Battle Frenzy
222 Chapter 222 – Might of the Cola
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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222 Chapter 222 – Might of the Cola

Chapter 222 – Might of the Cola

Calling out seemed more effective in pulling Mu Zi and Aioros out of their illusions. A spark of brilliance sparkled within Wang Zhong’s eyes, and he shouted out two astonishingly loud words, “Cola! Ham Sausage!”


Mu Zi’s world was a blank canvas filled with black and white.

In fact, when he was born, this distinct black and white world didn’t belong to him.

He was from a fortunate and perfect family. His family was the feudal lord of a small territory within the Tutankhamen Empire that was sitting on an oasis that spanned many square kilometres long. The people there were friendly, spending their time either farming beside the oasis or hunting in the desert. Being the feudal lord, his father was usually called the virtuous lord, while his kind hearted mother was well known for being a great beauty. In everyone’s eyes, they were a family that was matched by the heavens.

He had a perfect childhood, growing up in bath in love and care. He was also a genius with monstrous talent, having awaken his powers as a new human at an extremely young age. His life continued like that until his third birthday.

His father had left early in the morning. Based on what his mother had said, his father had left to prepare the most precious gift in the world for him: the Federation’s cola and ham sausage!

He had heard about them before. They were said to be divine foods that tasted so heavenly that no words could describe them. Ever since he was young, Mu Zi had always wanted to try them. That would had been the most perfect birthday he would have, if he had not wandered into the courtyard that was often used to offer offerings to the gods..

There was an ordinary coffin in the courtyard. Last year, he had seen it from a distance when his father was making his offerings to the gods. He had heard that it was the family heirloom that had been passed down since the dark era. Mu Zi could not understand how could such a ordinary thing be an important heirloom. Yet, he felt inexplicably drawn to it even though it was seen as a taboo to many.

Unable to resist the urge, he extended his hand to give it a light touch. In the next moment, the coffin, which had not showed any strange or peculiar reactions for centuries changed colour and began radiating with faint and indistinct rays of blue light.

Without any warning, the coffin lid swung open, as though Pandora’s box had been opened. The beautiful and colourful world disappeared from his view, and what followed after where the nightmares.

It seems that everyone he came into contact with became cursed. That very night, on his way back, his father had met with a attack from large scale beastial tide in the desert, leaving behind not a single trace of his small group. Immediately after that, his mother fell immesnely ill. As Mu Zi stayed beside her bed, in a mere span of three days, he saw that the black hair on his mother had turned into an eerie white colour.

As though she knew something, she gave a gentle sigh while watching little Mu Zi weep while holding her hand. Her gaze was filled with tenderness and love, though she did not say a thing even till her death.

The feudal land had organized a grandiose funeral for his parents. However, on the actual day of the funeral, the beastial tide that had decmiated his father’s small merchant squad attacked the feudal land.

After that, many mutated beasts that were never heard of before rampaged and wreaked devastation in the feudal land. Smashing everything within the feudal land, they turned the entire area into dust and ashes.

However, in all of the attacks, he was treated as though he was invisible. None of the mutated beasts were able to “see” him, or the coffin beside him. Within the devastation and the ruins that filled the lands, the only ones left were him and the coffin.

He trembled with dread and regret. If he had been given another chance, he would definitely not touch that coffin. He felt that all that had happened was the fault of that coffin! And yet, despite everything, he would still carry the coffin on his back with any second thoughts. He wanted to research it and learn how to subdue it. At the very least, he could not let the deaths of his parents die be in vain! Even so, the path before him would be arduous and slow. It had been over ten years since, and still he had continued to walk forward with no sign of slowing down. As he had increased his strength, he became skilled at using terrifying abilities. Even so, the only thing he had gained an understanding about was the coffin’s world of black and white, a simple indication of life and death. Although he might be able to control some special aspects and applications of the coffin, he was unable exercise direct control over them.

Those memories that were kept hidden in the depths of his heart were currently being played back, scene by scene, within Mu Zi’s mind. All of them had become fodder for the nightmares that he had faced every single night for the past few years. At the start, he struggled hard, trying to break free from this terror. However, no matter how hard he struggled, he only sank deeper and deeper into the illusions. He felt extreme pain and grief while within the illusions. Once the most painful moment had elapsed, he would start to sleep again, and the same nightmare would start playing out again, day after day, year after year…

All this continued until he heard a faint sound, ringing out from distant place. “Mu Zi…”

That was his name…Within the feudal land, he had been called by this name by everyone. It made it difficult for Mu Zi to be overly concerned about it. At this time, he was still stuck within the never ending loop of the devastation caused by the beasts. Perhaps, it was called by a familiar person within the feudal land. However, being just three years of age, there was nothing he could do other than to scream and cry.


This manner of address caused Mu Zi to freeze for a second. A hazy memory began to emerge from his pain and grief as he glanced up towards the sky.

An even louder voice rang out. “Cola! Ham Sausage!”


If he was weak, Mu Zi would already be dead. However, he wasn’t dead! He was alive! Furthermore, he was getting increasingly stronger. He wanted to fully understand his fate,and find a place he truly belonged to! Whether he returned dead or alive, he refused to be stuck in such illusions!

“Is that…Wang Zhong?” Mu Zi finally remembered his name. At this moment, the scenes before him shattered apart like glass, revealing the “dimensional mayflies” attached to his body.

Mu ZI’s eyes lit up with righteous fury. So, it was these things that dare to trample upon my heart and memories!

His inner world had always been simple. Life and death, black and white. Either a friend or an enemy. There was no such thing as a middle ground!

Terrifying Soul Power immediately radiated out from his body, as though a verdict made in a life or death situation! Without a chance to react, those “dimensional mayflies” resting on his body immediately turned dim, before dropping straight down to the ground!

A bright and spacious path immediately appeared right in front of him!

In the other room, Aioros’s eyes finally sprung open.

Prior to this, he was experiencing a seemingly endless killing spree. He fought against countless terrifying dimensional life forms of sixth grade, some were even of seventh grade and of eighth grade! They all rushed madly towards him, towering over him like gigantic mountains. He fought and fought, continuously sustaining more and more injuries till he died. After he had died, the fight would repeat once more.

During the fight, Aioros remembered what his master had once said. This was his way of life, the natural way of life—the weak will become food for the strong; this was the survival of the fittest!

He loved fights, especially those fights that would cause one’s blood to boil. He loved the feeling of becoming stronger. Only in such blood-boiling fights would he be able to get stronger and stronger!

Other people may have other reasons for fighting. As for him, he fought for the sake of fighting!

In all honesty, he knew that he was in an illusion and could forcefully wake himself up at any point of time. However, what was the use?

Such fights like this excited him. Feeling the heavy impacts on his body while experiencing the control of dimensional energies exerted by those powerful dimensional life forms…those feelings and sensations intoxicated him. With every appearance of a new monster, with every death due to exhaustion, he became more and more enticed till he was unable to stop himself!
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    《Battle Frenzy》