Battle Frenzy
228 Chapter 228 – Copperfield
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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228 Chapter 228 – Copperfield

Chapter 228 – Copperfield

The news that Tianjing had defeated Adolf had definitely been spread throughout the Eastern Area. Nevertheless, the shock was only felt within the Tianjing territory while the vast majority simply felt Tianjing just got a pretty good batch of freshman. They even made it a possibility that Adolf’s strength had been overestimated.

According to the current rampancy shown by Saxon, they seemed to see Adolf as just a pile of shit. Comparing themselves to Tianjing? That was purely insulting them! Just mentioning their academy’s name was the best way to increase their own appeal when flirting with girls. If his luck wasn’t bad then the vice-captain might be able to bring this bubbly Hymin over to their Copperfield-assigned rooms tonight.

Unfortunately, this Hymin didn’t seem easy to hook up with. Especially since she was sitting beside this guy eating noodles, Wang Zhong. It seemed he was the captain of the Tianjing Squadron. While bullshit words like ‘It’s an honour to meet you’ and ‘Please guide us’ flowed from those Saxon members’ mouths, their grinning expressions displayed their completely lack of respect for their opposites.

But in the end, those few members, including their esteemed vice-captain, were shaken and dizzied by Wang Zhong to the point where they didn’t even get the chance to ask for Hymin’s skylink number. When they thought about this, the Saxon group felt extremely unhappy. All-in-all, they felt played by that Wang fellow and the girl named Hymin.

Regardless of whether it were her appearance or figure, Hymin could definitely be ranked as a first-class beauty. She knew the proper way to apply makeup and even added minor decorations to her school uniform that enhanced her looks. It was very easy to try and imagine her in a Chinese dress. She was sexy, but not vulgar, loveable without being flirtatious, and with her straight black and luxurious hair she seemed to radiate a vitality and purity that seeped into her surroundings. To those who didn’t know her, she gave off a pure and harmless impression and was most absolutely the type that most men wanted to immediately bed.

Bedding and subduing such a girl would undeniably give one a feeling of accomplishment and pride. Ever since his first look at her, Sully felt this would be the one and only goal he would aim for during this month-long special training. The only issue was that this girl didn’t show a shred of respect toward them. As someone from the powerful Saxon, she didn’t reveal the slightest bit of astonishment or envy. Sully had flirted with girls countless times and knew Hymin’s expression definitely wasn’t fake.

But the more he saw this, the greater the itch grew within Student Sully’s heart.

Was it because of that Wang Zhong who was sitting beside her that he was being overlooked and ignored? He didn’t seem all that handsome, nor was he tall or imposing. Yet, Sully knew much about these youthful girls around seventeen to eighteen years of age. Those who encountered their first budding emotions of ‘love’ didn’t always fall for people who possessed the greatest killing might, nor those who were handsome or rich. And in this case it definitely wasn’t one’s height or imposing manner. Rather, it was precisely those who could blow the greatest whistle!

An innocent and cute little sheep. A wretched liar with a mouth filled with sweet, sweet lies.

With malicious intent filling his mind, Sully tied Hymin and Wang Zhong together. His sex-filled thoughts ran wild as he concluded this to be the most probable result he could draw out.

“Wait for me to rescue you, you pitiful little sheep!” As he lay within a comfy and large VIP cabin, Student Sully comfortably changed those ideas within his sexual fantasies. He instantly set himself a goal for the upcoming month, but had to act quickly. Once they succeeded here and went back, he would lose his opportunity. And to him, he felt it would be a waste of such a nice and large bed.

Still, Sully didn’t hastily launch his assault. As one who had quite the achievement in the art of flirting, he wanted to dig out a corner of no retreat. This required a set of favourable timings and locations.

The best way to attack his opponent while raising himself in the girl’s eyes was to humiliate the big liar and throw him into the middle of a shitstorm whilst dragging the pitiful little sheep with him. Then, acting as the angel of salvation, Sully would step across a rainbow road and take in the gentle, worshipping gaze of that little sheep. Clad in golden armour, he would descend from the heavens with brilliant rays of light radiating from him as he crazily swept her off her feet!

Although this method was a bit outdated, it still led to unfailing results each time. The most critical factor was to not appear overly deliberate. He had to lead the sheep by her horns to a place of no return before cheating her into being dead-set on him. Her heart had to be willing as he completely conquered both her heart and mind!

Each step had to be extremely complex without any leeway for disorder. Not a single step could be skipped. A hasty heart would only lead to disaster in landing this girl. Regardless of whether it was the final prize or the act itself, both would lead to equal amounts of enjoyment.

A faint smile appeared on Student Sully’s face as he looked at the ‘envious’ gazes being shown by the Tianjing Academy students who were in the normal cabin. He especially like the gaze Hymin sent toward him. As he stood side by side in a formal manner with his captain and backed by his fellow squad members, they all walked out of the VIP cabin with dignified appearances.

Hymin almost wanted to choke and smile. She had seen that self-righteous attitude Sully had too many times and knew of these so-called ‘flirting experts’. As she noted down the glances being tossed at her from time to time, she already had an 80-90 percent accurate estimate of this fellow’s thoughts.

Hymin usually wouldn’t care about someone like him. But given that her seemingly omnipotent captain didn’t get any friends even after playing six rounds of cards, she felt this bit of trouble for him was a rather interesting change. After all, captain’s training time was getting increasingly abnormal, causing her bonding time with Grai to seemingly disappear.

Our esteemed Captain Wang didn’t in the slightest notice he was being schemed by this little lady. Ever since he walked out of the train platform, he turned into someone as ordinary as everyone else and had the most curious and excited gaze as he observed one of the ten greatest cities in the Federation, Copperfield City.

Copperfield was a mountain city and build upon an outrageously enormous mountain range. It’s said that this range of mountains spanned 3000-4000 meters high. In addition, after receiving the influence of dimensional energy, the terrain underwent incredible changes as gigantic mountain peaks seemingly popped up in an instant. With but a single step, they had become one of the tallest peaks in the current Federation, and they even appeared to have increased in height as the years passed.

This high elevation for the city became a high point for mankind during the initial period of the Dark Era. During that time, Copperfield City used this range as a natural barrier from danger, saving countless lives and attracting a congregation of various powers and refugees. This resulted in the city becoming one the Ten Great Cities of the Federation.

In the current era, however, this natural barrier became a burden for its future prosperity. Steep inclines were present throughout the city, and the trip from the ‘top’ of the train station to the ‘bottom’ of Copperfield Academy which was at the peak meant one had to walk through hundreds of extremely gracious elevators. Citizens and employees ran about transporting goods and items, showing a rather spectacular sight.

It took over three full hours for their transport vehicle to finally stop near the top of the mountain. Copperfield Academy was undoubtedly the center of the city. Bubbling with excitement, the group of kids from Tianjing enjoyed the aftertaste of this spectacular view around them. The Ten Great Cities really were the Ten Great Cities. This one city was incredibly large with various specialties and unique traits scattered about. Compared to this place, Tianjing City really did feel smaller.
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