Battle Frenzy
215 Chapter 215 – The State of the Hyperdimension
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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215 Chapter 215 – The State of the Hyperdimension

Chapter 215 – The State of the Hyperdimension

At the first sign of trouble, the two of them decided to hold a temporary truce and work together. Simba flew beside Wang Zhong, chirping incessantly into his ears. “ Wang Zhong, Wang Zhong! We’ve really entered the hyperdimension? How did we get directly here and why did we not need the spatial crack?”

“Our arrival should be an accident. The main culprit behind this should be that thing,” replied Wang Zhong with a smile. “I think I’ve found the way to enter anytime I want!”

Upon hearing that proclamation, Simba couldn’t help but become excited. “That means that we can meet at anytime right! That’s great! I won’t be alone in the darkness anymore!’ Just as he said out those words, he immediately retracted his words while waving his hands around animatedly. “Wait…it’s not great! Simba feels that Wang Zhong should not do this too often! What if we were send directly to the doorstep of those monsters! We would get eaten immediately and Simba doesn’t want to get eaten again! Being drenched in their saliva is disgusting!”

“Why did you not choose on a Soul Casting point?” asked Mu Zi. He was extremely curious about Simba. Anyone could tell that he really liked Simba, such that it came to a point that he felt slightly envious of Wang Zhong.

“Soul Casting point?” questioned Wang Zhong. His eyes lit up at the comments made by Mu ZI. “ You mean to say that I can determine the location where I descend?”

“That is the gist of it.” replied the little baldy with a smile. His curiosity had been diverted towards Wang Zhong now. “When you extend your consciousness to sense out this world, you should have instantly been flooded with waves of auras condensed from dimensional energies. The energies have been scattered across the globe, some of which are the embodiment of dimensional life forms, while others are derived from humans and even nature itself. As long as it is a place with dimensional energy, you should be able to sense it. It will then act as coordinates. Wherever you want to go, you just have to concentrate your consciousness to sense that particular place and you should be able to descend to that location. Just now, you should have also felt my aura,” explained the little baldy in excitement. “Perhaps your subconscious was more familiar with my aura, thus causing you to descend at this location.”

Wang Zhong nodded his head in understanding. In reality, he had felt lost at the very beginning. However, after the initial disorientation, he had felt the silver of familiarity. Upon stumbling upon it, he became drawn to it which then pulled him here. According to what Mu Zi had said, the many different sensations he had experienced should be the energies of diverse special life forms of the hyperdimension. Each and every one of the energies had its own distinct feeling and it would take him some time for him to get used to separating and identifying each set of energy quickly. All in all, Mu Zi’s words had opened up a door for him, an inconceivably huge door.

Looking at it from another perspective, if one was able to descend to a specific location in the higher dimension, why wasn’t it possible to do it in the lower dimensions? The ability to control one’s descent seems to be a unique trait of the hyperdimension. If the OP depended on science and technology to interfere with the hyperdimension, then someone like Mu Zi would be using his innate comprehension to do it. Even if the other continents were to lose the support of science and technology, people like Mu Zi would still be able to hone their instincts to reach greater heights.

Floating at one side, Simba continued to find faults and interrupted their conversation at any given opportunity. He couldn’t stand other people showing off in front of him. “The words coming out of this baldy are not reliable. Why can’t you see that?”

“It’s impossible for people that have opened the soul pathways to lose the ability to sense them,” replied the little baldy with a smile. “However, when someone does not use their consciousness to guide themselves to a coordinate, that person would often be unknowingly attracted towards the power dimensional energies. They may wind up landing in an extremely dangerous place. I’ve experienced this before, and have suffered as a result.”

It was obvious that the experience had not gone so well for the little baldy.

The mention of dangerous places had shut even Simba up. He and Wang Zhong had been sent directly to high dimensional life forms countless of times before, and both of them had assumed it was the Fate Stone that were playing tricks on them. Turns out this was the reason why. Now, Wang Zhong had a greater understanding of this. The actions of those higher dimensional life forms had allowed him to learn the way to enter the hyperdimension without a spatial crack. However, it seemed that a medium was needed to enter the hyperdimension. Mu Zi’s medium would be his strange coffin, while for him, the Fate Stone would be his medium.

Seeing Wang Zhong glancing at his coffin, Mu Zi smiled. Pointing towards the blue runic coffin on his back, he said, “A few powerful existences or people that were born with innate talent have the ability to sense this place. I relied on this to enter here. Wang Zhong, you’re really awesome.”

Hearing his praise, Wang Zhong’s face turned slightly red with embarrassment. Although he felt that he had achieved much recently, his encounter with Mu Zi diminished his sense of self-confidence. It seems that the world is indeed a really big place.

“The empire doesn’t have as many people as you guys in this place. We have to rely on soul weapons, soul beast or our own perception to enter here.” ranted the little baldy enviously. “ I’ve heard that the Federation’s been able to construct a fixed transmission path through the nodes of spatial cracks. You guys are truly formidable.”

The continents that the Federation and Empire were on were gradually drawing closer to one another. However, although they were housed humans, the two had headed off to two completely different evolutionary paths in these few hundreds of years.

On the opposite side, empires like the Tutankhamen Empire, Amazon Empire, and Panpasi Empire, faced the collapse of their governmental systems and the fall of their countries during the great darkness. The people who had survived the extremely dire environment did so by pursuing personal strength, always on the verge of death’s doors but had yet to enter them. Therefore, they had been pushed to the limits of evolved humans.

The new empires now held cultures that were not as reliant on science and technology from the bright era. Instead, they revered personal strength and deemed dimensional energies as a form of divine intervention. There were also tendencies that were geared towards theologies like the worship of prophets. Therefore, the top echelons of those empires were often extremely strong. Furthermore, they possessed a wide plethora of unimaginable yet immensely powerful abilities. However, their knowledge was severely lacking, and there were many signs of human evolution at work.

As for the Federation, it had already made ample large-scale preparations ever since the darkness era began. As such, the scientific technologies and knowledge from the bright era had all been conserved and continued to thrive till this very day. The rigorous scientific attitude was still preserved even when faced with the new world in front of them. In their eyes, any unknown energies could be explained by scientific logic.

The Federation had therefore researched upon and developed the runic system, the OP system, weapons system and many other types of knowledge systems that were beneficial to mankind. They had even developed a system to utilize spatial crack nodes to enter the hyperdimensional world.The scientific approach that the Federation adopted gave it expansive power. However, this resulted in the individual strength of its people to be inferior.

After all, those within the empires had to rely on their personal strength in order to survive. Under such tremendous pressure to survive, untold comprehension would be born.

The Federation was quite to realize this issue. The personal strength of the people in the empire was rising far too quickly and had already exceeded the speed at which the Federation was advancing in the field of science and technology. Although they could still be temporarily be suppressed now, given couple more centuries, they would have a large group of human experts, each with the strength of a ninth-grade dimensional life form. At that time, the good days of the Federation would grind to an end, and

When the Federation had finally taken notice of this, the Kaiser Empire had already taken much from the Federations. While pursuing personal strength and power, they had also continuously stolen and learned about the Federation’s scientific and technological methods…

“Can I ask a question? Will there be any dangers for me in this soul state?” asked Wang Zhong. He had inquired upon a crucial question. His knowledge was too limited for him to delve freely in the hyperdimension. Although Mu Zi in front of him looked young, from his actions, he seemed to be very familiar with this place.
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