Battle Frenzy
213 Chapter 213 – In Fact, It’s the Little Bear
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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213 Chapter 213 – In Fact, It’s the Little Bear

Chapter 213 – In Fact, It’s the Little Bear

Analyze and understand the various strong squadrons situated at the peak of the Eastern Zone. Properly weigh the strength of the squads and use them as the baseline for the entire CHF competition. After that, make reasonable and rational judgements and follow up with numerous plans.

Such actions were extremely crucial and allowed one to see how far the squadron could ultimately go within the CHF.

“The information gathered from the training course is precious for each academy squadron. At the same time, it will be an important chance for us to establish a new image and appearance for our Tianjing Academy within the entire Eastern Zone.”

Headmaster Greene was old, but he was still someone who wanted a bit of face. “Ever since Grace’s batch, our Tianjing Academy has always ranked on the low side within the Eastern Zone. Although we managed to defeat Adolf Academy, do not grow complacent and arrogant. It is also inappropriate for you to be too modest.

“When you guys reach the training course, regardless of whether you exchange contacts or make friends or even compare notes—do not act servile or overbearing. Make full use of the cultured spirit of our Tianjing Academy, understood? Wang Zhong, you are more calm and steady than the rest, and the squadron respects you. Therefore, I hand this matter over to you. I will feel more relieved with this…”

The old man had many words to say. Even so, he left some parts a bit vague, which Wang Zhong was able to pick up on.

He really wanted to say something along the lines of, ‘We, of Tianjing Academy, were once trash in everyone’s eyes. Furthermore, we were indeed the weakest back then. Although we beat Adolf, others won’t change their opinion in such a short period of time. When you guys go to the training course, you will be among the elite of elite in the Eastern Zone. People will mock and ridicule Tianjing Academy’s sudden rise in rank. If they don’t go overboard, just endure it.

‘Remember; friendship is the number one most important thing, alright? We are all brother and sister academies. Naturally, you can’t just toss away the face of our academy. If it becomes too hard, then make sure you give harder. Wang Zhong, you can decide when to do so. Just make sure it matters. There will be many difficulties once you’re there, but this old man is too high up. I have no control over those matters and my hands will be tied…”

Greene continued to speak and Wang Zhong, standing to the side, continued to nod repeatedly. Such matters could only be dealt with according to the situation. Student Wang Zhong didn’t know whether to take everything he said seriously.

Afterward, Old Greene began to talk in detail the specifics of their journey’s arrangements. Their set-off date would be three days later, and the academy had already arranged seats on an armoured train from a transportation company. This included basic needs such as housing and food while they stayed at Copperfield Academy. Their return journey was also completely covered. Lastly, they were each given 1000 credits as a ‘training allowance’. Compared to the other academies, Tianjing had indeed put in the extra effort in these aspects.

With everything that needed to be briefed completed, Headmaster Greene smiled and said, “Scarlet told me all about those formation training you’ve been doing recently with the squadron. It’s very imaginative, very unique, and very interesting. Perhaps it will represent our unique identity in the future. The current squadrons from the various academies all have someone with some unique and outstanding abilities. As the captain, your most important mission is to analyze your opponents. Our squadron’s lack of experience is their shortcoming.”

Wang Zhong was an extremely patient listener, allowing Headmaster Greene to feel extremely satisfied.

“Ha. Let’s just use those participating in this Eastern Zone training course as our point of discussion right now. The host, Copperfield Academy, has a six vs. five formation that is bolstered by Laura’s Explosive Bear1. There aren’t many squadrons that can meet them head on. They are considered the explosive-type.” Headmaster Greene’s mood was pretty good, and his excitement was at a high level. With regards to the various Eastern Zone academies, he was more familiar with them than most.

“Another example is the overall champion of the Eastern Zone Regionals, Austin. Their five-person shield formation from last year seemed to repulse anything thrown at them. Even Copperfield Laura’s Explosive Bear was pushed back, allowing for a balanced fight. They’re known as the academy boasting the greatest defense and are invincible in group battles.

