Battle Frenzy
216 Chapter 216 – The Gathering of the Trio
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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216 Chapter 216 – The Gathering of the Trio

Chapter 216 – The Gathering of the Trio

“Most of the time, dying in the hyperdimension was nothing too serious. After all, our bodies here is simply a form of projection of our souls. However, it would be troublesome if we were to chance upon dimensional beasts that can devour souls. Under such circumstances, people would turn mentally-retarded or might even lose their lives if the matter was severe enough. As such, there are dimensional beasts that are deemed forbidden to even approach.” While pointing towards the gigantic triangular structure beside them, Mu Zi continued his explanation. “For secret realms such as this, there would generally be numerous dangers in this realm that could cause the destruction of our souls.”

“This dangerous?!” cried Simba before he hastily hid behind Wang Zhong’s back. “Then why are we so near it! Simba doesn’t want to lose Simba’s life!”

Simba did not have any combat abilities and was completely reliant on nothing but his trash talking, he had no desire to die.

“I’ve came here specifically for it. Danger often provides opportunities for growth.” said the little baldy with a smile. People that lived in the empires have an different interpretation of the word ‘danger’. The more one fears death, the faster they would be to die. They simply had no other choice but to learn how to survive. “Khufu pyramid!”

Wang Zhong also had a strong adventurous spirit within him. While sizing up the majestic structure, he many new questions began flooding his mind. Why would there be man-made structures here? Isn’t this a world formed solely from spirits? Additionally, this should be the human world, right? He had always assumed that there would only be monsters in this hyperdimension.

Wang Zhong wa as curious as a baby. In the meantime, Mu Zi began showing the chatterbox side of himself, as he was elated to have people to talk to. Within the Tutankhamen Empire, Mu Zi was a man of few words because of the harsh environment he was in. However, deep down inside him, he loved making friends with others, especially if the one was from the Freedom Federation.

With a smile, the little baldy proceeded to elaborate. “Within the Tutankhamen Empire, there is a legend that revolved around the pyramids. According to ancient texts, the pharaoh who reigned over the ancient pyramids had constructed these graves from the dream world. However, no one know exactly where his dreams came from. It became such a interesting tale that stories of this legend had spread far across the globe in the bright era for a few thousand years. The mystery was only partially solved when man was able to enter the hyperdimension, which led to the discovery of the pyramids here…”

“Are you saying that our pyramids originated from the hyperdimension?” exclaimed Wang Zhong, his mouth wide open at that revelation. There seemed to be nothing akin to soul power in the old era.

“Perhaps, or perhaps not,’ replied Mu Zi with a shake of his head. “We’re still uncertain as to which exactly came first. Did the ideas for those man-made structures come from the influence of the hyperdimensional dreams, or did mankind’s thoughts and dreams took on a corporeal form in the hyperdimension? After all, take a look at the things you see around here. Some look like they originated from Earth, but there are others that don’t.”

Upon hearing the words of the little baldy, Wang Zhong nodded his head in agreed. “It’s just like the chicken and egg problem. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

Mu Zi’s explanation had completely changed Wang Zhong’s perception of the empire. The Federation had taught them that the empire was a god forsaken place where barbarism was rampant and the people were governed by chaos rather than law and order. They were also portrayed as savages, feeding on raw food and lacking certain scientific knowledge and expertise. All in all, they were seen as uncivilised creatures to the members of the Federation. This view had been perpetuated for generations, hence forming a particular worldview of the empire.

“Exactly. Perhaps, one day, as our strength grows, we may be able to understand and hence dispel this mystery. By the way, this pyramid was discovered by me.” replied Mu Zi, his eyes ablaze with desire to explore the interior of the pyramid.

“You’re showing off again! How did you find it?!” yelled Simba. He was displeased about the frank talk between Wang Zhong and Mu Zi, which had relegated him to one side.

“I found it by chance. My luck’s not bad, right? I found it after searching for it a dozen times and had taken down its coordinates. This time, I was planning to go in, but by sheer coincidence, you two had also appeared.” replied Mu Zi with a smile, revealing his pearly white teeth. “Understanding the pyramids in the hyperdimension is extremely important for our Tutankhamen Empire.

