Battle Frenzy
239 Chapter 239 – A Good Dog Doesn’t Block the Way
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Battle Frenzy
Author :Skeleton Wizard
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239 Chapter 239 – A Good Dog Doesn’t Block the Way

Chapter 239 – A Good Dog Doesn’t Block the Way

Sully took two to three steps forward and passed by Wang Zhong, a radiant smile plastered on his face as he walked to the front. “Saxon Squadron, Sully, sends his regards to the seniors present.”

Since Calderon and the others had graduated from Copperfield Academy, and everyone here was participating in the special training, calling them seniors wasn’t a problem.

With a smile, everyone just nodded their heads. It was as though they hadn’t noticed Wang Zhong, just that in their eyes Tianjing Academy was just a filler squadron brought over to make up for the shortfall of people. It didn’t matter if he gave a self-introduction or not as none of them held much interest for Tianjing.

After Sully took the lead, those few vice-captains standing behind Wang Zhong began to walk up without the slightest bit of courtesy. Deep within their hearts they treated their own vice-captain statuses as worthy of much higher respect than Wang Zhong’s captain status.

This made Wang Zhong speechless. This was just a self-introduction. Why the need to rush?

Sitting to the side, Laura couldn’t bear to watch this farce anymore and, with a smile, interrupted a vice-captain from Lennon Academy while waving a hand toward Wang Zhong, “Captain Wang Zhong, care to introduce yourself?”

Quite a number in the great hall turned to look over when they heard Laura’s words.

Although Wang Zhong didn’t feel any physiological rejection toward these clans and influences within Copperfield City, he didn’t have the heart to suck up to them either. The only thing he was thinking of now was just carrying out the responsibilities required of him. As a representative of Tianjing Academy, it was a must for him to display respect and manners. “Good evening, seniors. Pleased to meet you. My name is Wang Zhong, captain of the Tianjing Squadron.”

Even those at the front, like Leo and Paul, who hadn’t sold themselves off with a deluge of heavenly flowers, still added quite a few personal compliments about themselves. No one gave such a simple self-introduction like Wang Zhong.

Other than Austin and Saxon none of the other academies really stayed in Calderon and the others’ memories. From the looks of it, however, this person called Wang Zhong clearly didn’t receive the same respect as the other special training squadron captains. It was easy to see where he stood from this. Clearly this fellow lacked the strength and character for others to waste their time on.

Sending a smile over, Calderon and the rest immediately returned their attention to Paul.

“So, Little Friend Paul, you’re in your third academic year now, right? What plans do you have after graduation?” After completely ignoring Wang Zhong, Calderon immediately tossed the spotlight back on Paul.

With a faint smile, Paul replied to the question in a smooth fashion. There would always be some who would naturally be cast under the spotlight no matter where they went, and Paul was clearly one such person. Furthermore, he was indeed extremely outstanding. Regardless of whether one looked at his outer appearance, experienced his temperament, seen his results in last year’s CHF, or even simply listened to his style of conversation, it was easy to notice he was on another level compared to normal youths.

As she listened to Paul’s fluent reply, Laura felt a bit awkward. She never imagined this would result in Wang Zhong just coming to give a greeting. Nevertheless, this fellow actually looked as though he didn’t even care, making Laura wrinkle her forehead in response.

In the end, was this fellow All-Mouthy King or not? Could All-Mouthy King be so low-profile? Where were the mannerisms of a powerhouse?

Currently, with most of the self-introductions over and done with, the atmosphere in the large hall appeared more harmonious and peaceful. A few of the bigwigs continued to gather around Paul and Leo, chatting and laughing as they did so. As for the other captains and vice-captains, they also made contact with the other aristocratic clans present in the large hall. While those clans weren’t as influential as the Sion Clan or Myron Clan, they were still able to receive an invitation from the Potter Clan which meant their influence had reached a certain level in Copperfield City. Meeting any of these people was enough for the weaker captains.

In comparison, not a single person cared about Sir Captain Wang from Tianjing Academy. His previous display had been too marginal, and even those few vice-captains appeared stronger than he. Who would even bother with a waste like him?

