Bang, bang, bang, bang…

As though suddenly becoming insane, the crosswheels cried out with ear-piercing high-speed attacks with every contact against the spears. They were like undying zombies rising up from the depths of hell. In contrast, All-Mouthy King stood silently in his original position.


That spear array burst apart and the dual crosswheels slammed into Divian’s chest. Soul power surged out and her body flew back, blood fluttering across the air.

After enduring such serious collisions, the two crosswheels howled as they returned to All-Mouthy King. Those gigantic crosswheels akin to the incarnations of grim reapers suddenly turned into obedient toys in his hands.

Those hundred-thousand people inside the OP viewing gallery were once more deathly silent. Not a single person dared to believe what was happening before their very eyes.

There was a considerable number of experts of the heroic and elite division present. Their special statuses allowed them to easily enter the viewing gallery, which was really the best way to observe a fight. Yet, they were truly unable to believe the spectacle unfolding before them.

The powerful Divian Seer had actually be struck down! By crosswheels, which people no longer used within the Federation… no, there was now one person who used it—All-Mouthy King!

Ma Dong didn’t even notice the tears dripping down from his eyes. He had seen it. Those crosswheels… those were the crosswheels he had bought! He had watched as Wang Zhong tossed them around every single day and had ridiculed them more than once. Yet, those crosswheels, which had been the butt of many jokes by everyone, had actually struck down Divian Seer.

The OP discussion forums completely erupted. Over eight hundred thousand people had exploded at the same time. Enthusiasm and passion flared up within them all. Could All-Mouthy King create a miracle once more? Could he defeat Divian Seer?

They were all unable to believe what they had seen. This was simply like a dream. She was a part of the universally acclaimed strongest division inside the Federation!

Inside Flame City, the reactions were quite similar to everyone else’s. Sharmie had always possessed a favourable impression of All-Mouthy King and thus, everyone cheered for Brother King. But even as they all began to give up, only Sharmie was the one who didn’t give a damn about all that. Deep within herself, she truly believe All-Mouthy King wouldn’t lose.

“Didn’t I say this would happen before!?”

Sharmie spoke out joyfully, fully immersed in self-pride. All around her, the Flame Academy elites were speechless when confronted with their big sis’ display. This was simply inhuman.

“Laforgue Infinite Slash!” muttered Mario. “I had always treated it as just a legend… it doesn’t obey any mechanics.”


Clutching his head, Mario fell into a crouch. Sharmie calmly patted her hand while saying, “You are just too weak!”

Mario rolled his eyes, feeling wronged. He wasn’t considered weak. It was just that he was unable to be compared with these monsters.

Wang Zhong’s current state was exceptionally good. The previous exchange had given him an intense shock, one that was far greater than what the others felt. If he hadn’t faced such overwhelming pressure from fighting such an opponent, he never would’ve reached such a wealm.

The crosswheels were like a whirlpool that devoured everything. Regardless whether it was matter or energy, once they were swept up into the spiral they would become a part of it, allowing the spiral to thus increase in size and grow stronger and stronger! As long as he had sufficient strength and time for the revolutions to increase, it could even devour the world!

This was precisely the true essence behind the Laforgue Infinite Slash. Once its strength reaches a certain level, it would become the devourer of lives.

Wang Zhong didn’t give pursuit and didn’t feel happy with his victory. His opponent hadn’t actually been damaged by that strike of his. In the distance, Divian was already back on her feet. Red crystals sparkled brilliantly on her chest, the place where the heavy strikes had landed. Slowly, more crystals began to appear around her body.

Everyone’s confidence received another massive blow… Soul Power Materialization!

A red-colored rhombus sparkled into existence at the center of Divian’s forehead. A layer of red crystalline armour was created. This was the strongest secret inheritance given through the bloodline of the Seer Clan—Dragon Crystal Armour. It was a gift from a Level 9 dimensional lifeform. Once she stimulated her bloodline, the Dragon Crystal Armour would surface.

Divian gained a substantial increase in both defensive and offensive capabilities. Those terrifying crosswheel attacks hadn’t harmed her in the least. Just this card alone allowed Divian to become an observational target for the sanctuary division.

Even if Divian lacked a strong enough talent for combat, just relying on her Dragon Crystal Armour would be enough for her to rise up amongst the ranks of supreme experts. This was what it meant to have innate talent.

This was the gift granted by the Ten Great Bloodlines of the Freedom Federation!

People familiar with Divian loved to call her Brother Vian. Those unfamiliar with her instead called her ‘Dragon Lady’.

Just a sliver of the terrifying aura emitted from a Level 9 lifeform was enough to make weaklings tremble and shudder. In fact, Divian hadn’t planned on using her Dragon Crystal Armour in this fight. But if not for its might, she would have been in danger of losing then and there. That wasn’t something she was willing to see.

Her opponent was extremely weak and would have collapsed from a single blow if her attack landed. But other than his flimsy defence, he had terrifying offensive combat techniques. While she had yet to see the Laforgue Infinite Slash, those attacks already seemed exceedingly close to it.

When they gazed upon Divian Seer adorned in her Dragon Crystal Armour while wielding her Dragon’s Terror, she appeared as dazzling as a goddess. Everyone’s heart clenched up once again. None of them knew who exactly to support now. Would the goddess win, or would All-Mouthy King win?

“Big bro, who do you think will win?” Juan felt his loss to All-Mouthy King could already be considered a fortunate event. If he were to face such an aura, he would’ve been killed in just ten seconds.

Kostan shook his head. He truly didn’t know what to think. All-Mouthy King, seemingly frail and weak, actually had such a fatal killing move in his hand. Divian Seer had also revealed her Dragon Crystal Armour. He had never heard of her losing with it on as the Dragon Crystal Armour instantly propelled one into an invincible position.

The distance between them didn’t break twenty meters. It was a distance that, once crossed, meant life or death. Under this imposing atmosphere, as long Divian Seer dashed forward, all that awaited All-Mouthy King was a single path to death. The energy being emitted from her already exceeded any skill or technique. A single movement technique or special ability would be unable to make up for this deficiency.

Could those crosswheels really stop the assault of Dragon Lady?

Divian Seer slowly extended her grip along the spear. This was the first time she had met with an opponent that forced her into a position where she was actually unable to retaliate. Facing such an opponent, her combat techniques couldn’t be fully displayed. Even if she was sure of her victory, a slightly sullen, unknown feeling sprouted in her mind. Perhaps, from the start, she hadn’t truly considered him her opponent. Being able to see her Dragon Crystal Armour should already be considered a blessing for him.
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    《Battle Frenzy》