Battle Frenzy
223 Chapter 223 – He’ll Die If He Isn’t Pretentious
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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223 Chapter 223 – He’ll Die If He Isn’t Pretentious

Chapter 223 – He’ll Die If He Isn’t Pretentious

One more time…just once more!

He continued this cycle of birth and death within the illusion, shouts of murder echoing from every corner filled his mind, slowly intoxicating him in their warm embrace while robbing him of his sanity. He would not continued down the spiral if it was not for a distant shout. “Cola, ham sausage!”

The illusion before him shattered, leaving Aioros in disbelief by the depth of his feelings. He could clearly feel the sensations caused by the dimensional mayflies sticking to his body. This time, he was all too lucky for he could escape before he succumb to his killing instincts. This experience was a wake up call for him not to be too arrogant in his own abilities.

After all, he was strong enough to be one of the three that was able to enter the hyperdimension simply upon using their spiritual will power. With such an immense spiritual strength, any illusion, no matter how strong, would easily be seen through by him. However, this had made him conceited. He allowed the illusion to provoke him and rile up his bloodthirst, causing him to sink even deeper within the illusion. If he had continued the illusion, he might truly be in extreme danger.

These dimensional mayflies were the experts at controlling illusions and controlling the hearts of people!

Wang Zhong…though he seemed to be the weakest of us all, and yet…he is a strange one indeed.

After walking out from the door of bliss, Aioros regarded Wang Zhong with newfound respect. Although it is often said that first appearances are important, in a world where the weak become the food for the strong, strength is of utmost importance in gaining one’s acknowledgement.

“Thanks for saving me, Wang Zhong!” yelled the little baldy in excitement, “ I can sense an aura emanating from you that make it seems as though you have the ability to defy fate itself!” In the dimensional world, he had came across lots of people. However, he did not have a chance to get to know many of them on a personal level. This was the first time he had come across someone which gave him such an intriguing feeling. Although Mu Zi was not considered to be old, he chas the knowledge akin to that of an elder if he included the experiences he had while in the dimensional world.

“Not too shabby! You have such a domineering spirit! Even dimensional life forms have no choice but to give in to you!” Aioros was also appreciative of what Wang Zhong had done. full of appreciation. Within the dimensional world, compared to the strength of one’s soul power, the resilience of one’s soul was deemed more important for survival. Clearly, Wang Zhong’s soul had an astounding level of tenacity. This was an indication that there were some things in the hyperdimensional world deemed important but humans as of right now were unable to attain.

“You two have finally seen it!” laughed Simba in a boisterous voice. “This is due to the supreme guidance of I, the mighty Fate Trickster Simba, that Wang Zhong have such a tough and resilient soul! Baldy! Musclehead! You two are finally aware of my true might! Now, bow down before me!”

Simba had held back for quite some time during this exploration. The Fate Trickster was like a drama queen that would die if he was not showered with constant attention. After being disregarded by the two, he had lost all confidence in himself. However, he found it all back from Wang Zhong.

Upon hearing Simba’s words, both Aioros and Mu Zi started to laugh, clearing indicating that they did not believe a single word that Simba had just said. To them, the strange dimensional beast in front of them was weak. Other than its capacity to talk, it was nothing more that a pet. The only reason why they had held their tongue was the respect they had for their fellow compatriot. They had accepted Wang Zhong fully and regarded him as one of their brothers-in-arms in the hyperdimensional world.

There were only two ways to enter the dimensional world. The first was to use the spatial crack, and the second was dependent on the person’s soul. The former was widely used by the Federation while the latter by the empires.

Both ways had their pros and cons. By using the spatial cracks to create fixed spatial transfer points, the Federation were able to send in soldiers into the hyperdimension to establish strongholds before expanding their territory. The price for doing so had been steep as the Federation had met with powerful dimensional life forms that were capable of defeating them with a simple movement. As such, the Federation had to be cautious and prudent, not daring to openly go up against dimensional life forms that were of the seventh grade and above. After all, the main purpose of the Federation’s foray into the hyperdimension was to replenish their dwindling resource pool. Only a small handful of experts wanted to enter it to improve themselves. As for the empire, entering the hyperdimension was solely for the purpose of understanding the meaning of life, and to attain greater strength and power.

