Battle Frenzy
209 Chapter 209 – Fifty-Fifty
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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209 Chapter 209 – Fifty-Fifty

Chapter 209 – Fifty-Fifty

“The Laforgue Unlimited Slash Cross Wheels! You don’t even know its full name and yet you want to master it….how laughable!”

“Don’t you look down on me! Small details like that matters not to a true expert! Life is full of ups and downs after all…”

“Please stop your delusional ravings. I, the wise one, have spent last night researching about the Laforgue Infinite Slash Cross Wheels, and managed to gain some insight into it. Wanna compare notes in the OP?”

“Let’s go! You dare to call yourself the wise one without even growing a beard? You’re just a babe still in his diapers!”

A large group of people were jeering and heckling about, with some requesting to review the fight. Some of them were requesting bets to be made but they all fell on deaf ears.

The cross wheels had instantly became a popular weapon and the vast majority of the people just simply following the trends,. There were even a few individuals who truly believed that they had discovered the true might of this weapon!

All Mouthy King had only used minimal levels of Soul Power! According to the officials for All Mouthy King’s fight yesterday, the strongest eruption of Soul Power from All Mouthy King in the fight was measured to be a mere 70 grassos! Other than the Laforgue Unlimited Slash Cross Wheel in which skills and techniques were needed to control it, what weapon could deal such devastating damage with a low soul power input of 70 grassos?

This created hope for many with low Soul Power levels.

The weapon only required skills and techniques! Hard work and diligence was enough! As long as one trains and practices hard enough, one could become as strong as brother King!

As a result, many people started practicing the cross wheels, causing the number of people utilising the cross wheel to skyrocket overnight. A vast majority of them would practice in the OP. Even people from Saint Judgement were trying to learn the cross wheels, apparent from the fact that one of them had chop his fingers off trying to learn the cross wheels. At this moment, he was still in the hospital trying to reattach his fingers.

In addition, various analysis videos concerning the fight between All Mouthy King and Divian finally surfaced within the OP discussion forums.

The first one to do so was Laura. With her keen insight and input from a ranged combat statistical combat specialist like Anlor, she had produced a rather accurate analytical video after a night of struggling with various statistical analysis and research.

The entire video was focused on analyzing from the perspective of All Mouthy King, and was split into three distinct sections. The first section primarily focused on Divian’s assault. When facing against an all rounded suppression, one could clearly feel how hard pressed and difficult All Mouthy King had felt as he withstood and evaded her attacks.

It was a well understood fact that the disparity between their strengths was simply too great. Divian had the suppressive advantage over All Mouthy King in terms of Soul Power and physical strength. Basing solely from this viewpoint, there were many who thought that Divian had made her mistake that had led to her downfall. They felt that she had not used her full strength to take advantage of the most crucial opportunity in this fight. This was also the main reason why the majority felt that All Mouthy King’s combat strengths was not in the same league as Divian’s.

Being a close combat specialist, Laura was able to maintain impartial and gave an analysis that was acceptable by the mass. After giving a detailed analysis of the performance of both combatant in every single exchange, she summed it all up by saying, “There’s too much that could be said about this section. There’s indeed a substantial disparity in terms of the level of strength between the two of them. However, the purpose of this section isn’t to look only at their displayed strength. There’s also the state of mind, amount of combat experience and other various factors at play. I cannot deny that All Mouthy King’s all-roundedness was the key reason behind his victory. However, I personally feel that what gave him an advantage over Divian was his state of mind.

In the first part of the match, where he was being suppressed so much that he was practically walking on a tightrope, there was not a single mistake or improper judgement made by him. Being able to maintain his calm and not getting flustered under such a high-pressure situation was the main reason why he could survive well past the first portion of the match. Of course there would be many arguments over the kick at the end. However, Divian had purposefully guided the flow of the fight such that it would happen. There’s no doubt about it. However, All Mouthy King had not taken the bait. In fact, there’s numerous ongoing discussions about this point. As a matter of fact, due to this kick, he had increased the distance between himself and Divian, thus letting us see the magnificent scene that unfolded in the next section!”