As soothing music continued to play throughout the large hall, Sully remained by Paul’s side. The two accompanied Calderon, and while there weren’t many places for him to join in the conversation, being able to say one or two statement was more than enough. At the very least, he made himself appear more familiar before Calderon’s eyes.

It was a pity that Tianjing Academy’s Little Hymin wasn’t here to see this scene. If she were then he might have had a chance to salvage this situation. Unable to resist, Sully shot Wang Zhong a look from the corner of his eyes. What he saw almost made him burst into laughter. The man stood by himself, no one caring enough to stand near and talk with him. He was a complete outcast in this large hall’s high-level atmosphere. This made him all-the-more happy within his heart.

“What interesting thought are you having, Little Friend Sully?” Calderon suddenly asked with a smile.

A tremor shook Sully’s heart. But just as he was about to open his mouth and reply, a sudden clamoring of noise began to sound within the large hall.

“Headmaster Schoffel has arrived.” Moving closer, Socrates murmured the news into Calderon’s ear.

“What did his honour come here for?” Calderon couldn’t help exclaiming in shock.

If one counted Calderon and the others as eminent, unapproachable figures to this group of younglings, then Headmaster Schoffel would definitely be an existence that towered over them like a mountain.

Vice-dean of the Federation’s Institute of Science. Don’t look down on him just because of the attached ‘vice-’. This title wasn’t much lower than the position of dean itself. His contributions to the sciences on the aspect of rune patterns was more than enough to cement his status. It was just slightly lower than those legendary scientists of the past. In this era he could be considered as one at the peak.

Similarly, the Federation’s Institute of Science was an ultra-privileged division. One could say the authority behind the Institute of Science wasn’t the least bit weaker than the government itself. Furthermore, Headmaster Schoffel was the brother of the current Potter Clan leader. At the same time, he acted as the Great Elder of the clan and possessed similarly high authority and say within the clan. When tied with his control over Copperfield Academy, he was a godfather level figure within the city.

Right now, happiness was already present on Calderon’s face. This sir headmaster didn’t like to show his face in such events. Although they lived in the same city, a figure like Calderon might not be able to see Schoffel even if he sent a heartfelt request. He hastily rushed to his feet, Socrates and the rest following suit. This large group couldn’t wait to send their greetings out. Such a chance was hard to come by!

For them, don’t even think about getting into sir headmaster’s graces, just speaking a few words with him today would be a matter that would grant one incomparable face within Copperfield City.

One had to notice that everyone present had such scary thoughts in their hearts. That group of little fellows participating in this special training had actually just seen Headmaster Schoffel in the afternoon. At that time they had seen an extremely stern image of him. But knowing he would appear in this event, quite a few people suddenly turned a bit crazy. A number of people quickly shoved their way toward the entrance and Wang Zhong was thrown to the back again. Compared to before, however, instead of vice-captains it was everyone doing so.

“Excuse me, excuse me! Don’t block the way!”

“Headmaster Schoffel! Headmaster Schoffel… fuckers. A good dog doesn’t block the road!”

Currently, Laura didn’t seem to care about Sir Captain Wang being shoved around like a punching bag. Grandpa actually came to such a small party? He never even gave me any notice! This was truly too accidental for her.

At the front of this crowd, indeed, walked in a casually-dressed Old Potter.

“Why did you come, grandfather?” With extreme happiness in her expression, Laura grabbed hold of the old man’s neck. Old Potter was her grandfather and teacher, but he normally didn’t bother to attend such a gathering. Did the sun rise in the west?

“Little Laura, is a fella by the name of Wang Zhong here?” An incomparably stern expression was on Old Potter’s face as he spoke with extreme caution.

Apprehension immediately filled the hearts of everyone in this large hall. Calderon and a handful of others here were extremely clear of the explosive and fiery temper Headmaster Schoffel possessed. They couldn’t bear to listen as they turned to look behind them. Wang Zhong? Was it that fellow from Tianjing Academy? What violation did this fella pull?
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    《Battle Frenzy》