“If it isn’t too troublesome, I too would like to go in and have a look.” With Wang Zhong’s personality, how could he give up on an opportunity of a lifetime like this? After seeing Mu Zi, Wang Zhong felt that he could no longer consider himself as different from the rest. There were many strange people in this world, and some even stranger than he was. At the very least, Mu Zi’s appearance was much stranger than his own.

“That won’t do. I’m still waiting for a friend, a strong one.” replied the little baldy with a smile. “He should arrive soon enough.

“From the Tutankhamen?”

“Nope, he’s from the Panpasi Empire. Don’t worry about it. In this place, people are more willing to make friends from other continents. Of course, affinity and feels are still important when you are making friends–” Midway through the conversation, a question of utmost importance dawned upon Mu Zi. Turning to look at Wang Zhong, he called out, “ Wang Zhong!”


“Is cola tasty?” questioned Mu Zi. The little baldy’s curiosity was piqued to the point that his eyes were wide open, blinking furiously as he asked, “How does it really taste like?”

“That…” Wang Zhong had thought that Mu Zi had an important question to ask him, seeing that he looked at him with such cautiousness. To think that it was simply this… Wang Zhong could not help but be stunned for a moment.

“How should I put it….Well, it is very tasty. There’re a lot of tasty things after all.”

Hearing Wang Zhong’s words, Mu Zi’s face lit up with excitement. “Ah, I really envy you. The things I really want to try are cola and ham sausage. However, those are way too expensive to be bought at my place.”

“Such a pitiful fellow!” said Simba as he wiped his eyes. “Since we are on this topic at hand, even I feel slightly hungry.”

“Thank you, pet.” said the little baldy while showing a smile so radiant that his canines can be seen.

“You damn baldy! Go and die!”

Meanwhile, in an ancient hall of the imperial court in the the Panpasi empire, a group of guards in golden coloured armor stood outside a palace hall.

The doors of the palace hall were closed shut. Within the palace halls, a topless youth was seated in right in the centre, slowing closing his eyes.

He had entered a state of concentration via meditation, causing the space around him to faintly ripple, as though a path had opened up. A golden-hued figure seperated from his body, before entering the rippling space. At the same time, his body started to slowly float in the air, as though gravity no longer had an effect on him. Once in the air, he no longer moved an inch, as though he had attained enlightenment and became a god himself!

If anyone on Earth were to take a look at Wang Zhong and the little Baldy now, they would discover that both of their physical bodies were not much different from this youth. Although Wang Zhong was lying flat on his bed, the blanket had passed through his body, which appeared blurry and incorporeal, as though his body was currently in limbo. The little baldy was even more mysterious. His physical body was currently resting in his coffin, which was radiating faint blue light in the middle of an unending desert.

“Aioros!” called out the little baldy with a grin.

The golden figure gradually took shape in the hyperdimension. Rapidly turning substantial, he looked towards the little baldy with a smile.. “You’re quite early, little baldy.”

Very quickly, he noticed Wang Zhong by his side. “Who’s this brat?”

“This is Wang Zhong, my friend. He’s from the Federation, and tends to travel by himself, which is a rare sight to see,” introduced Mu Zi with great enthusiasm. “Wang Zhong, this is Aioros Aioros. He’s from the Panpasi Empire. He’s like you, a good person. Aioros, is it alright if we enter the pyramid together?”

In a dangerous place like this, it was natural for people to be vigilant and cautious. On the other hand, it would be hard for three strangers who had just met to feel otherwise.

“Wang Zhong, huh? Its rare to see brats from the Federation moving by themselves. Interesting… well, it seems that we are fated to meet. Mu Zi’s is a walker of the ghost world, and his judgement of people can be trusted.” Aioros curiously sized up Wang Zhong, who appeared to be very weak. However, Mu Zi’s abilities were extremely special. Perhaps, Wang Zhong might have some hidden abilities.
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    《Battle Frenzy》