Battle Frenzy
230 Chapter 230 – Having the need to cast Bear Rules the World while still being naked
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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230 Chapter 230 – Having the need to cast Bear Rules the World while still being naked

Chapter 230 – Having the need to cast Bear Rules the World while still being naked

Honestly though, no one would have believed that Wang Zhong would be the one to see Laura stepping out of a bath. There were some downstairs that wanted to see some sort of action, which basically only meant Sully. Everyone expected for Wang Zhong to accidentally bump into Laura on the third floor and would be flung down from the third floor by her bear. It would make a good laugh for everyone present. However, if he was to truly see Laura step out of the bath, a sizeable proportion of the people present would gladly risk their lives and trade places with Wang Zhong.

However, the person implicated in this particular situation thought otherwise.

The atmosphere of within the changing room turned cold. Everyone could tell that Laura was flustered. Even when faced against her greatest opponent, she had not been once faltered. No matter how people had called her a queen or how insufferably arrogant she was, she was still a girl who had just turned eighteen. Her originally faintly pinkish face instantly turned as red as a beetroot, and a sharp killing intent arose from within her eyes!

The view that having your privates seen by a member of the opposite sex would meant that you both have to get married was not something Laura believed in. In fact, right at this very moment, all she could think about was a way to make the person in front of her disappear before her eyes through any means necessary!


A familiar aura erupted from the girl. She then used her famous technique that was capable of tear the fabric of space itself.

So it was her?

Without hesitation, Wang Zhong immediately swayed his body and moved away like a specter.

In the next instant!


Space began to warp and was accompanied by a tremble that was as strong as an earthquake!

The changing room was not meant for training and thus was without the protection from runic array formations. In an instant, the entire floor started shaking as a four to five metre tall giant berserk bear clad in flames suddenly emerged from the surrounding space!

However, it was a pity that such a powerful moves was still left the wretched leacher in front of her unfazed. During its rampage, the giant bear had stomped a huge hole in the ground, causing half of its leg to be stuck in the hole it created.

This is?!

Laura could not believe what she was seeing

The leacher’s movements seemed all too familiar. Ever since her method of summoning her giant bear was exposed to the world, she had already faced against a number of experts in combat. Against them, she had seen how many of her opponents had reacted to her technique. However, there was only one person from the OP that depended on evasion to counter her move by using ghost like steps .

“Fellow student, please calm down! All of this is just a small misunderstanding!” shouted Wang Zhong, who was frightened by her response. What scared him was not the giant bear. Rather, he had just arrived at the Copperfield Academy for less than a day, and he had already caused the floor of one of their largest societies to collapse. Under such circumstances, it would be pointless to say that the damage was incurred by the bear as everything one will place him as the one responsible for the destruction.

How much do I have to pay for this? The great captain Wang clenched his teeth in pain. Also, about the body of the one dubbed as everyone’s goddess, he did not see much.

“This was no misunderstanding.” quipped Laura, the fury and embarrassment fading slightly from her eyes. Curiosity blossomed within her, making her forget momentarily about her current state of undress. Upon realising that, she immediately launched her Flaming Spatial Fist straight towards that lecher!

On hindsight, she had summoned her explosive bear while ruled by her turbulent emotions, which was not suited for such a place. WIth a thought, she calmed her bear down.

However, in the end, her fist didn’t land on her intended target.

Her towel that was wrapped around her body was unable to endure such a large range of vigorous motion by the great society president, causing it to awkwardly slipped off her body. It instantly revealed two jade white breasts that would cause anyone’s nose to instantly spurt out blood. Truthfully, this view before him almost distracted Wang Zhong, who did not falter under any situation. Although Wang Zhong wasn’t some upright gentleman, he quickly turned around and averted his gaze. He had not seen certain parts earlier, to think this would happen now…

She immediately turned red once again, and the impulse to dig a hole and die in it became really unbearable. However, the fact that the other party had immediately turned around to avoid seeing her caused her to feel somewhat bad for taking actions against him.

“I did not see anything.” declared Wang Zhong with his back facing Laura. He tried his best to sound as sincere and honest as possible. “Actually, my vision’s pretty bad.”

Laura’s face turned a darker shade of red, which even extended all the way down to the base of her snow white neck. What a liar! No new humans had poor vision….

And yet, why can’t I seem to refute him? And isn’t this the chance for me to take action against him?

Hastily grabbing her fallen towel, Laura spent only a second to tightly wrap it around her body, before looking at the back of the male student before her. She truly felt immense embarrassment to the point of laughter.

At the very least, his immediate reaction to turn around indicated that this fellow should not be some lecher. He also should be a student from another academy. He won’t know much about my habits in the society. This is just a simple misunderstanding. Though his movements are similar to that person. Could it be that he…

Feeling angry to the point of laughing, Laura purposefully kept quiet, planning on observing how long that fellow was planning to remain standing there like that.

Standing there foolishly for an entire minute, Wang Zhong did not hear her make any movement, making it all the more awkward for him. For the matter to go to this extent, for him to not understand the situation he was in would be laughable. “Student Laura, I truly didn’t know that the third floor was reserved only for you and you only. Seeing your…sorry, I truly am sorry.”

Wang Zhong’s apology was sincere and genuine, causing Laura to be intrigued by the fellow before her. As for the group of people that had rushed to the third floor, all of them stood shellshocked at the scene before them.

Those people who arrived were the clique that formed around Sully when Wang Zhong had conversed with him previously. The instant they feld the tremors when Laura summoned her bear, they became filled with excitement. Some of them of them had rushed out of the training room and tried to catch a glimpse through the third floor windows. Others who ever more daring immediately rushed towards the third floor. Even so, they had not dared step onto the third floor. If they were were to raise the ire of the goddess within the Copperfield Academy, they would offend not just Laura, but also the entire academy. Although they were known to be daring and lived to sow chaos in the world, the maximum they dared went was the staircase of the third floor, while trying to listen in on the conversation to decipher what was happening.

After that…all they heard was what they deemed to be a pile of bullshit…

Claiming that it was a ‘misunderstanding’ and he had ‘seen nothing’…there was nothing to misunderstand about. And those words “seeing your…”…what does that even mean?! Everyone really wanted to know! Especially when the two were talking and taking action in such a romantic and wonderful place like a changing room.

Instantly, everyone, including Sully, felt unease run through their entire bodies.

Was, was, Laura changing clothes or bathing in the changing room?!

That was Laura, the ball queen Laura who possessed 36Fs breasts but had always showed disdain to the masses! Did that Wang person pray to his ancestors for such a miracle? To think he was that lucky…

A number of them gulped loudly, and everyone present became crazed with jealousy and hate, before imagining Wang Zhong being placed into a flaming purgatory three seconds from now.

However, after a brief silence, Laura only replied with a “Mm”. It was followed up with something that no one believed she would say under such circumstances.

“I understand. Please go out, and help me close the door!”

Feeling as though a heavy burden had been lifted off his shoulder, Wang Zhong hastily ran out of the door. However, before he could made his exit, Laura unexpectedly raised one more question, “Wait, before you leave. What’s your name?”
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    《Battle Frenzy》