“The other Eastern Zone squadrons have their own unique traits for group battles. Lennon Academy is another example and is the academy most famous for their special abilities. Each of their squad members possess special abilities. When grouped together they have an array of changes and variations to reveal for any situation. They specialize in areas with special terrain, climate, and atmospheres. With an academy like them there, they become seemingly undefeatable.

“Yet another example is the Saxon Academy with their full assassin lineup that gives their squadron the titular Spectral Dance Formation. They display an extraordinary talent for strategies such as ‘stealing the flag to behead the squadron’. There’s also Leian Academy and Troy Academy who have either all-ranged or kiting-type styles.”

Smiling, Headmaster Greene continued, “These academies each have various different kinds of characteristics. Furthermore, their specialties are clear and distinct. But most still rely on several core members from within the squadron. Copperfield’s Laura is one such person. As for those who rely on ultimate strategies such as a five-person shield formation, or a five assassin team, or a five special ability user team, or a five ranged soldier team… once you reach the main competition of the CHF, there will be many opponents with such strategies. Having a prior understanding and adapting to such tactics will create the greatest of benefits for us.”

Wang Zhong was of the same belief.

His personal formation, the one involving lots of running and changes in strategy, was in fact truly king in this aspect. Unlike those unique strategies like the five shields or five special abilities that gathered specific occupations, all they did was increase the squadron’s strengths while avoiding the weaknesses. It depended too much on mutual assistance and protecting each other’s back.

Regardless of whether it were attack or defense, he felt his own formation was the most stable and balanced of them all. It didn’t have any clear weakness and was able to grasp its opponent’s weaknesses.

And within the CHF Great Competition, orthodox squadrons with a variety of occupations were the norm. There would definitely be such squadrons at the Eastern Zone training course. To obtain more experience and develop more concepts for this virtuous way, those orthodox formations would serve to help perfect and compliment his own theories.

Naturally, he would also increase his knowledge and take a deeper look at those unique squadrons. If he could understand their true strengths and weaknesses, then he would be able to add and subtract changes in the formation that could even suppress them. Group battles were not one-man shows, but battles that relied on the entire squadron.

When he returned to the Prodigy Society training room, Wang Zhong informed everyone about the matters of the Eastern Zone training camp. The group was still in a bit of a foolish daze as their victory over Adolf Academy gave everyone a large boost in confidence. In the end, however, no one had expected they would enter the circle of peak squadrons.

They were all happy and satisfied. All except for Student Ma Dong. After returning to Tianjing Academy a few days ago, he spent every day rushing and hurrying around. It was rare for him to return to the Prodigy Society. Now, today, he heard of how the squadron would go to Copperfield Academy and meet the legendary Laura, the Explosive Bear Lady. This esteemed President Ma’s saliva almost flowed out. In the end, he could only express his deep regret due to a lack of time.

“Tsk! Explosive ball queen… if only this could have waited two or three more months. How good would that have been!”

“Student Ma Dong seems to really like Laura, huh? Want me to give you an introduction in the future?” Milami asked with a grin.

“What are you saying!? There! Is! No! Need! For! That!” Ma Dong replied in a righteous and awe-inspiring tone. “I am a person who loves to study the Five Good Points Of A Youth2! I am only interested in her little bear! Vice-president, can you help me take a photo of her little bear while you’re there? Thank you!”

Wang Zhong could feel how ridiculous Ma Dong’s words were. Still, once the latter had returned to the academy he had enthusiasm that was bursting at the seams. Thus, Wang Zhong didn’t ask too many questions. In fact, seeing him pull himself together was more than enough. Ma Dong was a person who had the capability to deal with everything properly. The only issue was if he were willing to work in the first place.

1. Six vs. five meaning they have six fighters including the bear while the other side has only five. ↩
2. Study good, have good ideas, have a good work ethic, have good discipline, and have good style.
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