Battle Frenzy
219 Chapter 219 – Subversive View of the World
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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219 Chapter 219 – Subversive View of the World

Chapter 219 – Subversive View of the World

Before Wang Zhong could voice his thoughts, the eyes of the little baldy erupted with eye-dazzling splendour. Taking the lead, the coffin on his back rose and began to bob in the air as though it was suddenly being controlled with the intent of its owner.

… Alone? Was he that awesome?

Simba wasn’t as calm or unperturbed. As though unconvinced, he said, “This isn’t the time to act so mighty you baldy. If you can’t beat them then just run away!”

A moment later, the little baldy began to untie the coffin behind him. He extended a hand and gently patted the coffin lid’s surface.

The coffin lid slowly opened and a gentle blue light radiated from the opening. Instantly… the surrounding mummies suddenly seemed attracted by those brilliant rays of blue light.

There was no eruption of roars, and the ominous air of bloodthirst that filled the area also disappeared. The eyes of each mummy began to slacken, and they trembled slightly before lining up. One by one they marched toward the coffin. When they reached the coffin, they transformed into a blue ray of light and disappeared into the opening.

Some of the Level 4 mummies tried to resist the demonic powers of the coffin. Signs of struggle could be seen in their eyes and slow footsteps. When he saw that, Mu Zi’s eyes sparkled with blue light and the light from the coffin erupted with sudden strength. With but a single look, the guarded mummies stopped resisting. There was no longer any difference between them and a Level 3 mummy.

After devouring over a hundred mummies, the coffin’s radiance suddenly blossomed and enveloped the three humans and Simba. As if in response, the mummies that had been jumping around berserkly all turned quiet as though having lost their targets.

With a nod, Mu Zi said, “Alright. We can now pass through.”

“That’s really too mysterious.” Wang Zhong couldn’t help but exclaim in admiration.

Beside him, Mu Zi felt a bit embarrassed by the praise and said, “I can’t be considered as anything. Aioros is the one who’s formidable.”

“Mu Zi’s soul tool is extremely special and unique. It can probably put up a fight with your pet.” Aioros wasn’t one to be modest.

Simba immediately hopped to his feet, crying out, “I’m not a pet! I am the almighty Fate Trickster!”

Smiling, Aioros didn’t continue speaking. Even with his knowledge he didn’t know such a blabbering dimensional life form existed in the world. Nonetheless, such a strange existence would definitely have its own special and unique characteristics.

Only experiencing fear but not danger, the three passed through this location filled with countless mummies that stood in formation. Even the rampant and arrogant Simba grew exceedingly quiet. This environment just wasn’t suited for ruckus.

After walking forward for a while, Aioros suddenly frowned. He stopped and a light arc surfaced at the corners of his mouth.

“There’s still a big fellow left.”

As he spoke out, the ground below them began to shake and tremble. The commotion this time was even greater than when the mummies appeared. It was like the entire wilderness were quaking.

Suddenly, an enormous monster that towered over five meters crawled out from the ground.

It did not have a humanoid appearance but instead had a body akin to a lion’s. Even so, it still had a human-like face. Long strips of cloth was wrapped around it, the colour dissimilar to the ones the mummies wore. There was even a deep dark green colour corroding it.


An earth-shattering roar erupted from the sphinx. Its power and might shook the surrounding land!

As though to hide the skies and cover the earth, its terrifying pressure rushed out and pressed down against the lifeforms in the area.

Dark-green coloured dimensional creature. It was a Level 5! In fact, it was even touching upon the path to a Level 6! Compared to the red-legged spider Wang Zhong had met before, this beast should be stronger, right? Even a peak Heroic Soul soldier might not be able to endure its assault.

This dimensional travel had long since shook Wang Zhong to his core. The knowledge and theories he’d grasped within the Federation suffered serious damage during his time in the dimensional world.

According to scientific theories and knowledge, everything here shouldn’t exist. Rather, such things should’ve been just subjective thoughts made by humans in the past. It could even be called superstitious belief of the uneducated. But now, as humans were nearing extinction while simultaneously moving toward a new era, they found such nonsensical stuff actually existed!

Such information created a wonderful kind of backlash within Wang Zhong’s mind. Like if a man in the morning suddenly realized the right way of life and could die in the evening without regret. To Wang Zhong this trip wasn’t for nothing!

To the side, Aioros gave an extremely relaxed smiled. He cracked his knuckles, the sounds of bones popping as he said, “Since it’s a solo fight, let me handle it.”

In comparison to this sphinx, the rather large sized human, Aioros, seemed like a bug.

Unarmed human?

A sliver of disdain flashed within the intelligent eyes of the sphinx. It charged forward furiously, its hill-sized body immediately arriving at Aioros.