Having done analysis videos for a long time, Laura was knowledgeable about the methods that were often used in these videos to move on to the next topic at hand. “The second section is basically about All Mouthy King’s performance with the Laforgue Unlimited Slash Cross Wheels. Frankly speaking, even after much research with my ranged specialist over the night, there are still things that we do not fully understand. With regards to the Laforgue Infinite Slash Cross Wheels, me and my associate would not be able to comment much on this. However, we’re able to give everyone a view of some statistics that we’ve compiled and arranged. As the saying goes, the numbers don’t lie!”

There were three components to the statistics. The first of them looked at the strength contained within the cross wheels every time they were unleashed. The second was the strength that Divian used in her attacks, and the third focused on the attacking strengths of the cross wheels after they had returned to All Mouthy King, before being relaunched by him once again.

“It’s extremely clear that the strength of the weapon is multiplicative rather than additive…as such, calculating its strength was not as simple as adding one to one. We managed to figure out a formula that could calculate the strength of All Mouthy King’s attacks even though there may be a slight loss of actual strength due to numerous factors such as the loss of strength due to friction when weapons collide against each other. Based on the formula, it was calculated that the strength of attack from the cross wheels increased every time it came back. Furthermore, the amount of each increase was in a direct proportion to Divian’s counter-attacks! I don’t know if this was the original intent of Senior Laforgue when he had first created the cross wheels. After all, such a plan could only be achieved in an idealistic world, especially in this era where the truth was concealed under a pack of lies.

However, from the looks of these statistics, All Mouthy King was actually able to achieve the ideal state as described in the legends! Of course, there are still many tweaks that are required, as each attack did not exceed 200 grassos at their maximum. The lack of power was the only factor that stopped it from being deemed as the ultimate attack. However, the ability to superpositioning of the rotational energy had been achieved! So, even though it may have a few flaws here and there, it pales in comparison to its potential!”

“The third section talks about the direct confrontation between the Dragon Crystalline Armor and the Infinite Rotating Slashes. In this straight up contest of strength, All Mouthy King had used another method to reinterpret the meaning of “Infinite”. This technique has perfectly covered over the blemishes highlighted in our second section. His cross wheels had launched ten attacks every second, and remember, they are all 200 grassos Casted Soul Stage peak attacks. The infinite revolutions was constantly at its peak, not relenting until

their opponent was defeated. From the start to the end, their attacks didn’t weaken in the slightest!

The Dragon Crystalline Armour had always been famed for its impenetrable defences. However, under such a barrage of infinite attacks are too heavenly defying, any defense would crumble. With a mere activation strength of that was less than a 100 grassos, this is the strongest attack that I’ve ever seen in my life period! Without a single doubt!”

This was the true essence of Infinite Rotational Slashes. Ten over attacks brimming with might would be unleashed every second. This was an attack that no human could defend against. Every single attack could be countered using the right method if the opponent understood the attacks. After all, every attack had their peaks and troughs, which are influenced by numerous factors such as the rising and fall of the user’s breathing. However, the Laforgue Infinite Rotational Slashes followed no such rules!

“I want to inform those who proclaimed yesterday night that Divian had not used her full strength, or that All Mouthy King had an unfair advantage to not judge simply based on the appearance of the fight. The outcome of the match was not an “accident”. At their level, victory would not be due to things like “carelessness” or “accidental”! By belittling All Mouthy King, you’re in fact insulting and dishonoring Divian! Of course I believe that Divian had not lost by a landslide. All Mouthy King still had shortcomings in his strength and defense. If Divian was given ample time to prepare and had understood All Mouthy King, the outcome of yesterday’s fight might be different. However, I personally feel that the odds of there being a difference would only be 50 50 at the very most!”
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    《Battle Frenzy》