Battle Frenzy
233 Chapter 233 – Naturally it’s the Potter Family
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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233 Chapter 233 – Naturally it’s the Potter Family

Chapter 233 – Naturally it’s the Potter Family

Old man Schoffel was brimming with enthusiasm about the first day of the special training. Student Wang Zhong, who was accustomed to get a headstart on things, had already brought the Tianjing Squad to start their first official session of the eastern area special training class.

The gathering location for the first day wasn’t placed in any normal classroom; rather, it was a large gathering hall within the Copperfield Academy. The gathering hall was glamorous and decorated like a miniature opera house. When the Tianjing Academy had arrived at the location, the gathering hall was already filled with the squadrons from numerous academies from the eastern area.

Just like what Headmaster Greene and Ma Dong had said, it did not have the feel a typical academy would have. Additionally, the tense competitive atmosphere that often arises when the top ranked academies meet was absent. Instead, everyone in the hall appeared amicable and friendly with each other.

In fact, before the official start of the training, most of the elites had already met each other before. Among them, Tianjing Academy wasn’t considered as too avant-garde. Although many would view themselves as being far superior as compared to them when they interacted with them, no one made trouble for them.

An academy’s reputation was defined only by a moment of glory. Most of the people who attended this special training were those with unique talents. There were also those who were third and even fourth years who were close to graduating and as such, were more concerned with their possible career paths that they can embark on in the eastern area as opposed to their success in the upcoming CHF.

Take for example the Tianjing Academy. No matter how low their current strength was, just having Emily, the proposed successor of the Assassin Family, made it impossible for anyone to disregard Tianjing Academy. Having connections to a giant like the Assassin Family could not harm their career prospects in the future. At the very least, there was no need to make enemies out of them. Scarlet was also another individual that made Tianjing Academy so reputed. Even if you would disregard the work her parents had done in the upper levels of the Federation, Headmaster Greene, her grandfather, was enough to place her in the spotlight. After all, Headmaster Greene had brought up numerous students that had joined differing departments of the Federation. With this in mind, his influence was far-reaching within the Federation itself.

If one was to choose to become enemies with an academy with such figures for no rhyme or reason, the person can be regarded as a retard.

However, this doesn’t mean that Wang Zhong would receive the same level of recognition as the others. Although the queen had placed enough pressure and her prestige itself had prevented the news from circulating too far and wide, many of the elites knew about him “taking a peek” at Laura bathing. Thus, when Tianjing Academy had arrived, the gazes that met Wang Zhong were filled with bemusement, but none of them had an air of friendliness to them.

Within the elite circle of the eastern area, Laura was regarded as the queen.

After all, she came from such an illustrious family background. The great Potter family was one of the ten great families of the Federation. Born with such exquisite talent, as well as being a soul beast master, she has shown that she had much room for growth, and she is nowhere near her limits. Coupled with her angelic face, lithe figure and exceeding youthful countenance…

Such a perfect girl was definitely on the path to the top of the Federation. Many of them knew that they were not qualified to associate with a person like her and all they could do was to admire her from afar. However, this does not mean that they would simply stand back and watch a nameless nobody blaspheme their goddess.

Fortunately, as Laura was sitting at the front, no one dared to mention the incident. Both Anlor and Arnold Teuton had remained obedient. Even Captain Leo of the Austin Academy, who was as wild as a bear and was known as the iron King Kong, as well as Captain Paul of the Saxon squad, who had a crush on Laura all along, did not dare to mention it at all.

There were many who came over to exchange greetings with Scarlet and Emily. Among their squad, Grai and Hymin were pretty famous for their beauty and looks. Over the course of the past few days, everyone had at least familiarize with each other. However, even though he was the captain of the Tianjing Squadron, none of them showed much interest in Wang Zhong.

Wang Zhong actually didn’t mind this at all. Although it was not as though he had no interest in making friends, if everyone was looking at you through veiled glasses, it would be best not to attract too much attention. Anyway, the members of the Tianjing Sqaudron would often congregate wherever he was. This way, those that were planning to get into the good graces of Scarlet or Emily would not continue to crowd over.

“Will Laura squash that fellow to death? She’s the type that would get rid of anyone she deems as an eyesore from her sight.”

“I don’t think so. If she really wanted to eliminate that fellow, she would have already done so. It has already been a few days days since that incident, and yet Laura had not lift a single finger. From the looks of it, the incident was most probably all a misunderstanding. After all, Laura could not care less about it. You guys are just making a wild guess about it.”

Laura had also noticed the Tianjing squad that had arrived, but even so, she did not react one bit.

Seeing her make no response left quite a few people shocked and astonished. There were a few that felt extremely unhappy about this. However, the majority just gave a knowing smile, not caring much about this. In the end, this was just a small incident when compared to this special class. It was not much to be concerned with. As of now, even the person involved, Laura, didn’t care about it. What more could they do? The only thing they could do was to see Laura’s tolerance in a new light while labelling Wang Zhong as having a ‘vulgar’ personality.

As the murmurs and discussions resounded within the gathering hall, the first lesson for the special class began.

The person giving the first lesson was the current vice dean of the Copperfield Commanders faculty, Fiona Potter, who was also Laura’s paternal aunt. Although the Copperfield City did not belong to the Potter Family, as one of the ten great families of the Federation, they had control over this city no other family could ever match up against. A prime example of this would be the fact that within Copperfield Academy, a few of the vice deans and even the headmaster were members of the Potter Family.

The appearance of the teacher sent most of the males in the room into a stunned stupor.

She was indeed worthy of the great Potter Family. Such heredity was truly unrivaled. The reputation of this family truly was too upheld too well! Even the aunt of the goddess had such an outstanding chest that left many gasping for air! Paired with a tight-fitting professional outfit, her voluptuous figure emanated sexual appeal. Added to the mix was her beautiful and well maintained face, giving her the appearance of a 27 to 28 year old woman though she was in fact close to her forties.

This, this…how could people learn anything from class!

There were even some people wiping the blood flowing out from their noses as they thought about whether Laura’s paternal aunt was married or not?

People were either cleaning blood off their noses or had vacant expressions when Fiona appeared, clearly rendered speechless by the Laura’s paternal aunt from the Potter family. Just as many had predicted, this lesson was only just an introduction, as Fiona was planning to just casually say some words. What was more interesting to her was to observe the purity and pervertness of the students in front of her.

Most of them weren’t able to control themselves. Nevertheless, there were some exceptions, like that gorilla king from Austin, the soft and feminine assassin captain from Saxon, as well as that fellow who had “peeped” at Laura bathing.

That fellow has a pair of extremely pure eyes, with a prim and proper gaze, quite unlike the type that would steal a peek at a lady in the midst of a bath.
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