A layer of faint golden light flashed into existence from Aioros’ body as his legs were firmly planted into the ground. Two thick, sturdy arms were raised to ward off the beast’s round-table sized claws. He had unexpectedly stopped the terrifying impact of the beast’s swing before it could be fully unleashed! His body was like a lump of iron nailed to the ground. There wasn’t even a hint of trembling present on his body.

Caught unprepared by Aioros’ action, the right side of the sphinx was hit. As though suffering from a heavy impact, the left half of the body was propelled forward due to inertia.

Giving a hearty chuckle, Aioros changed the positioning of his hands from a block to a hug and grabbed the right flank of the sphinx. With a violent swing, he took advantage of the beast’s inertia and flung this several-tonne monster into the sky like a little chick.

What kind of monstrous strength was this? Even a heavy soldier like Kostan, with his body transformation special ability, was simply rubbish compared to Aioros’ pure strength.

“Aioros really is too strong,” said Mu Zi. Swinging his fists around, envy was clearly present on his face. “When will I have such strength?”

“…” Feeling a bit speechless, Wang Zhong stared at Mu Zi.

He had always heard about how the empires were placed that specialized in giving birth to monsters. In fact, Wang Zhong held some slight doubt about this point. After all, personal strength always had limits. But this spectacle before his very eyes showed him how ignorant and ill-informed he truly was.

On the other hand, Wang Zhong didn’t know that even as he was curious about the others, Aioros and Mu Zi were also quite curious about Wang Zhong. They had never seen such a strange Federation person before!

Aioros was currently unleashing his series of earth-shattering attacks.

That faint golden light radiating from his body made his slightly bronze-colored skin incomparably dazzling. It was like he had been made using steel-reinforced rebar. His body was also incredibly well-built. With a gentle stamp, a large section of the earth was ripped from the ground as he launched himself forward like a human-shaped cannonball. He shot after the sphinx he’d thrown just moments ago and actually managed to reach it!

A fist the size of a wok soared through the sky. Numerous such fists rained down at a speed fast enough that Wang Zhong almost couldn’t seem them clearly.

Peng, peng, peng, peng, peng.

The rainstorm of fists collided against the dark-green cloths of the sphinx. Depressions that were visible to the naked eye appeared as the gigantic beast was forced back successively.

An angry roar echoed through the sky as the sphinx parted its mouth.

A thick stench was released along with a large clump of dark-green condensed energy.

But just as it was about to launch this attack, Aioros appeared beneath it. He violently stomped against the ground and launched himself upward. Arm raised, Aioros punched its chin.


Crack! Crack!

That opened mouth was violently shoved close, smashing together a few of its huge teeth. The force of the blow actually shattered a few of them, causing a large crack sound to emit.

As for the dark-green energy, it was still released, only it left through the gaps of its shattered teeth, its ears, and its nose. Even its brain began to spew steam in all directions.

With a flip in the air, Aioros’ momentum was still strong as he sent an axe-like kick swinging toward the beast’s already weakened lower jaw.


That enormous body was directly sent flying back by the monstrous power behind that kick!

Aioros extended his right hand and grabbed the beast, flying through the air along with it. As they flew away, his golden fist began another scene of carnage.

Peng, peng, peng, peng, peng, peng, peng!

His punches really did resemble a sub-machine gun as it pelted the beast. Wang Zhong was only barely able to see the path Aioros’ fists went. Rather, he was unable to see the fist itself… they were like pile drivers, or maybe like comets streaking down, filling up the entire sky.

Thirty seconds… within this mere half a minute, the sphinx, a Level 5 dimensional creature that Wang Zhong originally thought was a ‘Final Boss’, was completely turned into a pile of mud by Aioros’ fists!

The dark-green linen wraps wasn’t enough to hold the beast’s body together. After getting smashed and ripped apart, a foul smell mixed with the beat up flesh and shattered bone was now being exposed from the gaps of its wrappings.

Due to the powerful vitality and life force attributed to a peak Level 5 dimensional creature, the beast actually wasn’t dead yet. Its brain, if you can reluctantly call it a brain, still twitched with unwillingness.


Yet another punch rumbled out and smashed the brain until it was half-buried into the ground. Its long-dead body twitched violently, a reaction given automatically due to its severed nerves. After a few moments, its entire body tensed before slumping powerlessly to the ground.

Aiolos lifted the car-hood sized brain up to take a closer look. In the end, he shook his head and flung the brain aside like a piece of rubbish. “This fellow was a bit weak. Can it be we found the wrong place again?”

This Peak Level 5 dimensional beast was dispatched in just thirty seconds. Indeed, this was probably just a warm-up to him…
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    《Battle Frenzy》