Thus, the Federation is typically regarded as being cowardly and gutless as they had to do everything cautiously, not daring to rile up any powerful dimensional life forms or venturing into mysterious secret realms that could contain countless treasures.Even so, they, like all humans, are greedy. The Federation were more than willing to conduct trades with the explorers from the empires. In the earlier years, the Federation had charged the empire exorbitant prices for their goods as the people from the empires were unaware of the market prices of items. Nevertheless, these kinds of things were rare as the explorers from the empires would rather throw away their stuff than make a trade with the Federation.

After all, one couldn’t blame the Federation for being so cautious. Exploration was dangerous after all, and may lead to the collapse of the entire army when facing against those dangerous life forms. This was not something the Federation could bear. Additionally, to enter the hyperdimensional world using one’s soul would require one to either reach the Heavenly Soul Stage or have a miraculous epiphany of the mysterious of the world, both of which were rare occurrences. This is primarily due to the fact that the humans in the Federation underwent a different path of evolution as compared to those in the empires.

If one’s soul were to suffer a death within the hyperdimensional world, the person would suffer from serious injuries that require a long period of recuperation at the very most. The experts that were able to enter using their souls would have powerful personal strength. The empires were rich and abundant with fighting experience. If one possessed special abilities, one would be able to explore around without restrictions, like Mu Zi, who was considered to be a legendary figure within the hyperdimension.

“I’ve suffered an injury more damaging this time round and would need to rest for a period of time,” said Aioros with a smile. “Your way’s still more convenient, Mu Zi.” He had gained immense comprehension after the fight. Even so, one would need ample rest after such intense stress and pressure. A soldier needs not only to be good in their fighting abilities, but also have a good understanding of their bodies.

Shaking his head, Mu Zi replied, “I also need time to rest and recover. Dimensional beasts like that have a damaging effect to my box.” As he said that, it became obvious that the rays of brilliance radiating out from Mu Zi’s box was dimmer than before.

Suddenly, the two of them looked towards Wang Zhong before asking him, “Are you alright?”

Scratching his head, Wang Zhong replied, “I don’t think there is anything wrong with me.”

“That can’t be true, Wang Zhong. The last time I saw you, you were being chased by a high-grade dimensional life form. Are you not the least bit scared?”

“I’ve been killed a few of times in this world. However, it felt just a nightmare,” replied Wang Zhong.

The reply left both Aioros and Mu Zi completely dumbstruck. It was only after a while did Aioros spoke out with a bitter laugh. “Here I’d thought that I and Mu Zi were considered as prodigies. Looks like we’re really looking at the world from the bottom of a well. Any spiritual body would need to recover after suffering a death in the hyperdimension. It is impossible for anyone to treat it as though it was nothing.You have such a weird spiritual body!”

“I guess that my luck’s better than others,” said Wang Zhong in a helpless tone.

Due to the existence of the Fate Stone, his fate was already different from ordinary people from the beginning. At the very least, it has finally shown some advantages.

Mu Zi, who was at the side, opened his eyes wide open. It was quite some time before he said with great emotions, “The people that I know are really weird!”

Aioros immediately took that as a personal attack and Simba displayed an extremely discontent expression upon hearing his words. “You’re the one walking around everywhere with a strange box on your back, so you’ve no right to say such words!” “ You’re the strangest one here, okay!” retorted both of them at the same time.

The three of them burst out into laughter. Birds of the same feather flock together, and weirdos were no exception.

“It’s a pity that I can’t continue on today,” said Mu Zi with deep regret. The dimensional mayflies had consumed too much of his spiritual energy. Although people from empires were tough and strong, having to maintain a spiritual body within the hyperdimension would naturally require more energy that those “weaklings” of the Federation.
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    《Battle Frenzy》